Rubber Stamped Fraud

Left: reg. stamp on recently obtained short form COLB - Right: stamp on obama's long form COLB

The above images need little introduction.  One is an image of a State Registrar stamp on a Hawaiian short form birth certification, stamped ***, *7, 2011.  The one on the right is the “same” stamp applied to  President obama’s  “long form” birth certificate on April 25, 2011.

The color of the paper in these images was altered purposefully so that the stamps would be in sharper relief, particularly the image on the left.  CLICK on the above image to enlarge if you wish to observe the many easily noticeable differences between the two Registrar stamps.

We know that there are multiples of the official stamp at the Department of Health in Honolulu.  The thing that strikes me is that the stamps should all be nearly identical.  Except that one may be used more frequently than another, thus being perhaps less sharp,they should otherwise look the same.

The company that manufactures the stamps should have the master on file, and if new stamps are required they would be generated from the master.  At least when I used to deal with similar rubber stamps years ago, that is how the company that I ordered them from explained the process to me.

Why such a striking difference between the two?  Oh, I know, I know – the obama birth certificate is a fraud top to bottom, but still……….there is more that is dissimilar between the two stamps than there is similar.

Now lets compare the image on the left above with the rubber Registrar stamp that was (allegedly) on obama’s short form COLB (certificate of live birth) released on FactCheck, obama’s propaganda website, during the 2008 campaign:

CLICK to enlarge:

Left: recently obtained COLB stamp - Right: stamp on obama's FactCheck 2007 COLB


Next up is a side by side comparison of the 2011 obama long form COLB Registrar stamp, and the stamp on the 2007 obama short form COLB provided by FactCheck:

CLICK to enlarge:

Left: 2011 obama long form COLB Reg. stamp - Right: Reg. stamp on the 2007 obama short form COLB

The only difference in the two is that in the 2011 obama stamp we notice the now infamous “face” in the “A” of Alvin, and of course the “typo” in the word “the”, causing it to print as “TXE”.  Other than that we seem to have a dead ringer.  Oh, and the issue date is printed above the stamp in the 2007 COLB, where it is printed off to the left in both the 2011 obama COLB, and the more recently issued COLB in the top images.  I do not know when the Department of Health made that particular change.

Perhaps it was in Oct. 2008, which is when they began titling BOTH the long form and short form versions of the birth certificates “CERTIFICATE of Live Birth” instead of the long form having that title while the short form was titled “CERTIFICATION of Live Birth”.  The Department did that to end the rising confusion and burgeoning suspicion over why obama’s shorty birth certificate had a different title than the birth certificates that other Hawaiians displayed.

Just sayin.


~ by ladysforest on December 20, 2011.

39 Responses to “Rubber Stamped Fraud”

  1. On citizewells blog, a commenter said that txe is a certain type of file, meaning that it wasn’t a typo, but the registrar indicating what type of file that he got the info from. Something to check out.

  2. That sounds odd. As in awkward odd. Is this commenter someone who comments often on that blog, and did they say how they came by this knowledge?

    It’s the first time I have heard such a thing suggested, and it seems very unlikely to me. I don’t even know how one could go about verifying something like that.

  3. My post at CW on October 4, 2011 at 11:09 am:

    [been commenting there for years]

    “On Obama’s ‘Certificate of Live Birth’:

    “Alvin T. Onaka, Ph.d. State Registrar”
    “TXE is a file extension associated with Enriched Text files.”
    Part of batazoid’s comment at thedailypen:

    “For the record: Obama’s long form Certificate of Live Birth document is quite clearly based on secondary sources information without any supporting original source documentation from his hospital-issued birth certificate.* In addition, Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth document is obviously not a copy of an original record of birth, as he amateurishly tried to project. Such authentic copies would be negative image reproductions of archived photostats.

    Moreover, the Registrar clearly states as much in his affirmation stamp on Obama’s new long form Certificate of Live Birth document as the following: “I certify this a true copy or abstract of TXE record on file in the Hawaii State Department of Health”.

