Arizona Officially Requests Hawaii End Eligibility Dispute







BUT WAIT THERE”S MORE !!!  This NEWER article goes with that first bombshell:

screenshot, click to enlarge, balance of article at pink link:

Breitbart article excerpt

A state official in Arizona, Secretary of State Ken Bennett has asked Hawaii for verification of the information on Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

I believe we all know where this is headed.  Hawaii officials, either from the Department of Health, or the Governors office, will release a vague statement verifying the  “birth records on file” for President obama.  But they will stop short of claiming that the information entered/displayed on the April 27, 2011, officially released  by-the-White-House “long form” birth certificate, is spot on exactly correct and 100% factual.

Well hold up, I may be wrong on that.  I believe Governor Abercrombie would trip over himself lying in order to curry favor.  He has already done so with his ludicrous claims that he had seen little baby Chicago Jesus being shown off by a beaming Mr. and Mrs. Barack Obama Sr. at all the cool hangout spots in Honolulu.  But it turns out obama’s mother was in the state of Washington within two weeks of being released from hospital, and it’s been proven that the two obama parents never once shared a residence.  Add to those simple facts, there is not one single other person on the face of this earth who has made such a wild claim, and you know that Abercrombie is simply making shit up.  He does have a long connection to obama’s family though. 

I suspect that the Arizona SOS will get something “official” in the way of the requested verification, and he will decide that it’s sufficient.

I suspect that it will be more of the same thin nonsense we have been insulted with to date.  My desire would be for Secretary of State Bennett to require HI to allow Sheriff Joe, along with a professional document expert to visually inspect the original paper copy bound in the original book.  Microfilms can be EASILY forged, so frankly I would be suspect of anything contained on microfilm.

Without further ado, here is what Arizona is asking Hawaii to do:

via World Net Daily;

Secretary of State Ken Bennett had promised to ask Hawaii officials for verification of Obama’s documentation, vowing that if answers are not forthcoming, Obama’s name will not be on the ballot.

The assurance came in an email to various constituents in Arizona who had contacted Bennett’s office expressing concern that the name of an ineligible candidate would be presented to voters in November.

“Because of the importance and profile of the president’s case, and at the request of many constituents, I have gone the extra step of asking the state of Hawaii to verify the facts contained in his birth certificate,” Bennett wrote in response to concerns last month. “Hawaii is bound by their own statutes to provide such verifications to other state officials in their official duties.

“With all due respect, the [Arpaio] investigation has not proven anything other than raised probable cause that the birth certificate posted on the White House website ‘may be’ a forgery. The next lawful step would be for the sheriff’s office to turn their findings over to the county attorney for prosecution,” he continued. “Evidence would be brought on both sides and a judge should issue a decision.

“Whether or not that happens, if Hawaii can’t or won’t provide verification of the president’s birth certificate, I will not put his name on the ballot,” he wrote.

If SOS Bennett is unwilling to make very specific requests, like……….say……….”Hey Hawaii, will you state unequivocally that the official Certificate Of Live Birth File Number, 151 61 10641, which appears on the birth certificate released by the White House, was absolutely assigned to Barack Hussein Obama ll, on August 8, 1961 – and was never assigned to any other person, living or deceased, prior to being entered on Barack Hussein Obama ll’s original Certificate Of Live Birth?”, then we know he’s just trying to get the TEA party off of his back with the appearance of caring about such things. You know, the Constitution and the rule of law………those things.   

I’d LOVE to see such a request.  Several such requests which leave little room for ambiguity should be made of the Hawaiian “officials”.  Pronto dammit.  However, he sets the stage for accepting whatever assurances Hawaii chooses to provide:

“I can tell from the tone and language of your letters that the only acceptable outcome for you is that his name not be on the ballot, period. That may be what happens, but under my watch, it won’t happen based on opinions, petitions, probability or pledges to support or oppose me in the 2014 governor’s race. My oath of office is to uphold the Constitution and laws of our state and country, and I’m going to do that by following the law,” he said.

“I can tell from the tone and language of your letters that the only acceptable outcome for you is that his name not be on the ballot, period.”

