Things We Don’t Think About 

I have family health stuff going on….AGAIN… I’m a bit out of the loop.  But today I was wondering about our life insurance policies, and if they were sufficient, and that led me to a little eyeopener.

I mean, it’s one of those things that you know, but you don’t KNOW you know, and so, don’t really think about. Until ya gots ta.

Now if you, and/or, you and spouse combined, clear $40,000. per year after taxes – payroll type taxes – you will have brought home ONE MILLION DOLLARS in twenty-five years.  $40,000. a year seems to be modest.  Yet, looked at from a certain angle – it mimics big money.


If you pay $4000. per year for your residential property tax – averaged out – over twenty-five years, you will have paid $100,000.  On top of purchase, interest, and upkeep and improvements.  Knowing that property taxes increase anywhere from 3% to 8% (average) per year, this is “estimating” on the low side.

When I was sixteen-ish, gas was 50 cents a gallon.  AND it was the stuff with lead.  When I was a ten year old cigarettes were 35 cents a pack, and there were no plain label “generic” brands.

You rented a house for 50 dollars a month. 

It wasn’t a shameful thing to be a Mom who did not work outside of the home.

It is now though.

The quintessential American family has been shamed out of existence.  It has been taxed into oblivion.  It has been made to be politically correct against it’s morals and religious convictions.  It has been liberated from itself against it’s instinct and will.

Hey Kittens, ambivalence ain’t gonna cut it anymore.   This is also why Romney is completely wrong for America.  Talk about politically correct – this guy is a pro.  And do you think Romney’s vision will allow your family to “choose” to have a stay at home Mommy?  Just what is his vision anyway?  I can’t, for the life of me, extract it from any thing I have heard him speeching on.

My intent is not to insult any Romney adherent, but to caution strongly those who are on the fence.  Do not throw away your primary vote, because if Romney does get the nomination – you can vote for him then. 

Now is the time to vote your CHOICE.  You must not fall for the meme that it’s all decided before you even get to the booth.  If you believe that, then you have failed yourself already.  You have failed all of us.


~ by ladysforest on April 23, 2012.

8 Responses to “Things We Don’t Think About”

  1. Is there anyway Gingrich can stay in? I dont think people want to throw away their vote but Romney has been popular and we can pretty much state that it was due to his fundraising and negative campaigning. None of that has changed. Gingrich hasnt been able to overcome that and most americans do not see the grave danger we are in. I have come to accept the situation and to be honest I am more upset with Gingrich because he could have had a great campaign. For some reason Gingrich has alot of people in DC that did not want him in and I do not believe it has anything to do with policy. Most see him as brilliant. What they couldnt take is his total lack of management skills. When he was speaker of the house no one ever knew from one day to the next what was up. His campaign staff got a wiff of that and they decided to jump to Perry which didnt turn out. He couldnt hold his staff together. If Perry hadnt entered it may have been a totally different story.

    He is a brilliant man with unbelievable concepts but he may only be a big thinker. I do believe he would have been awesome on foreign policy where the world would live in fear of US power and might. We do need that now.

    • What the people in DC have against Newt is that Newt KNOWS them. And Newt beat their asses into submission. They haven’t forgotten that, and they don’t want him because they can’t play their two faced games with him there. They have a score to settle. They are bitter. They want their status quo (spelling?) shit to continue. Mitt will let everything go as it has been building in DC – Newt MOST LIKELY won’t. Newt has a RECORD of reform – and it earned him many enemies in DC. He has a record of positive change. Mitt does not.

      Mitt has a good ground game – because, and he states this himself – it was already in place from the last time he ran. Newt did not run last time. He didn’t have the contacts and structure already in place, waiting to be reactivated. He started from scratch with long odds against him – and Romney shamelessly TRASHED each of his opponents – not stopping at outright lies. We all know this. And when Newt called him on the outright lies, the GOP media quickly moved to shame Newt as a “whiner”. Bullshit I say.

      We don’t need a fund manager – no more than we needed vague hope and change. We need a man who is unafraid to punch noses and piss people off to reign in the corruption.

      We NEED a man who respects the Constitution. That ain’t Mitt Romney.

  2. I will vote for Newt in the primary if we ever have one here in Texas. I hope that he is still in the race then. If Romney is the nominee in Novemeber, my vote for him will be a vote against Obama. That is how we have to look at it. Romney is not who I had hoped would be on the ticket but at least I feel that he loves this country. A vote for Romney in the general is a vote against Obama. The alternative is four more years of Obama.

    • I just don’t trust Romney – in a different way than obama, but I fear he will do as much damage as obama. So, it matters not where he’s coming from if he is no better.

      Well, it WOULD be nice to see Michelle pack up and move out though.

      • He cant do as much damage. Obama is giving away islands in Alaska, just declared the war on terror over. I mean you have to give the guy more credit than that. He may lean liberal but he isnt anti-american. There is a difference. He is what we have and we’ll have to live with it. We just need him to revoke the executive orders. They are frightening.

        • Well, Newt is gone now, so I have no option left. SUCKS.

          For what it is worth, I do not believe that Romney will revoke a.single.damn.thing. Every time I hear him speak there is an obama echo. I hope that I am mistaken – but I had this same gut feeling about obama. Do not forget that I am the last word in “gut feelings”.

  3. Washington Post reporter Manuel Roig-Franzia penned “The Rise of Marco Rubio,” the Rubio biography slated for release in June that made public a new version of the Rubio family history. The revelation marks the second time that the reporter has reshaped the public’s understanding of Rubio, his family and their immigration experience. The revelation could also galvanize Rubio supporters, serving as evidence that Rubio has taken principled rather than politically or personally expedient stances on immigration policy. Or, it could shine a bright light on one of the long-simmering tensions that divides segments of the Latino electorate and render Rubio a weaker magnet for Hispanic voters.

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