Update – Cain’s Chick Cascade

Well, when it rains it pours.  And, here we go again.  UPDATE BELOW

Yet ANOTHER woman, I guess this makes four, has alleged that Cain has acted inappropriately towards her.  This is becoming some sort of a circus act.

One observation:  Newt and Cain had a lovely debate a few nights ago.  Newt agreed in advance to avoid the sexual harassment issue, which was politically expedient.  He would have had a lot of red hot angry Cain fans on his neck if he had used his considerable debating skill to put Cain on the spot.  Instead he acted, as he has in all previous debates, as a statesman.  Even to the extent of jumping in to answer questions when Cain froze, and several moments of silence threatened to stretch on indefinitely. 

Anyway, were was I going ……….. oh yes.  Just a little bit ago I though I saw a commercial for Fox announcing that Newt has a interview on tonight, to discuss Herman Cain’s sexual harassment conundrums.  If I heard that right, it seems Newt was all set to chat about Cains already well known “complaints” of twelve years ago – the impact it could have on his run I believe.  Now it appears Newt may have more material to discuss.


Just watched the Allred press conference with the Cain accuser.

Sharon Bialek

Caucasian American woman.  Blond and very attractive.  Curvy figure.  Collage educated, and professional work background, a registered republican.

The story, in a nutshell:  She had been fired from job, had called Cain (a former college) to ask his help in landing another job.  She agreed to meet him in DC, her boyfriend making the hotel arrangements for her.  WHen she checked in, she found that the room had been upgraded – by Mr. Cain – .  She agreed to meet him in the hotel lounge to discuss the job hunting suggestions that he would offer her.

After talking for a bit ***I got a bit distracted here, so this part about where they were driving to may be off***Cain suggested they drive down to the NRA office building, which she agreed to do.  He parked down the block, made some comment or another, then reached over for her crotch.  She was surprised and shocked, then (she claims) Cain reached over and pulled her head down towards HIS crotch.  She resisted and rejected his advances. 

I apologize if I got a little of this mixed up, but I think it’s pretty much what she claims. 

Here is one article already:



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16 Responses to “Update – Cain’s Chick Cascade”

  1. he obviously has to deny it…there are no witnesses. i mostly have a problem with people coming forward that are getting paid. not sure how i feel about it if it is true because i know the left is never held to any standard. look what we have i the office right now.

  2. He has already denied it. The only thing that will really affect him from this, as I see it, is if there are retrievable hotel records that show Cain requested a room upgrade for her. After all this time I doubt it, but I don’t know how long those records are kept.

    Did he go on camera to deny the allegation, or just issue a statement?

  3. Humph. I read many places that no one could “confirm” this woman had been at the Tea Party event she mentioned in the press conference. They have been claiming that no one had ever seen her at any TEA event. Well, it was just confirmed to Breitbart that she was at the event she mentioned:


  4. I’m not trusting her. Why? It’s one person’s word against another. I wasn’t there myself. Plus why didn’t all of these gals come out six months ago when he was first running and then wait until now? Well, I don’t know that it’s six months, but you know what I’m trying to say?

    It’s one person’s word against another here. I can’t stand that woman attorney, can’t remember her name, but she’s a lying shark.

    Nowadays, it’s sad that it’s this way, but many women have been lying about such things as this. Look at all the crazy women schoolteachers. I have it from a good source they are that nuts now because they witness how they are with high school boys (minus the sex stuff), but they’re chasing them around and flirting with them, meaning women schoolteachers. Then look at some of the ladies who have lied in the sexual stuff. See, when the time comes for them to be believed, people are going to say they’re false because there are too many liars coming out and claiming stuff that never happened.

    • Well kittycat, it’s now four person’s words against one. And that is leaving out the account from that conservative radio talk show host who saw Cain misbehave with two women on his staff. He didn’t want to pursue it, for reasons that are personal to himself and the staffers.

      The first two (from 1999)- they didn’t come forward – someone else tipped off Politico. Probably Huntsman since he’s calling for Cain to explain. The third didn’t want to go public, but wanted people to know that it wasn’t “likely” that two random women received settlements because she had been “approached” by Cain also. Now this fourth woman. I don’t know if there is anything to it.

