A Complex Tradgey, A Rush To Demonize

LA Times - By Richard Fausset, 3/28/2012

I’ll get to the above screenshot right quick.  First I want to notice what went on on the House floor today.

Illinois (go figure) Democrat Rep. Bobby Rush decided to have a bit of a rant about “Hoodie Justice”.  Or something.  Yes, the former Black Panther decided it was quite appropriate to appoint himself judge and jury of a man not even charged for any crime, much less a crime of racially motivated murder.  Oh yeah, that’s what we all expect from our elected representatives eh?

Just hop yo old ass on up there, start yammering on incoherently, and then pull a hoodie up over your dumb ass head.  While you are at it, put some sunglasses on too.   Way to support the “black community”.

The man looked and acted a fool.  http://online.wsj.com/video/rep-rush-kicked-off-floor-for-wearing-hoodie/F09D2529-FF1E-4919-B7AF-C0A3A0E976AF.html

On to the LA Times article on Zimmerman, and by the way, unless something huge unleashes as a result of all this disgusting race baiting and play pandering, (not referring to this article) this is the last post I will devote to this topic.

I found it (the article) to be surprisingly (sort of) balanced.  I found it to be (kind of) without heavy race rhetoric.  So I read it.  Here are some excerpts, and a link.  I’m not voicing much of an opinion, mainly because I expect that Trayvon will be forgotten about by all of his current benefactors by, oh, lets guess the week after Easter.

Roughly six months before Zimmerman shot and killed an unarmed black teenager in his gated Florida townhouse complex, he was standing in Bertalan’s doorway, asking what he could do to help her. A group of young men had just broken into Bartalan’s townhouse as she and her infant cowered in a locked bedroom. The intruders had stolen a $600 camera and a laptop.

After the police had come and gone, the doorbell rang, and there was Zimmerman: 5-foot-9, in a shirt and tie, his body a little doughy, his demeanor gentle. He introduced himself. He gave her a list of phone numbers where she could reach him at any time. He gave her a heavy-duty lock to bolster the sliding-glass door that the suspects had forced open. He told her she could go stay with his wife down the street if she ever felt scared again.

However, the writer begins with this:

SANFORD, Fla. — For many Americans, George Zimmerman has become the face of barbarous vigilante justice. For Olivia Bertalan, he was the face of compassion — a neighbor of consummate graciousness and low-key gallantry. [emphasis mine]

Well, I guess you gotta have a hook.

“That first impression was really sweet,” Bartalan, 21, told the Los Angeles Times. “It really does break my heart how they’re portraying him as coldblooded murderer.”

This is the impression of Zimmerman shared by a number of neighbors and acquaintances, one that only compounds the complexity and tragedy in the case of Trayvon Martin, whom Zimmerman gunned down Feb. 26 in a suburban side yard.

“Gunned down”  Very Bonnie and Clyde-ish, no?  Sounds like a hail of bullets erupted from Zimmermans gun and peppered young Martin with dozens of fatal wounds. Rat-a-tat-tat, baby.

It was one bullet.  Shot at point blank range.  While young Martin was on top of the “little doughy” Zimmerman, tirelessly pounding away on him.

Now Trayvons girlfriend has come out with yet another account of her last conversation with young Martin.  When asked why she has not told this version before, she states, ” because the police didn’t question me”.  Yet here she was with one “story” for the past several weeks – now that more facts are coming out, her version suddenly changes.  But I’m sure she is telling the whole truth. I have complete faith that her story is not being adjusted to meet a special narrative, just as I have complete faith that Trayvons momma isn’t expecting/hoping to make money off of trademarking his name.  See how open minded I am?

Were you aware, any of you,  that young Martins dads “fiance” first claimed Martin was shot while just “sitting on their porch”.

click to enlarge:

Feb. 27 2012 article on Trayvon Martin death

I have notice that all of the “young Martin, vicious racist white Zimmerman” articles I pull up have been “updated” days after first being published.  Curious.

