Rush Hearts Romney

Why have all the radio talking heads steadfastly refused to hint that they are backing a particular candidate?  They all seem to defend Romney, and they seem to brush aside the fact that Romney has hardly been subjected to rigorous scrutiny, AS HE SHOULD BE.  Didn’t Hillary go aggressively after obama?  Didn’t she attempt to obliterate him?  In a fight – one fights.

The radio guys  gloss over the fact that there is a rapidly widening fundamental difference between a Conservative and Republican, and that the Conservatives must vote the “Republican” in because we have no other option.  Except staying home or voting for obama.

Here, read this, I had read something about this for the first time yesterday.  This information cleared up a bit of confusion for me.

The Bretton Woods globalist conference convened by Soros last year included Mittens, who bought Clear Channel Communications in 2006 (news radio like Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck, Savage, Noory, ever heard of them?). It isn’t so much the money he has or how he made it, as what he intends to do with it.

So, now I understand better why one minute Rush Limbaugh was slamming Mitt’s own self-comparison of his actions with Bain being the equivalent of obama taking over Chrysler, banks, etc., and then screeching that Perry is exactly like Hugo Chavez for applying the (admittedly lame) phrase “vulture capitalist” to some of Romneys Bain activities.

What an about face.  Didn’t we all think it was socialist for obama to take over the auto manufactures, not to mention a lot of what went on with the banks and big corporations?  And there is Romney – Mr. Presidential shoo-in – stating that his work with Bain was just the same sort of thing that obama pulled, nothing to see folks!

But Newt and Perry are out of bounds and acting like fascists for pointing out the down-side of some things “capitalist”?

It’s not as though Bain is all Main St. Mr. Mom and Pop.  Crony capitalism isn’t at all the same as the Joe the Plumber brand of capitalism.

You know what I think?  Mitt Romney is the odds-on favorite for the GOP nomination primarily because he is the one with experience running for president, at least as far as the PUBLIC is concerned.  I think he’s the chosen one for the establishment because he is the opposite of a Tea Party conservative, and the entrenched ones are terrified to get anyone in there that they can’t be certain will continue the debauchery in DC.

I was pleased that Sarah Palin popped up and said that Romney needs to address this, and release his tax records.  I agree with her.  I think Newt and Perry need to keep after Romney, but in a smarter and more strategic way. 

Read this on a comment thread somewhere today, and I agree with it completely:

If Newt and Perry, by pointing out business practices they do not agree with are “attacking the core of capitalism and endangers capitalism,” then attacking Newt and Perry for democratic elections campaigning practices Romney and his supporters may not agree with, is nothing less than a full on frontal asault on Democracy itself, and if you do not stop it, our entire way of life will cease to exist!

Little dramatic, and not a very well structured sentence – but you get the point.


~ by ladysforest on January 12, 2012.

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