When I Go To The Toilet, It Makes News….



Says Sheriff Joe Arpaio. 

Yes, he is featured on Drudge AGAIN.  Wow, the second time in less than a week.  This time he scored a higher place on the Drudge page.  The predictable thing is that it yet another WND article.

While that in and of itself is not a detractor, but it would be appropriate if some of the “main” news outlets would grow a sack and just cover this.

I mean, anything else Sheriff Joe does they go after him energetically.  It’s just as he said in the article; “

When I go to the toilet, I make it in national news. … I just can’t believe the media, including the cable media blocking this thing out.”

For my regular readers who were wondering, yes, the Posse did wish to speak with me.  Corsi did also.  Corsi basically just recorded what I said, and seemed distracted.  No big whoop – I don’t have a silver bullet.

But the two Posse fellows that I spoke with were very intense and focused.  They damn near treated me like a criminal, but we worked past that.  Basically they came across as; “Look lady, this ain’t a game, we are professional and serious about this”.  Because I frankly questioned if they were.

They wanted my investigators, and I explained that it would be up to them to decide if they chose to “out themselves”.  I let my friends know that the Posse wanted to speak with them, and in the end they were comfortable doing so.  There may have been some details that supported other things the Posse was putting together, but I do not know for certain.

So, here is the WND link, you know what to do:





~ by ladysforest on March 21, 2012.

22 Responses to “When I Go To The Toilet, It Makes News….”

  1. wow, good for you. at least your hard work is recognized. what part of your investigation were they most interested in or cant you say… : )

    • Mainly in the experiences that the two investigators had in HI. They each did very different work while there. They asked a bit about the newspaper microfilms, and I explained all of that, and directed them to the blog for images. Actually it was other people who put them in touch with me. Some other researchers had mentioned my material and research, and the Posse people asked them to contact me. Several different people did, within a few days of each other, and also let me know that Corsi had asked to be contacted.

      Corsi didn’t seem passionate about this -at all- I think it’s just a business to him. The Posse guys though – a very different story. I thought the one was gonna bite my head off when I sort of suggested they were just going through the motions. He said that it was a very serious matter, and being investigated by law enforcement pros in a completely serious way. I guess they were serious after all.

  2. I am hoping that they can figure out more things because of your research. There’s a whole lot there, and a lot of work went into this. No telling what they could find from it.

    • Well, my stuff is mostly focused on the newspaper films, and the stories surrounding those. I doubt any of what I have, standing on it’s own, could have a significant impact. Heck – some of these investigators got some very important and compelling material, the sel. service registration is a prime example, and those things are being ignored or downplayed. Hard to believe. It is chilling to think how AMERICAN people are being treated by the f-ing “elite”.

      • And that’s why when I post to a story about BO now and the BC, I’m bringing up the importance of the SS registration card. That is huge, and it’s even bigger than the BC in my honest opinion.

        And the announcements are important because some people, like Bill O’Really, use that to show that BO was born in Hawaii. That is beyond ignorant.

  3. The Drudge is the most clicked on story on Drudge today! That is effing huge!

    And did you see this? Cantor says he has ‘full confidence’ in Stearns despite ‘birther’ flap Is that a sign?“I think Cliff Stearns does a good job with the chairmanship of his subcommittee,” Cantor told The Hill in the Capitol Wednesday. “He has my full confidence.”

    Cantor was responding to a question about whether it’s appropriate to have someone who has questioned Obama’s birth certificate leading a probe of the White House. Stay tuned folks…

    • What I don’t get is how the media, Fox included, can with a straight face, act as though questioning the birth certificate is akin to randomly accusing the president of being a child molester.

      I saw a video the other day of some media meeting where the man who was speaking was describing the “elite” status of those media persons in attendance. He sounded as though he worshiped at the sound of the word “elite”. It was bizarre, and disturbing. I need to find that video.

      Really, when you consider all the insane things the liberal/communist elected officials try to accuse conservatives of, and the spineless rebuplicans don’t get the least bit offened or insulted – yet when a lib calls them a birther – or even hints that a repub is a birther sympathizer, all of a sudden the repub do all in their power to proclaim themselves to have nothing to do with birtherism on any level, and denounce all the people who do as f-ing loons.

      That right there tells us how bad and how deep this is.

  4. LF,

    Do you happen to know what forms of ID a person needed to fill out the sel. service reg. card during the time frame that BO filled his out? Just curious. I wonder if they needed SS #, birth cert.?

    • Good question, and I don’t know why I didn’t think about this sooner. I didn’t get my drivers license until I was already 18 years of age and I wanted to register as soon as I turned 18. So I had to bring in a copy of my BC! I registered in 1973 in Boston.

    • I have heard some say that NO ID was required at all. It was to make it easier for people to sign up. I do not know if that is accurate, or if it may have been only in some regions.

      Speculation was that this sel. service reg. was a creation, like the first COLB, and possibly the announcements, to lend some additional “background” to obama’s missing past.

      • Keep in mind when I signed up the draft lottery was in effect. Probably didn’t want underage signing up. The war was long over in 80…

      • Also, remember that not signing up for draft was a felony. And punishable. Also, in order to serve in the “Gov”, it was a requirement, I believe. So, at the first hint of searching for it…word was issued forth from TPTB for one to be created…and it was done…and it was no-good!

  5. Gregg,

    It’s my understanding that guys still have to sign up, right? Isn’t that in case of a national emergency of some sort? I could be incorrect on that. And maybe it’s for gals too.

    • I wonder………I think all three of mine have signed up. LOL.

      Gregg, the time frame I am thinking of is somewhere in the eighties. I imagine that were people called to serve from the sel. service reg. they would have had to bring ID. See, the reason some speculate obama never actually reg. is because he was passing as a “foreign student”. Hence the faked sel. service.

      His “disappeared” kindergarten records may even have him listed as “Kenyan”, ( or *snark* “African). There is a important reason those are gone. Grades didn’t matter. Lots of people didn’t even send children to kindergarten back then either. It sure wasn’t required. So, it stands to reason that the kindergarten registration has something as to his citizenship in it. Or parentage.

      • Back when I had started school, we never had kindergarten in our schools. I didn’t get to go, but I knew people who went, which it was paid for by their parents. My parents didn’t have the means. But I do remember that. When I started school, it was first grade.

      • Same here kittycat.

  6. Want to hear something funny? If you leave a facebook comment on an article wherein obama is mentioned, and use the word “communist” the comment posts then almost immediately vanishes! I left several such messages – I didn’t call obama a communist, rather I told the person I was replying to that they sounded like a communist, and seconds after my comment posted they were vaporized. FB has that set on “automatic” from the looks of things.

    What do ya know about that! It lets posts with really racial garbage stay, but not the word “communist”.

  7. Everything, it seems, is being censored. And just stupid words too. But I notice that they always seem to allow the really trashy, vulgar words all the time.

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