Additionally, it seems that all-a-sudden; “Also, the Miami Herald is reporting that early in the investigation into the shooting, the Sanford Police Department did consider arresting Zimmerman in what was categorized as a “homicide/negligent manslaughter.”

Bottom line is that there is absolutely no way Zimmerman can hope for a fair trial.  No way.  He will be a sacrificial white Hispanic lamb.

More on the subject from a different blogger – lots of links & more photos:


click to enlarge:

treyvon co.cc



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13 Responses to “A Complex Tradgey, A Rush To Demonize”

  1. Check this out, very sad.


  2. Wonder what Obama would say about that?

  3. My problem with this situation is I dont know why Zimmerman ever got out of the car. What exactly was he going to do? Think about it. This was not racially motivated but we also need to discuss why Zimmerman even as a neighborhood watch person would go out and question a stranger in the neighborhood when he was carrying a weapon and he already has suspicions about this guy. What if Trayvon had a weapon, which is what he did think in the beginning. What was he going to do if he came face to face with another man carrying a weapon?. Once he left his car he lost control of the situation. Once they were in that unfortunate situaton where, according to Zimmerman, the gun was going to be used on someone, Zimmerman had to shoot. OK, he may have used the gun at that point in self-defense but I bet looking back he wishes he never left the car and waited for the police. Now he is in the unfortunate position of having to explain his case. This is really unfortunate.

    • Lets us begin at the beginning.

      Zimmerman got out of his vehicle, as he indicated to the 911 operator, because the suspicious person was (old fashioned term I use here) “cutting across lots”. It means that Martin was walking through lawns rather than on the street or sidewalks (as a person usually would be expected to do). Zimmerman was trying to see where Martin was going, and, as indicated by 911 tape, be able to give the closest numerical street address.

      It appears that he had turned back with the intention of returning to his vehicle to wait for police, when Trayvon approached Zimmerman and asked why he was following him. Zimmerman asked him what he was “doing there”, as a “neighborhood watch” person usually does. It gets “blurry” from that point.

      As far as concealed carry is concerned. MOST people, and I speak from personal knowledge, that have a CC, carry at all times when it is legal to do so. Most are carrying inside of their homes as well.

      I did NOT hear any account that Zimmerman indicated he thought Trayvon had a gun. Not one.

      If you CC, and someone randomly draws on you – you hope to save your own life by drawing faster.

      Where did you read that Zimmerman, in his own words, on tape or in any interview, stated; “the gun was going to be used on someone”? I saw that nowhere in any of the very varied main stream media accounts.

      I am sure that Zimmerman does indeed wish that he had never felt the necessity of having to make that tragic judgement call.

      Were I in the same situation, and fatally shot someone in a similar circumstance, I would feel a great deal of ongoing doubt, remorse, and grief.

      I can very honestly say though, after being unexpectedly attacked in a similar fashion, being beaten and unable to physically restrain my attacker, had I been armed – I absolutely would have shot to kill.

      It is a panic call, made in a split second, and there is no going back.

      • I had heard one of the news people state that Zimmerman told 911 that he thought he had something in his pocket. Zimmerman’s father said that Trayvon saw Zimmermans weapon and Trayvon told him he was going to die tonight. That’s when Zimmerman said he had to use the weapon because he was afraid Tryvon would use it on him. I see what you are saying but I still think it is dangerous for a neighborhood watch person to do anything than report. I do not think Zimmerman did anything wrong but he is not police and now he has to hope he can support his story. If he were the law it would be over. No discussion. Maybe they need to give neighborhood watch people some type of law enforcement training and some authority. I am not sure what their positions are but the police officer told him to stay in the car. So maybe they are trying to avoid this exact situation.

        • Other than follow Martin on foot to see what he was up to and be able to report an address, Zimmerman was simply reporting a suspicious person to the 911 dispatcher. Telling to me is that Zimmerman did not sound like a bravado while on the call, he sounded like he was trying to be “professional” about the information he was relaying to the dispatcher. He sounded a little winded, but like he was trying to focus on details for the 911 folks.

