Proof Of Stanley Ann Obama’s Cruelty

Auma Obama recounts meeting her brother for the first time in the 1980s in Chicago in her memoir And Then Life Happens. While on the trip she told the future president about his parents' communication
Auma Obama recounts meeting her brother for the first time in the 1980s in Chicago in her memoir And Then Life Happens. While on the trip she told the future president about his parents’ communication

Cruelty.  Yes, I said cruelty.

From an article at Mail Online, we learn this unflattering information on obama’s mother has been exposed in a new book about obamas interaction with his fathers Kenyan family.

Stanley Ann knew that obama worshiped his image of his father, and yet she kept hidden from him that she was providing obama Sr., (now exposed to be a man who was a “prisoner of his principals”) with details of young obamas life.  She also kept secret the fact that his father was interested in his progress.

How could it have hurt obama as a child then later as a man, to know that his mother had sent “reports” of obama’s school grades and regular updates about him to his father in Kenya?

That is a cruel step for a mother to choose.  It is positive that obama Hussein would have felt comforted and validated by the certain knowledge of his distant daddys continued interest in him.

As uncovered in this new “Dreams from my Father” style book, written by Auma Obama – one of the many half-siblings to obama Hussein, it turns out that obama Jr.’s mother was indeed just that manipulative and cold:

Now his half sister Auma – one of Barack Obama Sr’s daughter from his second marriage – has revealed that Mr Obama’s mother was keeping secrets from him for his childhood and adolescence.

Adding to his agony is that Barack Obama Sr died in 1982, and Ms Dunham died in 1995 meaning Mr Obama will never get answers from either of them.

In her autobiography ‘And Then Life Happens’, Auma Obama writes of a conversation she had with her brother. After their father’s second wife Ruth left him, Barack Obama Sr ‘kept promising us that you [President Obama] and your mother would come visit us in Kenya.’

The book says: ‘I (Auma) believed him and waited a long time in vain for your visit.’

‘Barack looked at me with astonishment. ‘I knew absolutely nothing about that,’ he replied after a brief silence.

‘(I said) They wrote to each other. But you know that, right? Your mother always sent him your school report cards and regularly told him how you were doing.

‘He always knew what was going on with you. He told us and anyone who would listen about you. From his descriptions, I knew you pretty well. So I thought at the time, anyway.’

This new book is written with the assistance of a translator.  That’s apparently a new title for a ghost writer.
Leaving aside many blatant inaccuracies, this thing reeks of pandering.  Is it surprising though that good old Auma would have waited until obama Hussein was up against the ropes of his reelection before “writing” this book?  Timing is everything, as Auma (and her half-brother) knows.
Not a whisper of this “secret” from Auma during the 2008 historic campaign of the historic election of Americas First Black President?  This family is like a onion, a big giant onion with limitless layers of tear inducing juiciness.  Proof is that we are now treated to an image of the Presidents father as a “principled” man who gave and gave and never held back.  Even if it left his Kenyan wives and children with nearly nothing to live on. 
See, tear inducing, just like I said:

In the book Auma Obama also recounts how during their first conversations, she also told him some home truths about their father.

In the book she writes that she said: ‘Our father was someone from whom everyone expected too much.

‘He didn’t know how to defend himself against the many demands made on him. His sense of duty toward the larger Obama family was very strong. But the reverse was unfortunately not always the case.

‘The old man, as our father was always called, was a prisoner of his own principles. He didn’t want to back away from his position, according to which you always, whatever situation you were in at the moment, had to provide for the extended family.

‘I found that this could lead too easily to exploitation and dependence. Those who had nothing didn’t really feel responsible for getting themselves out of their misery…

‘…it’s simply what our tradition requires. There were times when there wasn’t even enough money for my school fees, and I had to watch our father give away everything he had left to a relative. He was always confident that we would somehow get by.’

How I see this is that when obama Sr. used up all of the families grocery and schooling money on booze and loose wimmen, he went home and blamed it on the “extended family”.   Are we now expected to believe that he gave all of his money to them so that they could live well, while he denied his own family food and education?

Wait,obama Sr. was a senior economist in the Kenyan Ministry of Finance, yet he had no idea how to help out his extended family while retaining enough for his own household?  The devil you say!

PS.  Just wondering how Stanley Ann would send info and grades to Sr. anyway, she dumped Jr. off on her parents when he was barely ten, and traipsed off again.  What did she know of his life?  Could it be that his grandparents were actually the ones providing that information to Sr?  Or perhaps Sr. lied about such contacts to his Kenyan children, as head of the clan/tribe or whatever they called their family units, he maybe choose to appear to be an interested father instead of a violent boozing whore-man.
Maybe he felt unmanned when Ruth dumped him, and so began to lay claim to info and connections to his “son” in the US as a way to regain a bit of status.
Whatever the actual truth is  – this book is full of feel good fallacies.  It is delusional to expect people to believe that a man who was dangerous and a utter reprobate, gave a damn about anything other than feeding his own desires.  Those desires eventually led to a violent and disgraceful death for obama Sr.
Those are facts you can believe in.

~ by ladysforest on May 1, 2012.

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  1. I apologize for the strange formatting of the paragraphs. WordPress is apparently having glitches today.

  2. What a load of Crap! The entire thing is a fabrication and fraud.

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