      I do know that one paid out settlement – no real big deal. Two is a problem. His initial denial of it all was the biggest problem, for me. Then pile on the other women, and his continued mishandling, and you have yourself a big ugly mess. He KNEW the two settlements would come up, he had to know. So, why wasn’t he better prepared? If he had been, maybe none of the other stuff would have happened.

      What if this woman is not lying at all? What if none of them are? People have a lot of emotion invested in Cain. It reminds me of how people got about obama. Need to keep our perspective, because we do not know if he will get the nomination (even if none of this scandal had happened).

      • Levin asked some relevant questions last night about the 4th woman’s story. Consider: why didn’t Cain ask her why she was there until halfway through dinner? Wouldn’t the premise have been established before the meeting? Maybe he thought she was there for a different reason (or maybe she had a reputation). Levin suggested that the story presented was no more than a “pass” at the woman. She did not claim that Cain, unlike Clinton, Gore, and others, pressed the advance after being rejected.

        Considering that the woman was not his employee or working for the same organization at the time, could this incident be classified as sexual harassment?

        If all of instances happened during the mid-late nineties, perhaps Cain was going through a mid-life crisis or marriage crisis, and looking beyond his marriage. And he is a man, and human, and sex is always on a man’s mind. This doesn’t make what he did right, but it would suggest that philandering wasn’t a lifetime habit and perhaps he wasn’t very successful at his philandering attempts.

        Another good question: why is this relatively mild sexual stuff being presented only after Cain became the front runner? Why didn’t it come out earlier? Is this all that they can find on him?

        I believe that in many ways Cain would be a Republican Obama: a black man who can woo the people with his golden tongue and promises change but who has essentially no government experience and no foreign policy creds. What we need is someone who, like Reagan or LBJ (he balanced the budget during his last year, not Vietnam), thoroughly knows how to make government work and has the will to do what is right. The only person running with those creds is Newt, but I have heard rumors that he has trouble working with people and lacks self discipline. And Newt had some problems with the opposite sex if I remember correctly.

        • I also worry about Cain’s lack of political background, and having NO experience. You need to know the ropes, or those doggies will gobble you up fast. But conservatives point to this as a positive….????….they seem to feel that a completely inexperienced man will represent their interests better….????….I mean, I get that they want a “pure” person, untainted by corruption in politics, but how on earth can you have any confidence that this will be so? There is no record to indicate what he can handle or how he will handle it.

          I still think Huntsman, obama’s lackey, had something to do with the leak to Politico, he’s the only one calling on Cain to totally address all the complaints in detail. The woman in the new article, the one who filed one of the complaints, didn’t want to go public to be shredded to pieces, (don’t blame her there) but she did want it known that she was not lying, that she told the truth 12 years ago. Now it looks like she may be coming forward?

          I don’t think that Sharon B. was accusing Cain of harassment, per se, but rather an unwanted sexual pass. She did say he stopped when she told him “No”. She claims that she decided to go on record to give moral support (or some such equivalent) to the other women who didn’t feel they could come forward due to the intense public scrutiny they would receive. So that the public would know it wasn’t just a couple of isolated, faceless, nameless, complainants.

          I had thought she told Cain prior to her trip WHY she wanted to meet with him. I would say that if any hotel records of Cain “upgrading” her room exist, that would be very damaging. I doubt that such records would exist this far out though. So, it is a he said/she said, moment. The worst thing, if it is true, is that Cain was married. The next problem, if true, is that it further supports the complaints that resulted in settlements. BTW, even small settlements of this type require witnesses. What I find most compelling about those settlements is how FAST they were settled and paid out. There is certainly something to that.

          Frankly, I think that the talk shows guys are all jumping to Cain’s defense so that if he leaves the race, they can look like super-duper good guys for going all out in his defense. It won’t reflect badly on them if it turns out they are wrong. Win-win for the talking heads, who ARE part of main stream media. I do think Hannity is genuine in his defense, because Cain and he are friends.

          In my humble opinion, a “mid-life crisis” is no excuse to resort to being a masher. 🙂

      • Levin had more on this matter tonight. On a taped interview in Chicago, between liberal media types, it came out that apparently Sharon B. has a “reputation” in Chicago and it was suggested that she may have told her story with the male female roles reversed. She has had a hard time holding onto a job, having held many jobs. Either she has picked the wrong jobs, can’t do the work, or is a troublemaker in some way. Having seen her performance on the news last night, I doubt that her story is accurate.

