A Different Type Of Credibility



Good radio interview with Sheriff Joe Arpaio on Aaron Klein Investigative Radio:

For the next video, SKIP THE INTRO, advance to 2:26, and play till about 3:52 – basic explanation about the DOJ’s attempt to install a “MONITOR” in Sheriff Joe’s office. No real details though:

From WND, a snip from an article covering Corsi’s April 3rd New Jersey eligibility presentation:

A presentation by WND’s Jerome Corsi to a standing-room-only crowd has convinced a New Jersey lawmaker and a local sheriff that the issue of President Obama’s eligibility for office “will have to be addressed.”

“The easiest way to put this to rest is to have the records unsealed,” Morris County Sheriff Ed Rochford told the Huffington Post in an email following the April 4 event in Morristown. “Mr. Corsi made a very convincing argument that President Obama may not be a natural born citizen of the United States.”

balance of article

Everywhere and every time an eligibility “presentation” is held it’s STANDING ROOM ONLY.  We never hear, for example, that there were only dozens in attendance. 

Trust me, even though you may not see the main media represented – they have people there.  You bet your ass they aren’t ignoring this, it’s being monitored carefully. 

Material, crowd size, crowd reactions and crowd questions.  All closely scrutinized.  You let one such presentation have skimpy attendance and that one will make the main news. For the single reason – that it had a skimpy crowd.

As Sheriff Joe said of his investigation:

“This takes it to a different level, because we are a law enforcement agency,” said Arpaio, “it gives it a little different type of credibility.”

He sure is correct about that.  Before the Cold Case Posse began their investigation, the odd occasional state level lawmaker that might “express concern” would be hounded and hammered into silence. 

Hell, we saw it right before our own eyes on television when Michele Bachmann cowardly CAVED on the topic in this painful interview with George Snuffalupogus:

Understand this, the crowd sizes, as long as they continue to be impressive, lend creditability to this problem as well.  By that I mean it shows that average citizens have not accepted the lie, they have not given up, they have not gone away.

We simply, and stubbornly, refuse to surrender.


~ by ladysforest on April 9, 2012.

17 Responses to “A Different Type Of Credibility”

  1. I will never understand how the Obama regime has such far reaching tentacles to threaten all media. If threatened, it seems at least one media person would come forward and shout from the roof tops that their family had been threatened. This can’t be our America, I am so sick of it all. Now Obama has sold the election ballot tabulations to a private company called SOE which has now been purchased by SCYTL, a company out of Spain with Soros ties. I feel very defeated right now. We need a big name to come forward and disclose threats made to them.

    • I get the feeling that it isn’t simply the obama regime. There are far bigger players, and most of “our” government are participating from all appearances. New/One World Order.

  2. Do you know what standing crowd only means? A couple of hundred?

    • Generally it means the seating in the room fills to capacity, so the overflow must all stand around the edges of the room. I believe this was a fairly good sized room, and they asked for pre-registration because they expected a large turnout. I tried to watch a video of the Q&A but it wasn’t very well done, and didn’t pan around.
      I have asked CDRKerchner if he will estimate the crowd size for me – he was in attendance. I’ll let you know if he gets back to me on that.

  3. I think that all of us who have followed this nightmare since before the last election would just love something good to happen in our favor. Sheriff Joe and his investigation are a great step but the lack of coverage is depressing. Sorry but I am feeling really down about all of this. Barring the elegibility issue the public is not even getting truthful news about the horrible things that the Obama regime is doing to the country. The open mic moment concerning giving the Russians military secrets should be enough to turn off many older lifetime Dems because they remember the cold war. The ones that I have spoken to hadn’t even heard about it. I am talking about the older folks who only watch the national news at 5:30 each day. It is a sad day for America.

