Rick’s Race Over

Balance of CBS Philly article

I DID NOT SEE THIS COMING!  Although I have Rick down as my second pick, I am somewhat disappointed that he suspended.  I must make clear that I abhor Romney, and I really thought that because Newt had fluttered out so drastically, perhaps we could fall back onto Rick if Newt dropped.  I could live with Rick far more comfortably than that Romney.

I suspect his little girls heath has played a tremendous part in this decision of his.  It is no surprise to any parent that a child with a life threatening condition must be considered as a guiding and deciding factor in all that one does.  

I wish him well, and a quick recovery for little Bella.  It won’t be quite the same without him fighting the fight.


~ by ladysforest on April 10, 2012.

12 Responses to “Rick’s Race Over”

  1. I feel differently about Romney now. I didnt want him in the beginning but after seeing what transpired, I am behind him. I am very angry with Newt. He should have had his act together. He had no organization in place. He may be brilliant but I do not think he would be a good president. he is a one man show. Romney is a manager and he can manage a team. look at the total chaos in the WH froma a man who has not management experience. I could say more but am tired. I hope Romney listen’s to Newt and has a place for him in the cabinet.

    • BTW I have the same opinion of Rick except he is even more disrganized that Newt. He just pulled ahaed after Romney destroyed Newt. I do not think Rick has a chance in he$$ in winning.

      • Remember that Romney still had his organization in place from when he ran against McCain in 2008. He had done this exact same thing before – he knew what worked and what didn’t. The other candidates did NOT HAVE THAT ADVANTAGE.

        Frankly – I think that has provided Mitt with a very important leg up. He gives the impression of a very organized candidate, when in fact it’s really a rerun campaign.

        He has been there, done that! The others are all first timers. They have to rely on “experts” who tell them how expert they are, when in fact they kind of poke and hope.

        It’s a crap shoot for those who have not been in the game of running for president for YEARS before anyone else joins the race.

        Romney has home court advantage. All day long.

  2. LF I have to wonder if Newt and Rick were really serious…they have been in Washington for years and I think they know exactly what it takes to win. Alot of times I think they get in specifically to get the media exposure for the next time around or help them with their future ventures with a limited loss. They are using donor funds so they have nothing to lose. They usually make up any over expeditures or maybe Romney is paying them. But look at who we have to go up against, the political machine. I believe Newt will campaign for Romney and anahilate zero. We dont know how Romney will campaign. He has kept that quiet because he knew he would be the candidate. I dont believe he let too much out of the bag yet. He didnt provide too much amunition although they also knew he would be the candidate. We’ll see. Keeping my eyes on NJ ballot challenge. Never know, I keep the faith.

    • I hate to say this – but Romney’s campaign style reminds me way too much of obama. In that he refuses the press, controls things like a dictator, etc. I despise him. I know that I shouldn’t but, I do.

      • I think it is too early to tell. I had the same opinions of him but I have grown to appreciate him in a lot of ways. I dont necessarily like him but it could be a lot worse. I do believe he is a good person. Let’s see what happens. He has to win or we are done.

  3. i know, just hold your nose.

  4. Have you heard the rumors that the GOP wants to put the governor of Puerto Rico on the ballot for VP? I mean r they serious????

    • VIA History:

      Barely a month before the United States enters World War I, President Woodrow Wilson signs the Jones-Shafroth act, granting U.S. citizenship to the inhabitants of Puerto Rico.

      On March 2, 1917, Wilson signed the Jones-Shafroth Act, under which Puerto Rico became a U.S. territory and Puerto Ricans were granted STATUTORY citizenship, meaning that citizenship was granted by an act of Congress and not by the Constitution (thus it was not guaranteed by the Constitution). The act also created a bill of rights for the territory, separated its government into executive, legislative and judicial branches, and declared Puerto Rico’s official language to be English.

      Then you know what Wilson did? He signed a compulsory military service act – THE DRAFT – which over time landed 20000 PR citizens in the service. You see, the Puerto Ricans weren’t going into the military voluntarily.

      In 1951, Puerto Rican voters approved by referendum a new U.S. law granting the islanders the right to draft their own constitution. In March 1952, Luis Munoz Marin, Puerto Rico’s governor, proclaimed Puerto Rico a freely associated U.S. commonwealth under the new constitution; the status was made official that July. Though nationalist agitation for the island’s complete independence from the U.S. was a constant—as were calls for Puerto Rico to become a state—subsequent referendums confirmed the decision to remain a commonwealth.

      According to the US Office of Insular Affairs webpage, Puerto Ricans are indeed US citizens. It did not break down that they are statutory – having their own Constitution proves that though.

      • And tdr, the other point is that they have tried to push and push Jindal or Haley for the VP spot – neither being anything close to nbC. Neither is Rubio, but the BIG push was on for him as well. Why not Scott Walker – WI? That guy is FANTASTIC, and much better as a choice than any of the aforementioned three. Straight nbC.

        Maybe they feel if they pick a PR they can soften up the perception of nbC JUST ENOUGH…………………………

        Fing establishment Republicans are exactly the same as the dems. Destroy the Constitution is the game of all the established pols.

      • yep

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