Uh huh.  To be followed up with, “Hey, I tried!  Hawaii says it’s fine, so I accept their official answer.  I warned you people that you might not like the outcome.”


~ by ladysforest on May 17, 2012.

55 Responses to “Arizona Officially Requests Hawaii End Eligibility Dispute”

  1. GO TO DRUDGE NOW!!!!!

    • ACK! Just got back and had a look – eyeballs nearly FLEW out of my head! Of course he will blame it on the literary agent making a complete mistake – however, this lightens the load on those who firmly believe he WAS born in Kenya, as it can be yet another LEGITIMATE source from which they can draw to support their positions.

      • Oh, I know, LF. And when I first looked, my mouth dropped open, and just imagine how the mental effect will be on others. Some people won’t even read the article, probably just have to look at Drudge’s HUGE red, underlined letters!

        • I’m listening to Rush now – I wonder if he will touch it before then end of the show in five minutes?

  2. You nailed it. Of course it’s obvious that this is going to come to a big fat nothingburger. He’ll accept whatever hawaii tells him and that will be the end of it. Then we’ll have to put up with another huge round of ridicule from all the liars involved in this.

    We have to find something posotive from all this and i think i’ve found it.
    We have found out who the people are that have integrity and who the bald face lying cowards are. And we keep finding out. For that i’m thankful. I might have gone on believing and backing so many people that i now want nothing to do with.

    I found out who is a crook and who isn’t.
    Thank you obama.

    • As kittycat said, Drudge has a shocking headline up:

      OBAMA LIT AGENT SHOCKER: ‘BORN IN KENYA AND RAISED IN INDONESIA AND HAWAII’ – Breitbart is breaking this. This will be brushed aside of course, by obama’s team, but I hope it adds to the Arizona SOS’s intention to pursue some proof from HI.

  3. Yes, Rush did squeeze it in just as he was going off air – he didn’t say anything other than to tell everyone to go over to Drudge and look at the headline.

  4. Don’t you just love it!!!

    • That Tower of Intellectual Jello, Hannity has just put down “Birthers” yet again. Of course – he’s such a coward I’m surprised he didn’t shit himself having to address the topic. He’s bringing on a Brietbart person to belittle the Birthers some more – because the Breitbart people have NO SPINES since Andrew died. Andrew would never have insulted people like the editors at Breitbart are doing now – frankly I am surprised they released this.
      I want Andrew back. I am not resigned to him being gone. He wouldn’t use this to insult “Birthers”, rather, he would do the opposite.

  5. Hannity is a wienie.

  6. At someone has checked a web archiving service that shows that the Kenya birthplace narrative was kept by the publishing world until 2 months after Obama declared he was running for president.
    This explains the Alan Keyes Obama exchange during the Senate race, where Keyes challenges Obama’s eligibility and Obama replies I’m not running for president.

    • Yep, I put a screenshot up of that Breitbart article too. It was smart of them to release it a few hours after the first one.

  7. I read this in a WND article about BO and Arizona. This person named Jim F., and I’m not quoting all that he stated, but look at this:

    “Brietbart Goes Full Birther (while pretending not to) ”

    It’s almost like that’s the case. LOL!

    • I listened to the Hannity interview – the Brietbart person was talking so fast I’m surprised he didn’t choke himself….”Oh, we aren’t birthers, nononono, we don’t believe in that stuff, nononono, we just wanted to show how obama seems to present himself in various different ways.”

      • That is so lame. It’s strange why they became so brainwashed because of the Lamestream Media and then BO making fun of others to take attention away from the truth.

  8. Found these in a comment thread:

    The literary mag wasn’t the only one that touted Obama being born in Kenya (just sayin’) :
    “The Kenyan-born Senator will, however, face a stiff competition from his Republican counterpart, John McCain who has taken the presidential battle to the finishing line with vigorous campaign strategies.”


    “A Congressional Quarterly (CQ) politics monitored on BBC put the Kenyan born American ahead of his rival, Senator McCain.”

    “Kampala — Ugandans have formed a group to mobilise support for Kenyan born-senator, Barack Obama for the US presidency.”

    same elsewhere:

    “The Kenyan-born Senator will, however, face a stiff competition from his Republican counterpart, John McCain who has taken the presidential battle to the finishing line with vigorous campaign strategies.”