    • I am also really down but we have to keep pushing the issue. I pray that Sheriff Joe is the one to make it come to the forefront. If he can keep him off the ballot in AZ then that will be the ticket. Eveyone I talk to now knows what is going on. Before they were confused but the issue is now clear. We are not the only ones worried. One thing is for sure about politicians, they dont stir the pot. They arent really leaders but opportunists. They want to win. When they believe we the people are in the major majority on this issue we may have a shot.

      • “One thing is for sure about politicians, they don’t stir the pot. They aren’t really leaders but opportunists. They want to win.”

        Therein lies our problem. If we could start to rally together as citizens and force term limits, we could go such a long way towards helping ourselves.

        Imagine the difference in how these bastards – elected by US – would have treated this issue if they knew they had limits. SOME of them would have addressed it – they wouldn’t have had to worry about their reelections.

    • It is indeed a sad day for America – and a dangerous one. I sense this will ultimately come down to a show-down of sorts between citizens united with Sheriffs like Joe, a handful of state level legislators, and maybe one or two elected TEA party loyalist in DC, against the established insiders in DC and at the state level. Media – all main media – will NOT help. They have chosen sides, and have done so knowing where this country is headed. We all know this is deeper than simply the eligibility issue. This is what we have learned while pursuing the answers and a solution to this eligibility question – that the rot is deeper than any of us could have believed.

  4. I know how it is, Texas T. I get down and out about it. It’s not only the eligibility issue now, but it’s his whole way of his performance and everything that he does. It’s obvious that he’s a huge lawbreaker, and it’s like with the Repubs, of which I’m one now, they just look past everything that he does. I do not understand this at all. I’m not even sure that I’m honestly a Repub anymore, but I’m sure that I’m not a Dem. I think they are both about the same today.

    In honesty, I truly believe that something is going on here bigger than what we all know. It just doesn’t make sense. I’m not into conspiracies, although Barky is a walking conspiracy already.

    All the courts just look past this, the lawmakers, the congress, the media, and on and on. So what the heck has happened?

  5. Also, if people have been threatened, the Dems or the Repubs, the media, surely someone must speak up sooner or later. Do you think they’re all scared to make a move?

    • Why I believe they dont speak up is the WH has something on all of them or at least has threatened to drum something up if they bring up the issue. Once we are strong enough to tip the ship, they will be riding the wave with us. I think politician statements on this have changed dramatically. At least they are first saying things look suspicious before they say they believe everything is in order. hey know they cant go ranting about M vs H because the people will glaze over. Can you imagine being a politician and trying to talk policy with 50% of the population that has been raised on class warfare.

    • When you take the bribe, you don’t spill the beans. Plus some are full on communists – they will do this dirty work happily and for free.

  6. How on earth can Obama’s poll numbers be going up? I engage people about Obama everywhere that I go, mostly I just get blank stares especially from the youngsters. Some of the older ones are just as bad and say “I have always been a Democrat and have to vote that way”. I promptly tell them Obama is no Democrat and they look at me with blank stares. What are we to do? We cannot let him steal the office for 4 more years. I want to grab people and say “Wake up and see what is happening”.

    • Find a way to do just that – it may take a great deal of tact and diplomacy, but it’s worth every attempt.

  7. I try to educate people when I can. I am thinking about printing a list of unconstitutional and un American things Obama has done with links and keeping them in my purse to give people. Hell I have even thought of putting them on windsheilds at the grocery store or wherever. Anything to wake people up. I really think it is going to take individuals to get the word out.

    • Consider the K.I.S.S. method – keeping it extremely simple. LOL – people don’t have attention spans anymore. I rarely focus strictly on obama – unless the person I am trying to convince does. Instead I make observations about the “progressive” mindset in general, and how these progressives have about smothered the old dem party, and have taken it over with their own selfish agenda. I seem to be able to get people to open their minds a bit more with that approach. I mean, we all know obama is not acting alone, and that this is a “group effort”. It’s both dems and repubs. – we are not safe from either party. Or should I have said; we are not safe WITH either party? Good cop, Bad cop game being played on us all.

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