    A TXE record is an “enriched text file” used to combine graphics with textual data for easier storage and retrieval of information stored in computer databases. So, the Registrar is certifying that all the information on the new long form is all from electronic sources, which might not even be based on any one particular database record. The Registrar admits none of the data is from original sources; it is all digital data printed out as an “abstract”.””

    • Beckwith at “The Obama File”:

      “… Hell, that thing up on the White House website says its an abstract of a text file right in the registrar’s certification — right above the “smiley face” …”

      • Humph, I shall have a look. TY

      • At “The Obama File”:
        “The Document States It’s An “Abstract””

        “I certify this is a true copy or abstract of TXE record on file in the Hawaii State department of Health”

        1. “TXE” is the file extension identifier for a “text file.” What the certification says is that Obama’s “record” is a “true copy or abstract.”

        2. We know it’s not a true copy because a true copy of a text record would not be formatted as a birth document.

        3. Therefore, the document that the White House released is “an abstract of a text file.”

        Therefore, we know that the electronic image posted on the White House website is not a copy of Obama’s original birth certificate.

        So, where’s Obama’s “original, long-form birth certificate?”

        It’s as obvious as the nose on your face that this guy doesn’t have one, or if he does have one, it has something on it he doesn’t want the American People to see.”
        “It’s An “Abstract” And What About That “Smiley Face””

        “And why would the Hawaii DOH allow the document, issued to Barack Obama, to contain an obvious smiling face hiding within the first letter of the state registrar’s signature?

        Could it be the work of the forger leaving his mark, laughing at those who take the document seriously?

        Now let’s be clear about the subtle use of “txe” instead of “the.”

        “TXE” is the file extension for an enriched text file which is exactly what Onaka meant to say! He doesn’t say he gave you an copy of Obama’s original birth document, but an abstract of the “records on file,” compiled from “TXE” files.

        This is compatible with Adobe Illustrator or the exact software conglomeration Hawaii uses today. It is pertinent to point out the change from “the” to “TXE” as it leads to the obvious fraud but it means something and exonerates Onaka. These people know that they are not telling the truth. …”

  4. On May 13, 2011 at 12:30 am:

    • Thanks Gordo – I’ll check it out later. Migraine trouble right now.

      Sunglasses indoors with most of the lights off right now.

  5. My 9:47 pm comment is awaiting moderation.

  6. The TXE being a file extension is pure coincidence and does not show up on any other example of this stamp. That and the happy face were purposely inserted by the “creator” of the document for a reason not yet discovered.

    • When it comes to Obama’s cadre of flying monkeys, who knows?

      Perhaps it is as simple as they were high or drunk at the time in order to steel themselves to perpetrating such a blatant act of fraud.

      To know the exact reason for the inclusion of something so surreal as the blatant happy face and “TXE” would be satisfying to my sense of curiosity, but at this point I would simply settle for a quick end to the ongoing vengeful evil and chaos the usurper seems to be intent on wreaking upon our country.

      Anyway, Merry Christmas to all!

  7. Well Merry CHRISTmas to all here and I pray for good tidings for all in the New Year.

    In looking at the BIG picture I see an onslaught of ballot challenges, partially brought on by the failure of the NH election committee back in Nov, I am still pissed BTW. I do not see these letting up and at some point one will be successful, and it only takes one. Step back a little further and we all of sudden have Jack ass, or whatever his name is, coming out with another CRS report on what is an NBC. This report seems to be unsolicited. So why now? One more step back and we have Hilary’s campaign re-uniting, So why now?

    I think, in others words, it is my opinion that Hilary is preparing to fill the void left by a sitting Prez that will not be allowed on enough ballots to get re-elected.

    (Bookmark for 2012 re-reading…hehe)

    • I was very surprised at Bill Clinton appearing on Bill O’s show the other night. That struck me as a clear indication that Hilly’s testing the waters.

      BTW, I don’t normally watch Bill O, but hubby had it on, and the segment caught my attention when I entered the room.

      In my opinion it would be very risky for Hilly to try to nudge in. Talk about splitting a party! Man, that would be a bloodbath. So many of her people held their nose voting for obama, obama still has a small but insanely loyal following, as does Hill – so man! that would be a cat fight. I don’t see her jumping though, simply because she has to know that it WILL split the party, so they will weaken. On the other hand, it could possibly drive a large segment of indies over to her. Risky.

