Washington DC Occupy Attacks Elderly Women

This will wake you up better than coffee.  It is very shocking and saddening to see this occurring and being ALLOWED and ENCOURAGED by democratic politicians.

I doubt the video will copy over here, so there will be a link included if it does not successfully upload.  Please watch.  Last evening the “occupy” protest in DC became violent outside the Washington Convention Center.  They attacked vehicles, they attacked elderly women and men who were trying to enter the building.  This is completely orchestrated by the democrat party politicians, and is one of the most shameful things I have witnessed these occupiers do yet.



<a href="”><script src=”http://player.ooyala.com/player.js?video_pcode=k4Nmw6Cri746xA2OsoSlngyrIudg&height=360&embedCode=JpNWh5Mjqz1LVw-QZprwGCr0XoJdfZLh&deepLinkEmbedCode=JpNWh5Mjqz1LVw-QZprwGCr0XoJdfZLh&width=640″></script&gt;



~ by ladysforest on November 5, 2011.

5 Responses to “Washington DC Occupy Attacks Elderly Women”

  1. That is just crazy. And BO upholds them too. Don’t want to be a crowd of people like that with the crowd mentality because they would do anything.

    • I guarantee you they wouldn’t do that stuff in an area where people are allowed to concealed carry. I know if the little teeny group of eight around here got froggy, they’d likely get shot

  2. What particularly pissed me off is that Fox focused mainly on the protestors that got hit, and not on the poor elderly that were outright attacked. In the tank.

  3. Yes, I noticed that lady, and I hope that she was okay. She didn’t look too good.

  4. Actually there were two different elderly women. The first lady seemed to have been hit the hardest. A very tall and robust elderly man was accosted on his way out, but he was able to plow his way through the pathetic excuses for the youth “occupiers”.

    It is on obama that this is happening, and it will not end well for either side.

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