Mitts CPAC Speech

                                 MR. MITTENS TELLS SOME WHOPPERS !

Watching Mr. Mittens speech at CPAC.  He is speaking a lot of words.  He keeps saying “We Conservatives”. 

He is trying, struggling, to speak about American exceptional-ism.  This is a rather muddy part of the speech. You can tell he can’t make the mental connection about what IT is.

Choice between being owned by DC, or being a free people who believe in freedom and free enterprises.  Or blah-blah, snooze,

Now he meanders around trying to smooze up to some collage kids – just said Conservative for the fricken thousandth time.

Born to AMERICAN citizens living in Mexico, knows about the nbC issue – heading it off.

Values – marriage (veiled stab at Newt), Conservative x 2, again. 

Pats self on back for being in Bain.  Half a standing O.  Just said Conservative four more times – same sentence.

If I was drinking a shot for each “conservative” I’d be in hospital on life support by now.

Trying to say that while he worked in government he’s really just a business guy, cause he was only in government for a hot minute.  He’s not a a Washington DC insider.

Said Conservative about three or four more times while I typed.  Now he’s talking about his governmental/not an insider record.  SEVERELY CONSERVATIVE GOVERNOR.  SEVERELY.

Yuck, enough for me.  Blah, blah, blah.  He is speaks about his “business” acumen.  He is a boring, pandering, vapid person.


~ by ladysforest on February 10, 2012.

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