As An American – On “Presidents Day” ( a quickie)

This is the appropriate day to re-post this video.  It is powerful, thoughtful, controversial and  thought provoking.

Well done, sir. 

Jon McNaughtons’ haunting words and painting. 

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~ by ladysforest on February 20, 2012.

4 Responses to “As An American – On “Presidents Day” ( a quickie)”

  1. Hi LF, did u watch the debate? I couldnt bear to watch the attacks that i m sure team romney put together…..if so how did u think santurum and gingrich did?

    • No, I missed it. Yesterday was a bad day at the ICU with my mother, so things have been distracting.

      I heard Romney and Rick went after each other pretty hard, and that Newt did real well although they kept him off to the side. Some think Rick damaged himself a bit. I’ll have to find a vid and watch the debate for myself. Probably not for another day or two. Generally Rick handles Mitt pretty well.

  2. Oh, LF, so sorry that you have to be in the ICU with your mom. I know how rough that is personally. But I’m glad that you get to be with her now. When I got to the hospital, they had already put my mom in ICU, and I never got to talk to her again. And that was back in 1976. My husband and I got to the hospital as soon as we could. Before that, she was in a regular room. Then by the time that we got there, they had taken her to ICU. Just spend some time with her and you can, and as much as you can.

    • Yes, this was similar to what you went through. However, I didn’t get there the day before she went into ICU, but a family friend did and said that they had gotten mom up to walk, and within a few hours her face was dark, and she didn’t look well. Twelve hours later she was in ICU on a vent.

      She doesn’t even know when we are there. I’m gonna go read to her tomorrow for a bit. She loves “books on tape”, so I figure I’m the next best thing.

      Thank you so much, kittycat, for the kind thoughts.

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