Where Was I ?

Occasionally I disappear.  I wander into other things, into other places, and stop being here.

I know each of you understands what I mean by that.

Lately I have spent a great deal of time reading up on current events and the presidential hopefuls.  Well, that and decorating for Christmas.  Well, that and shopping for Christmas.

In spite of reaching for the holiday cheer, which I confess has been elusive this year, I am blue.

All this current events stuff has me running things through my mind furiously, you know, like a mouse on an exercise wheel.  What if, what if, what if……………………

It is times like these that I never expected to see here in our country.  Never.  Oh, I don’t want to go into details tonight and depress me, or depress you, but it seems so heartbreaking to accept what is going on now.  The things that are “commonplace” here now in America, my America, that I never could have imagined to be a reality. 

Like this, I read this on Redstate today – and my soul sank a little further away –



“The SEIU is advertising on its main site for SEIU Healthcare 775NW in Washington State. Among the job duties (screenshot below the fold) listed includes the training of members in civil-disobedience, peaceful resistance (how to get arrested), as well as the occupation and takeover banks and state buildings [emphasis added]:”

Leadership Development:

• Leading members and organizers to develop curriculum and lead leadership development trainings

• Train and lead members in non-violent civil disobedience, such as occupying state buildings and banks, and peaceful resistance.

• Implement leadership program with the goal of engaging 10% of members in active leadership and majority participation

Member Mobilization:

• Execute field plans mobilizing members around political campaigns, annual Leadership Convention, lobby days, regional meetings.

• Execute field plans for special campaigns including contract campaigns, ballot initiatives, COPE contributions, general membership growth and the broader campaign to fight for a fair economy.

• Plan and execute strategic direct action field plans including banner drops, bank takeovers, and capitol occupations with membership, other local unions, and coalition partners

Just  Y U C K.

Yeah, I feel overwhelmed, just as most of you do.  However, we have joined a battle, and we must not leave the field now.  Though I am pretty damn tired, feeling useless and used up, wanting to focus on nothing but my family, I do not have the luxury.  

I have not earned it yet.

Have you? 

Fight on dear friends.  Fight ferociously.  Fight with all you have in you. 


~ by ladysforest on December 19, 2011.

2 Responses to “Where Was I ?”

  1. Let me suggest Rubber Stamp Plantation in Hawaii as a possible source for the errant stamp. They also make a line of embossing stamps/dies, another issue in the fake birth certificates.

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