Michelle obama Would Like To Thank You Personally


For spending all of your time and focus on falling into the trap of tearing each Republican candidate apart and not demanding that they instead come hard after obama and his treasonous destruction of the United States of America.  She would also like to thank you in advance for funding her 2013-2017  lux vacations and glittering White House Muslim celebrations.   Your continued attacks on each other have made this possible, for which she is smugly thrilled.

I’ll briefly touch on two things today, Herman Cain and Rick Perry’s latest campaign moves.

Cain continues to capture the lead in the polls, this we know.  However, I am wondering a little about those polls being quite accurate.  The reason that I say this is because I don’t believe Romney is (factually) that far up there either.  I also don’t think some one who started out as strong as Perry did could drop so like a stone after a couple of lackluster debates  – considering they were the first debates. 

It don’t add up to me.

Everyone piles on Perry for some stumbling and fumbling with responses and messaging, while Cain has had to walk back quite a fair number of statements and comments – and no one is really playing whack-a-mole on him yet.

Cain, in his way is more experienced in running in front of the nation, while Perry has always been local to his state.  I would expect more caution and a more focused message from the man with the 999 plan.

Now Cain has put out this rather “artsy” campaign ad.  Uh, right when Perry unveils his flat tax plan.

<a href=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/qhm-22Q0PuM?rel=0“>

Meh – the ad comes off as rather grungy to me.  I really don’t see this helping his fundraising.

And now Perry is getting the old “Birther” treatment.  Yes, the attempt to paint Perry as a racist by using a “painted rock” that he had zero responsibility for, actually backfired.  So now he will be made into a Birther extraordinaire.  Listen, I am a Birther, and I’m here to tell you that Rick Perry isn’t in this clique.  

Here is my advice for Cain: stop pandering to the crowd.  Quit trying to promote your personal popularity because that will only take you so far along.  You have zero time in a political office – nada.  That will bring you down faster and further than Perry’s mumbling and bumbling.

Here is my advice to Perry:  When you are asked if you believe obama was born in this country, respond to that with a big ole middle finger.  Ask the interviewer if they are trying to have a joke at your expense.  Tell them that you are there to discuss your qualification to be President, not to discuss a controversy that Hillary Clinton began during her run against obama.  If they ask if you have”seen” obama’s birth certificate, ask them to explain to you why you should have concerned yourself with the topic at all?  Stick it to them.  Tell them to move on.

And one more thing – don’t let your meeting with Trump dictate a damn thing you do.  Trump will get right behind Romney IF he doesn’t get behind obama again.  Then there is also the chance Trump will run as an Indy – even though he once swore he would not.

Rick Perry Refuses to Answer Birther Questions

COLUMBIA, S.C. – At a press conference at the South Carolina Statehouse, Texas Gov. Rick Perry refused to answer questions about whether he believes President Obama was born in the United States, calling it a distraction from the conversation on how to create jobs.

“That is one of the biggest distractions that there is going,” Perry said when asked what would convince him that President Obama was born in the United States. ”We need to be talking about jobs. Somebody wants to see my birth certificate I’d be happy to show it to them. But the fact [is] that is a distraction and Americans don’t really care about that, if you want to know the truth of the matter. … What Americans want to talk about is jobs.”

This is the second time since this weekend that Perry has been asked to clarify his views on the topic after a controversial statement in Sunday’s Parade magazine, and both times he’s turned down the opportunity to spell out his stance.

Perry steered the conversation away from the birther questions and touted his just-released economic plan while also addressing criticism that only the wealthy would benefit from his 20 percent flat tax proposal.



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23 Responses to “Michelle obama Would Like To Thank You Personally”

  1. watching greta and finding it funny that she is all over perry and the birther issue. first she asks trump why perry quoted him in questioning the bc. trump states because he doesnt think its legit. next she asks mug face brit hume why perry made such a mistake…..well duh, maybe he didnt make a mistake….maybe perry knows that it resonates and everytime it comes up it plants the seed that it may be true because why would all these politicians bring it up and shoot themselves in the foot if there was nothing to it. i really believe the press it just so outraged that they cannot kill this issue…..we should all write perry and tell him good job.

  2. i just don’t get it….actually i am getting really tired of it. i have mentioned the site…Terrible Truth which intimates that they have a certain evidence that links Mx with bobo….ok…maybe…let’s see it.

    But until we get there we get this mismatched bunch of reports…some seem legit like the doctoring of photos…..and some are like this:


    a claim that bobo has Mx’s lost eyeglasse…..i mean am i missing something or do these look nothing like Mx’s glasses…

  3. […] Herman Cain President 2012 News Source- https://myveryownpointofview.wordpress.com/2011/10/25/michelle-obama-would-like-to-thank-you-personal… […]

  4. Did you get snowed on? Floods, Wet Tree-Breaking Power-Out Snow, Family. Hang in there.

    Best wishes, in my thoughts.

    • Thank you KJ ! Yes, we were snowed on, but only got a pretty couple of inches. We are in a kind of weird area……MOST of the hard stuff magically passes around, but once in a while it passes though us and leaves everyone else alone. Makes it difficult to plan your day! This particular valley does weird things with the weather.

  5. I don’t even think those are glasses. They certainly don’t look like it to me. Who are those people?

  6. i really think it unfortunate that these stories get so twisted….they might actually have something legitimate to tell but you have to be responsible or you will lose credibility. it would have been more effective to have just presented the evidence sans the drama.

    • I agree. I’ve seen this happen quite a few times. All it really does is discredit “birthers” and constitutionalists. One has to wonder if that is the goal.

  7. Did you see this at the P&E? http://www.thepostemail.com/2011/11/02/bari%e2%80%b2-barry-barack/


    by Martha Trowbridge, ©2011, blogging at Terrible Truth

    (Nov. 2, 2011) — White House Press Corps: may I inquire? Were any of you invited to the birthday party Friday?

    If not, don’t feel miffed.

    After all, it’s long been a family secret.

    Anyway, here’s the scoop: Friday was Bâri′’s birthday.

    Bâri′ M. Shabazz – Barack Obama’s identity at birth.

    Yes, 28 October was the day, in 1959, in New York City, that the man who presents himself as Barack Hussein Obama was born Bâri′ M. Shabazz.

    A baby thrice bestowed with names sacred to Malcolm X: Bâri′, Malik, and Shabazz.

    Oh so happily bestowed by his mother, who truly-and-forever loved Malcolm.

    It wasn’t just the sacred nature of these names that so delighted his proud parents.

    It was what the names signified.

    Read the rest here.”

  8. That stuff just doesn’t work out. I haven’t seen all of that at that blog, the woman holding the little baby. It dates to 1962, but if this Bari was born in 1959, then the baby would be a little child, not a little baby.

    But then I’ve been at Leo’s blog reading that the last few days, which takes time. I don’t see those people at the Terrible Truth place documenting their work at all either.

    • Exactly. I have some suspicions……………………………………….

      and please don’t ask me to elaborate 🙂

  9. i was reading the post over at terrible truth. not sure they present enough information to draw any conclusions. finding a birth record for that name doesnt prove anything. any black born at that time may have been given a nation of islam name. they are all fairly standard. i still cant see how he lived in NY at that time if his mother is enrolled at Univ. of Wash. and then in Hawaii. I still say there could be a connection but this doesnt do it for me.

    i am questioning why mario has picked up on this?

  10. Hum, good question.

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