      This is one wild period in US history.

      PS. -Who is Jack ass?

  8. Perhaps the ‘creator’ of this UNIQUE document and Alvin T. Onaka are telling us exactly what they did — it was assembled using info contained in various databases. And that info comes from where? Probably sworn statements from the alleged grandmother (Madelyn Dunham) and maybe others [people lie].

    • I wouldn’t be at all surprised.

      My outside theory is that Maddy or Daddy Stan filled out the form for a BC after BO was born, but failed to provide the necessary documentation from the DR. or a mid-wife to complete the requirements for a birth certification, and so the paperwork was eventually sent back to the address listed on the HALF-TYPED/HALF HANDWRITTEN form. By then the Dunhams had moved on to another address, and so the incomplete form never reached them. Likely it was discarded. There were notations made in a ledger where these forms are recorded pending completion, as well as the attempts to contact the parents re missing info, and the final disposition of the application. That may be what Neil Abercrombie saw in the State Archives – which is where the old ledgers are kept once the microfilms were created from them.
      Since Dad and daughter seemed closer, and his and her SIGNATURES are nearly identical, he might be the one who filled out the application.

      And yes, I agree that these communist obama proppers would think it quite clever and funny to be so obvious. They hate America.

  9. PS. -Who is Jack ass? The author of this report.

  10. LF,

    Is Jack “ass” the person who Leo Donofrio has been talking about?

  11. Oh, he must be that CRS, Congressional Research Service, person that has a false thing out about what an NBC is.

    Yep, he is a Jack A.

  12. once again, great analysis.

  13. Not only is the ‘stamp’ from the LFBC almost identical to the COLB. But also the angle in the LFBC image is the exact same as the COLB image from the Factcheck photo birth_certificate_9.jpg for the Alvin and the T. Exactly the same angle. For some reason the last name and PhD have a slightly altered angle. But the first name and ‘T’ match up exactly in terms of image and angle to the Factcheck photo – without any change in image rotation.

  14. Some more…

    The stamps and signatures of the COLB and LFBC (Laughable Fake BC) are definitely related and derived from the same source.

    Here are some other known authentic Alvin T. Onaka signatures at this blog:

    Direct links to images:

    My teenage son was looking over my shoulder just now. I asked him if the Onaka signature from the Obama COLB was the same as the known authentics.

    He started listing off the issues:

    O’s are different.
    T’ are different. One is straight slant. Other is bowed.
    i’s are dotted differently. Authentic i dots are more offeset. Obama one have the dot directly above i.
    n’s are different. Authentic is turncated and does have leading hump or long lead in.

    He did all this in about 5 or 10 seconds from first looking. He said – nope, no way they are the same. I asked how he knew how to detect these things so easily. He said – “I have been watching a lot of Pawn Stars”. In that cable show they have to validate a lot of signatures.

    The fakery is easy to see for teenagers. Maybe someone should take these signatures to the Pawn Stars show for authentication.

    • Did you notice that in the regular joe COLB recently obtained at the DOH, the words “State Registrar” are in a completely different place than the two “obama” certificates?

      The obama 2007 looks like it was likely from a rubber stamp, but the 2011 does not show any indication that it was. I don’t believe that anyone other than FactCheck “VERIFIED” that the 2007 stamp was on a COLB issued in obama’s name. Could have been on anyone’s.

      Speaking of teenagers spotting the forgery…………my husband read the post (rarely reads me) and he was STUNNED when he got to the last panel. He commented on the face in Alvin and the TXE, and how those had to be fraud. How they stood out so clearly. LOL, it’s not like I hadn’t told him about it a dozen times – proof that he tunes me out.

  15. Has anyone tried to identify the rubber stamp maker? Surely the rubber stamp community is small enough to find the guy that made the fake stamp(s) and clearly the stamp maker was raising red flags to make sure that people would notice that he knew it was a fake stamp made for fraudulent purposes. If the guy is found maybe he would spill what he knows. Are there any rumors, speculation in the rubber stamp world about the fake stamp(s)?

