MY HERO !! The Mighty-Mighty James O’Keefe

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~ by ladysforest on January 11, 2012.

4 Responses to “MY HERO !! The Mighty-Mighty James O’Keefe”

  1. I have to figure out why the YouTube embeds leave all that code text in my posts now.

  2. Short story. Remember when in 04 there was this big brouhaha about absentee ballots not being counted? We all know why, the majority of those ballots belonged to military personnel and people like me who travel way too much. I had voted in two presidential elections and about 8 local elections in a row by absentee ballot. Now mind you I had to request the ballot and it had to be sent to me. So one day I get a little post card in the mail that states

    “Because you have not voted in the last 6 years you have been removed from the voter registration. Please visit town hall if you wish to register to vote.”

    So I get myself down to town hall and hand the clerk their post card. As I did I said “please don’t tell me my vote has not counted all these years..” And she looks a little puzzled and takes the card and goes into a back room. After a moment she re-appears and says “Mr Goss your all set, sorry for the confusion.”

    Anyway, if your dead you can vote for ever and never get removed, if your a hard working individual you need to re-register every 6 years….geeesh.

    But we have the Gustahpo in Florida asking old people for ID’s as they walk into the SS office.

    I must say that you are asked for your name and it is checked off the list so you can’t vote more than once. So I don’t know how many people would walk in and ask for a dead persons voting sheet but it can’t be too many even though one to many, but you get my point.

  3. Actually, as evidenced in this film and by what has been going on in the Wisconsin recall elections – voting by dead people is quite an industry.

    Here in NY, you don’t always have to show ID- you walk in and give a name and address, and you get the ballot. My son had to show his ID because the volunteer was hard of hearing and couldn’t get his last name right.

    Someone could steal my vote. They could give my name and address, and they would have my vote if I had not gotten there ahead of them.

  4. Oh, this is so crazy. I came here to post this.

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