    “A Congressional Quarterly (CQ) politics monitored on BBC put the Kenyan born American ahead of his rival, Senator McCain.”

    “Kampala — Ugandans have formed a group to mobilise support for Kenyan born-senator, Barack Obama for the US presidency.”

  9. Gee, you think all of those made an editing mistake?

  10. They are removing them.

  11. Some are gone, but a few remain.

    • I’m getting screenshots of the ones in those links.

      • I got a couple of screenshots, but I need practice because I’m really not too good at it.

        • Took me a while to get OK with it. It’s not too tough once you’ve done it a few dozen times. Being dyslexic, I usually hit the keys in the wrong order, then swear, then do it right. I had my son write instructions for me back after I started the blog, LOL, and I used them for a long time because I didn’t capture much back then. Once I found some of MY stuff disappearing, I started capturing and saving stuff to flash drives regularly.

  12. Thank you LF for everything you have done…they have been reading your blog and knew when it was time to come out…you will never get the credit but those like you may save us…let’s hope it is coming near the end.

    • Thank you tdr. You know, my husband has always been sort of “tolerant” of my “hobby”, but with every new thing like this that comes out, he is more convinced that there is something to this. LOL, his own wife can’t convince him, but Drudge can.

      (i’ll take what i can get)

  13. I wonder how much traffic got yesterday?

    Anyway, have you seen this at their site:

    A ‘Fact Checking Error’? Dystel & Goderich Ask Writers to Submit Their Own Bios

    • Yes, I saw that. 🙂 Frankly, I have a feeling that Breitbart would rather not be running this particular story – it’s like Andrew’s shade is compelling them. I wonder how Dystel & Goderich, rather the “assistant” who *ahem* made the fact check error *cough* will spin the fact that the authors have to submit their own bios. Also I see how some are trying to tie this pamphlet into the later articles written about “Kenyan-born” obama, inferring that the writers of those later articles might have gotten their erroneous bio info on obama from that pamphlet. The problem I see with that is that those pamphlets were sent out to a small and specific number of potential book publishers – the pamphlets were not a thing that went to the general population.

  14. LF,
    I’m sure you’ve heard these two things that I’m about to tell you. I keep hearing this repeated in articles like at Breitbart.

    One goes something like this: “The real mystery is not where Obama was born–which has long been settled….”

    Or they will say something like, We already know that Obama was born in Hawaii, it’s been proven.

    First off, nothing has been settled about where BO has been born, not yet. If they are talking about the stupid birth announcements, they are a mess, and they don’t prove where someone was born. There’s foreign kids listed on them.

    So if they think it’s been proven, then where’s their evidence?

    Next is this, I hear this from talk radio people a lot. It goes something like, I just bet that BO put all of this out and is laughing because he wants to distract everyone from his bad economy record.

    That really ticks me off. For one thing, that’s like saying that a person can’t think about more than one thing. To me when it concerns BO, it’s all the stuff about him that doesn’t add up, including that birth stuff, college records, everything.

    Well, just wanted to get that off my chest.

    • First off, the radio guys are saying that because they want to direct the conversation to a safe, bland topic. Can’t get more bland than the economy. They are also trying to force Romney to stay on that which I feel is a HUGE mistake. They want to keep Romney away from “sensitive” topics like Rev. Wright. Dumb bastards.

      Secondly, the people saying obama’s birthplace has “long been settled” are cowardly douche pickles – they are deeply afraid of being labeled a “birther”. As I read somewhere earlier – these media people are more terrified of being called a birther than of being called a homophobe or a racist – or even of being called a homophobic racist. Take Rush for example, if the lefties call him a racist, homophobic woman hater – he will laugh and get a lot of mileage out of it, but let them call him a birther………..he’ll scramble to demonstrate and remind people of all the times he said he KNOWS that obama was born in HI, that he has no doubt about it and never did.

  15. Well I am thinking he was born in Kenya. What else can I think?

    • LOL, who knows what to think now? I’ve never thought he was born in Kenya. Assuming Stan Ann is actually his birth mother, I’ve always felt it was a big stretch that she could afford to travel to Kenya, would even travel in the mid/late stage of pregnancy, would want to give birth in that shit-hole of a country especially not knowing what sort of a reception she might get. That’s my take on it.