          C Carrying is something you just do when you leave home. Like grabbing your house keys. I don’t believe he ONLY armed himself when doing neighborhood watch. People that CC usually do so at all times when possible. I don’t expect to shoot someone every-time I leave the house, nor do I plan on such a thing. You CC in case something crazy as shit happens and you need to save yourself.

          Zimmerman had a long history of calling 911 for neighborhood watch related issues. He had not ever been reported as shooting at anyone, and did not draw on Martin. Not until Martin was on top of him, and energetically banging Zimmermans head on the ground. We’ve seen the grown up pictures of Martin now. I imagine that seeing that grown up Trayvon face, contorted by anger, above you while he was bouncing your head on concrete might have led Zimmerman to believe his life was in danger. Especially if Martin made any statement of wanting to do such a thing while he was attacking Zimmerman. That is an IF. I don’t know, and neither does anyone else. All I know is if a cat like Martin was sitting on me, punching me or banging my head on the ground, I would probably figure he meant business – bad business.


    “35 Caution about the girlfriend call – one of the earlier reports mentioned the police discounted her because her timeline didn’t match (presumably they checked Martin’s phone records). She was brought out by Ben Crump, the race pimp attorney who stirred up this whole mess by convincing Martin’s parents there might be money in it for them.

    That’s why the controversy was delayed. It was a good shooting, classic self-defense, and not one single shred of evidence ever contradicted that. Zimmerman was and is the victim in this case.

    When people choose to believe the Sharpton/Crump/MSM line, they are just deceiving themselves to appease a mob hoping to be able to justify looting some appliance stores and Korean-owned shops.


  5. One of the things that I’ve noticed is that people do not read many of the articles about Zimmerman. For example, they show that video yesterday and say it’s the smoking gun. No blood was seen on him, or it didn’t look like his nose was broken. However, if they had read the article, then they would have seen that Zimmerman had received medical treatment at the scene.

    An article on Drudge stated this morning that his brother, Robert, said that George’s medical records show that he was injured.

  6. Another thing people conveniently overlook, is that the police report, written up by the same officers that now claim they were not 100% convinced by his story at the time, list his injuries. It’s right in the police report – a written description. Yet people keep peering at a video which is horribly grainy, waiting to see blood gushing out of Zimmermans head.

    I know it is sad. But this story was completely misrepresented to the public from the first. We were looking at a photo of a twelve year old, being told Martin was a scholar and on the football team. The little guy had only gone to buy his younger brother some candy during halftime, when a white supremest begins stalking him, then guns Trayvon down in cold blood.

    People were purposefully manipulated and lied to by the press, by Martins lawyer and family, and by the race activists like Sharpton.

  7. What you’re saying is true, LF.

    Well, I’m just disgusted that BO would come out and pull his sad act over this, which I’m sure is probably just for political reasons.

    So many violent acts going on throughout the nation. Like that husband and wife that I linked on here and then more.

    Anyway, in my opinion, George Zimmerman had the right to be there since he was a neighborhood watchman. Second, Martin had no business really being out at that time unless it was an emergency, then he could have walked on the sidewalk instead of in between townhouses.

  8. It appears that Trayvon would have eventually had this type of confrntation with someone eventually given he attacked a guy that asked him what he was doing.

  9. I have no problem with Martin being out that time of the evening, nor where he was walking – although that is likely what caused Zimmerman to think something was suspicious.

    I think it was a sad situation that happened. Bottom line – Martin was on top of Zimmerman, beating him, Zimmerman was screaming. Martin chose to jump Zimmerman, Martin could have stopped. Martin could have called 911 on his own phone if he was worried about Zimmerman as has been suggested by his family.

    The girlfriends story is changing, the neighbors who “heard but didn’t see”, their stories have changed a bit too.

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