Hawaii Sends Verification Letter To Arizona-Images

State of Hawaii Verification of Birth-obama

Yep, here it is.  The above is a screenshot – click to enlarge – for the full size entire document, click the PDF link – http://www.azcentral.com/12news/Obama-Verification.pdf

True, it has no official stamp – but AZ did state they would be satisfied with an email.

Something has caught my eye.  The wording in the first answer (1) is not as strong as one would hope.  The official chose to use the word “indicating”, which is close cousin to “implying”.   Are they claiming this is “probably” what is on file, or is ABSOLUTELY what is on file?

“Indicating?”  Is that the legal and official term for “verifying“?  As in the exact same as: ” A birth certificate is on file with the Dept. of Health verifying that Barack Hussein obama ll blah blah blah.”

Yes, I linked the definitions to the words.  Click ’em.

Close up crop of Hawaii verification letter for obama


Sheriff Joe weighs in:



~ by ladysforest on May 23, 2012.

16 Responses to “Hawaii Sends Verification Letter To Arizona-Images”

  1. Hawaii has confirmed that Obama’s father was born in Kenya and that Obama is NOT a natural born citizen!

    • Known that since obama took ownership of his own “long form birth certificate” = yes, this makes it official

  2. Hi LF,

    Two things caught my eye:

    1. Item # 3 states the “Department of Health File #.” Question: Does that mean that it is the birth certificate number?

    2. At the end, the statement is made: “I verify that the information in the copy of the Certificate of Live Birth for Mr. Obama that you attached with your request matches the original record in our files.” Question: What original record? They are just saying that information matches the original record. Why can’t they just say that the Certificate of Live Birth is a true copy of the original record?

    The question still remains. What is being hidden? We are not stupid.


  3. original record means the late insert of birth record for soetoro as foreign born [kenya]. “indicating’ means your forged document info matches our “original” inserted info.

    • Yes, the wording would leave a ton of wiggle room. However, all of the states will point to that letter as the reason they will not act. WE know it’s spongy, so do THEY, but they are politicians.

  4. Butterdezillion maintains that the changes required in the request allow Hawaii to verify the requested information but not in a way that would be proof in an Hawaii court. Supposedly there was an amendment in 2006 which modified the birth record. DOH can not stand behind a late amended birth record. http://butterdezillion.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/hi-non-verification-1.pdf

    This scenerio fits with DOH’s use of the word “indicating”. it may have also provided a legal out for the OIP requests that were not fulfilled.

    The BC shown to the public is a lie: there is no BC on file in Hawaii. DOH does hold some records about his birth. We can only have suspicions about what is in Hawaii’s records for Obama; those records will not be opened for inspection any time soon.

    • Unless the Posse stumbles on something I doubt we will get anywhere with this before the election. That’s why I have decided to suck it up and vote for that horrid Mitt Romney.

      There was a “form” that Bennett sent with the email to be filled out. In addition to the list of questions and the COLB image Bennett was asking verification for. I’m betting that “form” had to be forgotten about before HI would respond. AND it turns out Bennett didn’t want to hear from Sheriff Joe about the Posse’s findings. That was surprising to me. I thought he’d at least be a little open. So, there you have it, a tidy little set up.

  5. That so-called “verification of birth” is funny. There’s not a birth date listed.

  6. Get a load of this at LC’s:


  7. LF,

    Remember when Breitbart came out with the article about BO’s literary booklet had that he was born in Kenya, and wasn’t it dated 1991 at first? When that lady said that she made a mistake, was she meaning that she got the info off the Internet in 1991?

    Well, I know that there was very, very little Internet stuff back then, right? We didn’t even get AOL back then until about 1995, and there wasn’t much out at that time.

    Do you remember what that turkey said? If she got his stuff off the Internet, which we know that she didn’t, I mean….

    • She did not say how she had made the “mistake.” Only that it was a fact checking error. Why would a publicist expect to have to fact check a authors personal bio?

      And in 1991 the net was not at all as it is now. She did not claim to have gotten info from the net – not from what I have read. We all know that her statement was bull. It was simply more of the same covering for Barry.

  8. What a fraudulent statement. The claim is made that a birth certificate is on file. That raises several questions.

    1. They would not know nor care if a birth record existed in their massive paper archive. they would only know what they found in their digital data base which contains data from all of their records. they would go no further than checking on a computer what info was displayed. the accuracy or fraudulence of that information would not have concerned them. Whatever info was displayed was, no doubt, entered fraudulently and contains false information.

    2. The statement does not call the “birth certificate on file” a Hawaiian birth certificate. If one is really in their archive and in their data base then no confirmation is provided as to the nation or state or hospital that issued it.

    3. If the only statement he was willing to make is to verify that the bc on file indicates that obama was born in Hawaii then he still has not verified where he was born, only what the info in the file indicates, -accurately or inaccurately.
    He is unwilling to verify his birth location itself because he would have to personally examine the micro-film record to be able to know for a fact the truth of what his original birth record shows. Instead he falsely claims that Hawaii has an original Certificate of Live Birth when hospitals do not issue such certificates, -only the Hawaiian Dept of Vital Statistics issues them (to the person or parent of the person requesting a certified copy of a Hawaiian certificate)
    The certificate is what Hawaii creates to send out to requestors so they would NOT have an “original” on file since the copies they make are mailed out to the requestor.
    The “original” is not called a “Certificate of Live Birth”. Hospitals don’t issue them. What they issue are not called “Certificates”. Only the state issues certificates and the ones they issue now are digital concoctions cobbled together within a software program using data from their data base, NOT an image of the hospital record. Their manufactured “certificate” is therefore NOT a TRUE COPY but is instead a digital “ABSTRACT”. No abstract can be certified because certification is swearing that what is presented is an untouched, unaltered image of the original hospital record.

    But since Obama has no original hospital record, the charlatans in the Hawaiian government pretend that they have a certificate which doesn’t exist.until they create it. Liars and deceivers.

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