Hot Mess Mo

Ladies – look carefully at that hem!   It looks like some one tried to alter this thing while taking Bo the dog for a walk.  Who wears crap this poorly tailored and fugly? 

The first lady of this United States of America – that’s who!


~ by ladysforest on January 1, 2012.

13 Responses to “Hot Mess Mo”

  1. MO looks like she is hatching a nasty plot in the deep recess of her hateful shriveledy little soul, and Mr. MO looks like he wishes he were holding the hand of ………… oh, anyone but MO. Do these two look like a matched pair of misery, or what?

  2. That’s terrible. Nothing about that dress matches anything.

  3. It’s like a Dr. Suess garment.

    Boy, obama looks pissed – his mouth is clenched so tightly that his chin is all bunched and dimpled up. They both look to be furious about something.

  4. I still can’t figure out that piece of crap dress that she’s wearing. Sometimes I look at it and think that maybe the black is layered over the green, but I can’t tell at all. Can’t imagine someone wearing that. Do you think that’s one of her multi-thousand dollar dresses?

    The reason that I this is, the other day we saw a picture of her in Hawaii in a white sundress. It was a very simple white dress, and it was fine. Nothing weird about it. Looks like something that I could have sewn up myself because I used to sew, although haven’t done it in years. That simple sundress was 2k. Can you imagine a $2,000 sundress? It was simple.

  5. I had the same response to the sundress. 🙂

    The one in this picture is all one piece with one of those weird shorty sweaters worn over it. It just looks very discombobulated. (ugly)

  6. But I confess I will feel bad for having bashed it if it turns out one of the kids made it for her.

  7. Hope this judge continues with how he’s ruled:

  8. Looks as if she’s wearing the drapes and couch covers again.

    What an embarrassment to have a dumpster diver as FLOTUS.

  9. We always comment on her wardrobe. I have no idea who she wears. If it were a republican first lady they would be tearing her apart. Remember Mrs Bush wore a tailored suit everyday.

    • I know. Even “Pantsuit” dresses better than MO.

      I honestly cannot understand how or why someone would wear such things.

      Is it on purpose to embarrass the US?

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