Bloggers RUMBLE With Occupy Denver – Best.Stuff.EVAH !!

Here, watch this, then click link for lots more at Pundit Press!!! Link may be slow to load.

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In case you are wondering why the Bloggers are hollering “We want the dog!!” :

Occupy Denver is the first of the Occupy Wall Street camps across the country to elect a leader: Shelby, a Border Collie mix seen here, who was anointed after a long meeting Sunday night, and has already requested a meeting with Governor John Hickenlooper.Β 

This is not a joke


~ by ladysforest on November 11, 2011.

23 Responses to “Bloggers RUMBLE With Occupy Denver – Best.Stuff.EVAH !!”

  1. This is off topic, but it shows mankind’s inhumanity to another man, especially someone elderly. Yes, the older guy was asking for a handout, but it was no reason to knock him down and do this, then everyone laughing that he was knocked down on the concrete. It’s possibly that the older guy was too old to get a job, maybe too old or whatever. Regardless, they could have just allowed the older person to leave, instead watch what happens. So sick.,0,5079572.story

  2. Yes, kittycat, it is sick. It is the result of addicted, uncaring parents allowing their “children” to turn into soulless predators.

    • So very true. Some of the parents of today have raised beasts, predators, just sick things (can’t call human) that are totally worthless. They have no feeling for others. Can’t have empathy for others.

      We’re in huge trouble, my friend. We really are. The cities with these types of things are not safe at all.

  3. LF, you are over the 100,000 hits…congrats!

    • WHOO HOOO! Thank you. Made it finally. It’s funny, but I kept telling my husband that I would crack open a nice, affordable, sparkling wine (Swan Hill Natural) when I hit – but he was on shift, so I just had Bacardi. I have to have it with organic fruit juice, because soda is baaaaaaaaad. I get just as fat, but it is supposedly not as bad for me? Maybe because I get vitamins too. πŸ™‚

  4. Ooh, they’re going to be walking diseases of every type:

    • Ring worms….massive ewww. I remember when I was a kid, every once in a while a kid would show up in school with their head covered with a woman’s stocking made into a cap. That was the signal they had ringworm. Everyone would steer clear of that kid for weeks.

  5. Scabies are the worst. I do remember when I was a little kid one summer, I had a ringworm on my arm. It was small, and doc told mom what medicine to get for it.

    There’s all kinds of diseases happening there: STDs, TB, etc.

    Oh, they’re talking about becoming more violent now.

    • Yes, I’ve heard the threats. I am interested to see if they actually do anything. That “shooter” near the White House is being tied to the occupy DC. Maybe he mingled there or some such.

      • Anyway, they won’t come straight out and call him an “occupier”, they just infer that he may have checked out the DC base camp.

  6. Here’s what scares me about the “occupiers.” I’m not saying it’s not okay to protest, which they have their right. Yet listening to some when interviewed on Fox, they want what the “big cat” has, meaning what others have worked hard to get. But I think that they just don’t want to work for it. Lazy suckers.

    So what does this mean? It means something plain and simple, they are breaking the commandment of Yahweh, the least of the commandments, meaning to not covet (lust) after that which is not theirs to have, which is extremely important because if you break the least of them, you have broken the first. When you break the least, you are then breaking the first commandment because you have put something above Yahweh. Isn’t that something? To covet means to want something that someone else has that they worked for.

    Example: I can see a house and love it and say, Oh, I would love to have a house just like that when we build it.

    But if I say, I want their house, I want that house in particular, then that is coveting, i.e, lusting after something that is not yours to have. And this applies to many things and everything that is someone else’s be it wife, husband, kids, house, car, boat, whatever!

    And Obama upholds these idiots. I don’t mean all of them know why they’re doing it. Perhaps some are just there for the fun of being there, I guess. But in doing this, Obama may be causing them (people in this US) to break an eternal commandment of Yahweh because he is a so-called leader of this nation. Our nation doesn’t need those who teach others to covet and to break an eternal commandment.

    It’s one thing that some people do it individually, because they have to work it out with our creator themselves, but it’s another thing when a government upholds breaking an eternal commandment.

    That makes it much more scary. Now we have people showing animal-like behavior. And we have a gov. with animal-like behavior.

    The difference between us and animals is this, the animals are programed to do what they do. It’s in their innermost self to be what they are with certain biological programming by Yahweh who put it there.

    But the animal-like humans, who would be considered beasts, they are truly to be feared. Animals KNOW why they hunt prey. Animal-like humans just hunt it and don’t give a crap.

    As I said before, it’s bad, LF, very bad.

    • True, I don’t think that the human animal/beasts that hunt the public (covet what their neighbor has) understands or cares why they do that. They feed on the lust of desire, and act with the strength of an unrestrained soul. There is no limit that they will tell themselves to respect. None.

  7. I just love this lady in the wheelchair. Please listen to what happened to her.

  8. LF,

    Hope you’re okay. I have a strange question for you. After I looked at Moochelle in the photos at the WTPOTUS, in the photo section, do you think it’s possible that Moochelle is a man?

    No joke! I’ll explain later.

    • Hi kittycat, I’m somewhat better today – but have been under the weather for the past week. Not able to sit at the keyboard for more than half hour here and there. Sucks.

      It would be pretty wild if Michelle was a man, but I think that would be one too many. Perhaps one of those hermaphrodites, :).

      • Well, I’m glad that you’re back at your computer, even if it’s for a little while. I hope that you get better.

        I only asked that crazy question because of those pictures that I saw. It’s so weird.

        • Yes, I am back for a little while. Have a consult tomorrow (today) for surgery – not anything to get too worried over, but it will take me off the grid for a week or so.

  9. LF,

    I read this in the comment section at P&E:

    In her recently filed Election Challenge to Obama Candidacy in N.H. there is some very interesting new information that confirms that Obama and his minions in the Hawaiian Department of Health are guilty of identity theft:

    β€œIt appears, that Obama used […] a birth certificate number of a deceased infant. Research pointed to the fact, that one, Virginia Sunahara was born in Honolulu on August 4, 1961 and passed away the next day. Recently her surviving brother Dunken Sunahara demanded to see her long form birth certificate, but the department of Health denied the request, even though it came from a close relative. Department of Health provided Mr. Sunahara only with a computer generated short form birth certificate with a serial number, which was suspiciously out of sequence from all the other numbers issued to infants born August 4, 1961.”


    What do you make of this,,,I had not heard that a family memeber had tried to follow up on the LFBC,

    • I had read that from one of my readers sending it to me. From what I can learn, Duncan Sunahara does appear to have gone to the DOH, and has a COLB for Virginia.

      I, nor my source, can absolutely confirm this though. I would assume that if this story is indeed true, the people that worked with Duncan have a plan that likely involves more research.

      I can understand if it takes more time to be revealed.

  10. tdr,

    I’m not LF, but that truly is amazing. Sometimes must really be going on with that and kind of proves it.

  11. I wrote: Sometimes must really be going on with that ..

    I meant, Something must really be going on with that…

    sorry, my typo!

    • KC…the answers lie in Hawaii. If he was born in Hawaii he could have used his original number even if the rest of the BC was forged to hide other information. Unless his actual birthdate does not support the rest of his narative, then he would need a number from the timeframe that fit the narative he put together. LF has had some evidence that indicates that the date of birth is suspect. What has been presented indicates that the actual date of birth might have been earlier. If that is the case BHO II appears to be used for convenience. There was nothing between them, they never lived together but the Polk indicates that she did take his name. SAD went back to Seattle for some reason. Will continue my thoughts tomorrow..

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