      I figured her for a freebie birth in a Canadian “unwed” mothers home, then a quick pop over the border to WA and familiar territory to secure an abode and sign up for classes just a couple of weeks after birthing Chicago Jesus.

      If he ran around telling lots of people he was born in Kenya there just may be some fire under that there smoke.

    • I know, Tdr, and it’s difficult to think about other stuff. Perhaps his real mother wasn’t Stan Ann. That is possible, and maybe she adopted him. Just looking at the evidence that we’ve seen, seems like it’s easy to think that he was born in Kenya. He’s just got so many mysteries about him and not just that.

      • But why would she adopt a mixed race child as a baby? And there have been comments about Barry resemblance to Stanley Sr.

  16. I kinda hate him now. A whole lot. Just on general principals.

    • Lordy – not tdr – I don’t hate tdr, LOL – just obama!

      • Let’s say that BO put all this stuff out, just theoretically, to sidetrack others. I don’t see how he could do that from something years ago, do you? I remember reading stuff early on, back in 2007/2008, about BO being born in Kenya. All kinds of places had it. Seemed that it’s what he wanted them to know at that time.

        But then let’s say that he’s letting it out today to sidetrack people, that’s just sick, and he’s a very dangerous human being. What kind of person would do that?

        All I can say is that whatever is going on with him, he’s mentally ill. I do believe that. So much stuff points to the Kenya birth scenario. But could be Canada.

  17. LF,

    I was just thinking out loud. Rush said something today that it was like the Warren lady, just making up an identity to make himself look important, or sell his books, whatever. Well, I don’t see that. It was way back then. And then when you put all the other stuff in it, the mailman guy, I think it’s Hutton or something, then all the other references after that to his Kenya birth, it’s just strong evidence.

    • He is a damn nutball though. Narcissist extraordinaire – difficult to say what is truth and what is composite. That is why the Kenyan birth theory cannot be dismissed, even by me, because obama HIMSELF caused this to be put out there. Who can say what the truth really is?

  18. There are certain things that I find very worrisome:

    Why are the photos all doctored?
    Why does no one know him?
    Why did his aunt say that his mother died in 1970?

    I find these oddities more disturbing than not releasing the COLB.
    Or faking his SSR, or having a fake SSN. See these are all related to him being adopted by soetoro and living in Indonesia as an Indonesian citizen and never having his US citizenship. That at least hangs together in his twisted world.

    But the other questions have far more disturbing explanations.

    • BTW why are there no high school yearbooks for SAD, what was her name? Stanley Ann, Ann, Shirley? Why does no one know her either at the time except one woman who looks like she was uncovered as a mistake and they had to interview her to put words in mouth? I can tell you that I could get together with those I went to high school with and determine everyone in our class even if they were only there for one year. So where are all the people, where are the yearbooks, I know someone has one. All my friends have kept their’s. Just wait, this will be the next thing to blow. Pandora’s box is open.

      • I believe there was/is a yearbook for Stanley Ann Dunham out there. It has pics.,usual stuff, etc. I have also seen photos purported to be of obama’s mother, as a teen, posing nude. Haven’t done more than glance at those, LOL – I did not bookmark that stuff or save links as I figured that is the sort of thing quite a few people would archive.

        • I read that all yearbooks at the high school for that time period had been stolen, er I mean not returned. The nude photos, according to a guy at FR called Fred Nerks, had researched the post and found the photos tied back to someone else, I never thought they looked like her.

  19. You guys read this?

    Oh, I wonder where Breitbart acquired that information about the lit agent. Do you think it could have been Wright?

    • Some speculate Hillary’s camp. The fellow that Hannity interviewed yesterday sounded rather afraid to even discuss in most vague detail how he had come by the pamphlet. Scared – like – as in – didn’t want to speak on that aspect at all.

  20. Time to laugh for a change:

  21. Don’t worry, you can understand it. They’re talking in English.

  22. Oh, an oldie, but a goodie. Enjoy…

  23. Lady Forest
    Have you read this :

  24. I forgot to say that I got that from the comments here

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