May I Have Your Autograph?

Tell me what YOU think about this.  To me, it seems the “B” on the SS form matches well, but I have always felt the rest was a rather unconvincing copy of Husseins autograph.  Now, this particular narrative suggests that this is a heretofore unexplored aspect of the forged obama Hussein  Selective Service form; but I do recall this very topic being examined thoroughly in the blogs after the images of the form were first released.

Posted on The Western Center for Journalism ;

ForgeryGate: Taking A Closer Look At The

Signature On Obama’s Selective Service Form


~ by ladysforest on April 27, 2012.

8 Responses to “May I Have Your Autograph?”

  1. This may not be an actual problem – celebs, politicians and writers tend to have one signature for legal documents and another for public consumption. Here the difference in style could just have been the evolution of his signature over time. I’m more concerned whether he actually was a citizen at the time of his college years and Selective Service signature since there is a possibility that he was adopted by his step-father during his years in Indonesia. This is, I think, more of an issue than even the Birther controversy.

    • The thing with the SS form is that it appears to be a forgery for several reasons. The chief one being that the “pica” stamp stamped only a two digit number, and all other SS forms that Sheriff Joes posse examined contained a four digit number. There are other problems with that SS card. I think the signature may actually be obamas. It is similar enough, and it could be that obama did sign this in 2008 to create some evidence of a legitimate past. He may have even had presence if mind enough to try and make it look less sophisticated, thereby more true to what his juvenile signature would have looked like.

      Yet another “coincidence” in the documents from obamas “past”.

      As to the Indo. adoption, I don’t believe obama would have lost his dual US citizenship. I admit that I don’t know US law on that point. I do believe that he had a Indo. passport and very probably received funding for collage as a foreign student.

  2. Ever heard “You are what you are when you were 10 years old unless you experience a significant emotional event?”

    Guess where dear leader was at 10?

    Then read this for parallels (From Wikipedia):
    “The absence of official documentation and certain aspects of Suharto’s early life that are inconsistent with that of a Javanese peasant (Suharto received, for example, an education fairly early on), has led to several rumo[u]rs of Suharto being the illegitimate child of a well-off benefactor, which included being the child of a Yogyakarta aristocrat or a well-off Chinese Indonesian merchant.[14] Suharto biographer Robert E. Elson believes that such rumo[u]rs cannot be entirely ruled out, given that much of the information Suharto has given on his origins has been tinged with political meaning.”

    There are more parallels. Suppose that dear leader admired the leader of what was then his country and the culture that his mother preferred?

    PS. If el Presidente signed the SS form in 2008, he is directly guilty of forgery plain and simple. If the forgery was committed to gain the office of president, would the crime be simple forgery or something else?

    PSS. I looked at some of Stanley Anne’s passport documents released under the FOIA and found hints of el Presidente’s writing in the only entry about him. If he did the SS, why not do his mother’s passport applications?

    Think about how many agencies and individuals could be involved in this fraud.

  3. This is pretty incredible.

    • If one does not have a valid SSN, such as the SSN that Barack H Obama is currently using it is virtually impossible to obtain a mortgage using conventional methods. The reason being that he did not want his background being examined when applying for a conventional mortgage through the application process which has to do background checks to prove eligibility to own property through Credit Checks and so on.

    • Thanks – I’ll have to get caught up tomorrow. Saturday was busy.

  4. LF, I’m sure you heard by now the coroner for Breitbart is dead. At least they are saying he was the coroner. They suspect poisoning. I am growing very weary of this nightmare.

    • Yes, one of the LA coroners died of poisoning – they “aren’t sure” if it was accidental or not. That happened earlier in the same week that Breitbarts autopsy results were due to be released.

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