    • No, I don’t know of anyone who has. I can suggest it to a few researchers – maybe they can get a confirmation of which company makes the stamps. Likely the same company does the stamps for all the different official city departments. Good idea.

  16. Merry Christmas LF!

  17. Hi, LF,

    Just so you know, I’m thinking more Santorum. However, that could change. I’m extremely disgusted, but I know that everything will work out one way or another. And I’m still open to ABO, meaning “anyone but Obama.”

    Take care….KC

  18. Hi kittycat. I had Rick S. in my “OK” list, now they have info coming out about him that is worrying. I am a NO on Bachman, mostly because of her instant acquiescence to Cooper – or was it Snuffleupagus – over the birth certificate thing. It was the WAY she caved that bugged me so much – to a punk news person at that.

    I hate hate hate hate Romney. We all do. I think he has zero chance to beat obama, as is INTENDED in this corrupt government of ours.

    Newt I would be OK with, but he is not really conservative, and is corrupt. I don’t know if he would sell America out, but I hope there is enough patriot in him to cause him to be loyal. I am only OK with him because of his intellect.

    Rick Perry I would be OK with, because I think there is a bit more to this man than we see in the debates. He has a fairly decent conservative record which can easily be examined. Having a record is very important. We have a little bit of a roadmap which gives us better insight. I know people hate the whole in-state tuition thing, but he actually had to sign it because it passed with a veto-proof majority vote. Plus, well, I’m guessing Texas has dealt with the illegal problem for so long it’s a somewhat different animal there than it is to places further away from the border. It’s only been the past three or four years that the rest of the country has even really bothered to be bothered by it. So now we are all more expert on the topic than Texans. Go figure.

    Huntsman, yuck. But I would vote for him over Ron Paul if I had to pick one.

    The toughest choice would be if I had to choose between Romney and Ron Paul. I think that would require being falling down drunk and throwing a dart.

  19. The toughest choice would be if I had to choose between Romney and Ron Paul. I think that would require being falling down drunk and throwing a dart.

    Now that was funny….although there is too much truth to it.

  20. LF,

    What is being said about Rick S.? I haven’t heard it yet.

    • I will read back up on it tomorrow. Just the usual scandal junk that is ignored until the candidate starts to rise in the polls.

    • OK, here is some of it. Well, it is the bulk on what is being buzzed about now:

      “”From the Club for Growth:

      “However, there is a troubling part of Santorum’s record on spending, which is found in the years sandwiched between these periods of fiscal restraint. His record is plagued by the bigspending habits that Republicans adopted during the Bush years of 2001-2006. Some of those high profile votes include his support for No Child Left Behind in 2001, which greatly expanded the federal government’s role in education. He supported the massive new Medicare drug entitlement in 2003 that now costs taxpayers over $60 billion a year and has almost $16 trillion in unfunded liabilities. He voted for the 2005 highway bill that included thousands of wasteful earmarks, including the Bridge to Nowhere. In fact, in a separate vote, Santorum had the audacity to vote to continue funding the Bridge to Nowhere rather than send the money to rebuild New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.” “”

      Here is a little more:

      “”Santorum voted for pork barrel projects and earmarks, including a teapot museum in North Carolina and Alaska’s Bridge to Nowhere. Santorum also voted—multiple times—to raise the debt ceiling.””

      This sort of stuff that just pins him as a “same old, same old” politician, and points out that he is not as fiscally conservative as he presents himself.

  21. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID. NONE, I REPEAT NONE of the main stream candidates are going to go against the NWO agenda and will continue the destruction of America. (Actually I think sob, usob, will delcare martial law and remain as America’s first dic). It is so obvious as they say nothing about sob, usob, eligibility issues, fake ss#’s, fake selective service register, murders and deaths connected to sob, etc…… Look elsewhere to save America! ps-I really think the X in “TXE,” relates to Malcolm X somehow. sob, usob giving malcolm some type of honor for some weird reason; such as to throw off the public off, about him being malcolm x’s child or comfirming throwbridge’s story. Not sure but I am the first one who posts this and have posted this before and no one gives credence or a hmmmmmm, might be so.

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