        Saturday Night Live all over again?

        Personally, I want to see the media forced to reveal all. Let’s find out if this is just another character assassination or if Cain really should be eliminated from the race. Maybe if the media gets burned real good, they won’t try character assassination for a very long time, and we all win.

  5. Does this help Cain?


  6. Well, I don’t know. She did say that she approached him, and had a conversation with him.

    Prior to this person’s account, everyone was saying she hadn’t been there at all. Then on Breitbart, I read that a person stated he had seen her there, and now this.

    What’s “funny” on FreeRe is that they act as though she accused Cain of rape, or assault, or molestation. Basically what I heard out of all of it is that he made a pass, and when refused left her alone, then drove her straight back and dropped her off.

    The worst part of it all that is he’s a married man. IF her story is true. The details are not so very damming. It does depend on how he handles it.

  7. Here is an NEW article about one of the women who was paid a settlement, while it does not detail what her complaint was, it does give a look at her life. I am not sure if this means she is coming out to speak to the complaints.



    “Karen Kraushaar, a 55-year-old former journalist and seasoned government spokeswoman who served on the front lines of the Elian Gonzalez custody battle, is a competitive equestrian and lover of golden retrievers. She has been married for more than two decades.

    “She wouldn’t be the type to make false allegations,” brother-in-law Ned Kraushaar, a Georgia software consultant, told The Daily. “This happened [more than] 10 years ago. It’s not like she wanted to try and hurt the Republican Party.”

    Karen Kraushaar currently serves as a communications director at the Inspector General’s Office of the Treasury Department, a position she has held since last year. She did not return phone messages left by The Daily.”

    I do not like the Drudge headline –


    Anyone who has a federal job “works in the obama admin”. And she sure didn’t work there at the time the complaint was made 12 years ago.

  8. Stop a moment and think of what the left is generally willing to accept from their own leaders: the numerous Kennedy affairs, Clinton’s sexual trysts and probable assaults and rapes of women, Obama’s sordid casual sexual encounters with other men (and probable murder of some of them). They accept this behavior because they see everything as relative (no moral absolutes) and they rationalize that their agenda justifies any means and excuses just about any behavior that helps get them to their end goal.

    Slinging sleaze at Cain only works because we conservatives expect (or at least yearn for) our public servants and leaders to hold themselves to a higher-than-average standard of moral behavior. Although I wouldn’t put it past the left to largely fabricate and exaggerate the moral turpitude of Cain’s past, the seemingly never-ending length of the parade of accusers is not looking good for Cain. So far, it doesn’t seem that any are actually accusing Cain of criminal assault (thereby only defaming him down to the relatively mild Kennedy class – nowhere near the depths of the abject depravity of our “revered” former president Bill-the-rapist or the current presidential fraud “blow”-Bama). Still, if any of these accusations prove true (or even if Cain merely responds poorly), that may be enough to effectively derail the Cain campaign. We shall soon see.

    For the time being, I am willing to continue giving him the benefit of the doubt (sure would like to hear what his wife has to say about all this, though).

    • Thinkwell, I agree. It is true that conservatives expect morals and upstanding character in their pols, ahem, or at least the solid appearance of such. And Cain has presented himself as such a man of good character. While the accusations are rather piddly (what we know so far) his handling of this has hurt him more than the revelations of past possible misconduct. He lied outright at first, then wiggled all over the place. That caused many to question his character even more than the 12 year old “complaints”.

      His wife was scheduled to go on Fox (presumably to speak to this scandal) and canceled at the last moment. I don’t blame her, but to be honest, I find it peculiar.

      The left seems to me as though they would happily embrace Caligula if he was running on a dem ticket.

  9. Cains press conference.

    He parsed. Again.

    I don’t think that was a good idea.

  10. Wow, have you seen your count? I knew it was getting close to 100,000.

    • just came home and it’s over 100,000 yeah! I know I’m a teeny-tiny blogger, but at the end of my first year I only had 2500 ish. I am just coming up on the second anniversary, so I am pretty content with my numbers, all things considered. 🙂

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