“Rush”ing In Where Others Fear To Tread


Good old Rush Limbaugh.  Sometimes he gets a bit blindsided, but today he took the unexpected “Birther” caller in good stride.  To be fair, most times I have caught this happening he seems to be decent about it.  Since Trump did his stint as a “Document Doubter” anyway.

Today a fellow named Rob was chatting with Rush about the deceptions, deflections, etc. of the American King and this administration.  Rob was very well informed, and was able to articulate his points well and with facts.  He then introduced the subject, in a very reasonable and reasoned way, of obama’s suspect birth document. 

I like the way that Rob just wove it on in there as one aspect of the things being sold to us as truth, but in fact are pure deception.  It is in my opinion, the optimal way to discuss the topic. 

We know that we have been, and are now being deceived.  We really don’t need the discussion to digress into the 1961 international travel costs to Kenya, and/or which 1961 prominent and charismatic black communist leader obama’s nose and lips most resemble.

WND has an “exclusive” on the exchange, but I confess I do not know how they consider it an “exclusive”………………….?

I am going to rearrange the narrative that is up on WND to the order it actually occurred  during the exchange between Rush and Rob.

Rob focuses on Obama’s birth certificate about two thirds of the way into the call;

“He says he was born in the United States,” said Rob. “He has not shown a genuine, authentic, viable, verifiable – in order to authenticate any document, you need to have the original.”

“Now wait just a second,” said Limbaugh. “They did release a birth certificate. Even Donald Trump said he’s satisfied with it.”

“The original? But a copy of anything you can’t be satisfied. You have to actually examine the original. … In order to have an expert authenticate it, you can’t go by a copy. You actually have to go by the ink on the paper, as well as many other things.”

Then Rush deflects from that to the Social Security number, Limbaugh tossed out the question:

“What are your thoughts on the fact Obama’s Social Security Number is from Connecticut and he’s never been there?”

 Rob responded, “That’s what you call a red flag. A red flag is also, ‘First of all, I don’t need to give you my birth certificate,’ and then finally, ‘I’ll give you a copy,’ Oh, that’s a modern copy … We don’t need copies, we need originals.”

Rob continued, “How about releasing all of your college papers and let’s see what you really thought about America when you were in college? He’s deceiving us.”

“That’s true,” said Limbaugh. “They don’t want [us] to see what those term papers, doctoral theses and so forth actually were about, nor do they want us to see the grades. They don’t want us to see the grades.”

Original article here:http://www.wnd.com/2012/05/obamas-conn-social-security-number-hits-rush

Um, Rob – I don’t think it’s the grades that are being hidden.  Know what I mean?


~ by ladysforest on May 7, 2012.

4 Responses to ““Rush”ing In Where Others Fear To Tread”

  1. Well what do you think LF? Continuing with my comment on the other thread, I am wondering if the administration is more concerned if people feel Oblomo ever dated the opposite sex? They appear very sensitive on this issue.

    • I finally got to reading the ulsterman link. Good stuff there. I think they (obama’s team) are rolling this stuff out to “flesh out” obama’s early life. They can bash the Birthers all day long, but ONLY about the “Kenyan” thing. The NBC Article ll issues are much up in the air on both sides, as no one has yet produced hard proof of the actual intended meaning. I suspect that such proof exists, and in too many volumes to be destroyed, so they keep trying to make it out that all Birthers believe the bastard was born in Kenya.

      But since most of the Birthers also focus, as did Rob, on ALL of the missing, sealed records – obama’s whole mystery past is becoming the sort of liability that it was not in the past. It is also becoming a open curiosity to more of the public.

      The obama team have to put up some plausible roadblocks to divert the casually curious from digging too deeply.

      Enter the composite girlfriend and this baloney that his “sister” wrote.

  2. I posted this on FReep and there are some great comments there as well. http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/2880963/posts

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