The 99% Of The Problem

I spent some time today, way too much in fact, working over my footage from the organically erupted campsite of the “Occupy Binghamton” denizens.

I have to wonder at myself for being able to stand around that long, chatting, probing, questioning, wondering.  In the end, out of over one hour of vid, I came away with only 15 minutes of anything which gives a sense of why they are there and what it is like at the protest….

Of course, I went during the day, and the band stand was empty, so what in hell could a girl expect?

Seriously, the most interesting part of the visit was when I was chatting with one young woman and happened to ask if the tents were targeted by pranksters during the night.  She told me that a few nights earlier a passing drunk collage student did a belly flop onto one tent and started to pummel away with his fists.  This instantly gave me a mental image which had me chuckling off and on for the day. 

You cannot hear that part in the video due to the traffic noise.  That was a big problem for me with the video, so the edits are the best I could do.

I didn’t find that there was a cohesive message with the four or five that I spoke with.  Except that they pretty much parroted “Corporations are corrupt”.  And, “The rich have too much – they don’t need that much”.  Also they seemed to feel that not enough opportunities exist for the under educated.  Maybe they should consider bringing that up with the illegal aliens – they have jobs in that town.

They seemed perfectly fine with absorbing “donations” while saying that they were not looking for handouts.  With using local businesses solely for their toilets, and sleeping in a park that they had no permit to camp in.

No one had a real grasp on what brought them there – other than anger at not having opportunities that they admitted never even trying for anyway.

Some were clearly free loaders (very dirtbaggy types), the older protesters seemed to be the average run of the mill malcontents, with the younger ones being chronic quitters.

I honestly tried to be very neutral both in my questions and in my editing.   I basically just chatted casually, while taking on a position of having no pre-knowledge of the OWS crap.  I tried to keep the close-ups off of the faces of the people that I spoke with as it was not my intention to try and embarrass anyone.

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11 Responses to “The 99% Of The Problem”

  1. Well, let me ask, they are wanting to get rid of wealthy people’s income, or wealthy people, who have earned their living through hard work and sweat, to get rid of those? And that could be including to family inheritances, etc.? That is legit things. People work hard, some have great, creative ideas that make huge amounts of money. Then those same people maybe start businesses where they hire others, which in turn gains wealth.

    Of course, we have others who inherit their family’s money, which is legit!

    These young people have no idea what they’re talking about. They don’t understand what it takes to make a living, nor maybe some have never inherited anything. But if they had have done that, they wouldn’t understand what to do with it.

    I’m lost on what they believe or want. They won’t want wealth, but I sure bet that they would if they had it. It’s typical hogwash for a young generation who is spoiled and don’t know crap, period.

    • They seem to want free collage or trade school.
      They seem to think that they shouldn’t be held to a starting level position if they want to move up, with NO mention of earning the promotion. Just a vague notion about being able to advance.
      They seem to think the deck is stacked against them BECAUSE they are poor. Or because they can’t learn certain “advanced technologies”.
      In that last thing they are correct. If they cannot learn the necessary skills – they can’t do the work, so why should they get the job?

  2. Typo correction:

    They won’t want wealth, but I sure bet that they would if they had it.

    It should read: They don’t want wealth, but I sure bet that they would have had it…

  3. I have to say that I had a bit of a struggle trying to stay in “character”. I wanted to put the people that I spoke with at ease, so I didn’t go in asking the things that I wanted to ask, or asking them in the way that I normally would have. 🙂 I slipped out of character briefly, which you all may notice – when I made the comment about half of the people one encounters on the sidewalk.

    I recovered.

    • These people have been brainwashed to believe that others are preventing them from succeeding. That they have no chance without government regulation of all activities. My daughter was taught in her economics class just last week that government spending creates jobs. Even as we watch how government spending only creates debt, they are teaching it creates jobs.

      • When you think of how many people buy into this garbage, you have to wonder if it’s possible to stop the decent.

  4. “When you think of how many people buy into this garbage, you have to wonder if it’s possible to stop the decent.”


  5. lf…I have been following this new blog and it intrigues me…

    how can someone dedicate a blog strictly to the theory that bobo is X’s son without having something backing the claim? Could there be all this symbolism in all things bobo does, says, and lives?

    It looks as if they had the theory awhile back and have been collecting info ever since. One can assume they found something before it got removed. Time will tell if there is any proof behind the claim but I do find it odd that all photos of SAD were doctored to show her having long hair. I am not an expert, but the photos they present look like the faces have been tampered with. Very strange. I am not buying into that video that was posted with the interview after the assasination which shows a very androgenous looking youth behind the speaker…the blog claiming it to be SAD???? If so, photos seriously doctored…

    • Yeah, I don’t really follow stuff like that. Rabbit holes are uncomfortable things to get into – sometimes you can’t get back out once you’ve gone round and round in circles.

      There are theories and then there are theories. Then there is just random speculation. And personal opinion. And personal agenda.

      Maybe it’s thought provoking or even interesting, but no supporting evidence.

  6. I think the OWS bunch are just spoiled brats. This is the only conclusion that I can come up with.

    • We can’t overlook the potential for what they can accomplish, no matter their shortcomings. The ones that I spoke with in Binghamton were useless enough, but you put enough of those together and it’s formidable.

      Add to that the very liberal mayors who are encouraging these camps in their cities – and I begin to suspect if they aren’t in a special cadre of ultra progressive “local” government who are sending direct messages to this administration that they are very willing to establish “bases” in their cities to “help out” in special ways during the 2012 elections. Think that over for awhile.

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