I Occupy My Mind – Or: How I Spent My Day

12/21/2011 UPDATE.  Well, it’s over folks – the Binghamton occupiers announced today that they are packing up and moving along………….until spring.  They are putting their very wet tents into storage, which should be quite be a fuzzy, smelly, moldy mess in a few months time.  But as they were all donated……the the hell cares? 

After reading my original post I realized that I never did come back and add the YouTube link. I’ll add one today.

Now, I realize that virtually no one but the paltry nine or ten homeless people that comprised the “Occupy Binghamton” squatters camp, with the city paying for their generator and port-a-johns – because Mayor Ryan had to prove to his party what a useful sycophant he will be, will care about the end of the occupation, but I though I should update this post anyway.

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Just a brief post on my activities today.  I’ll try to fill in more tomorrow, and perhaps add a short video, cause ya know I had to get one.

I traveled to Binghamton, NY to drop in on the “Occupy Binghamton” force.  I could have gone to Ithaca, being about the same distance, but I’d heard that was a pretty nothing turnout. 

Well, hum, the Occupy Binghamton wasn’t too terribly overwhelming either.   It was a disappointment really, as I had been hoping for some good material.  My own stuff, not the re-warmed reports that the bloggers are all cross posting.  Now, I’m not putting them down, because not everyone is lucky enough to live within driving distance of one of these history changing convergences, but I wanted some fresh stuff.

What can I tell you all?  There were about a dozen people at any given time.  There were about twice that many tents set up on an empty corner lot.  Maybe as many as thirty, and with almost no space between them.  The democrat mayor says he is fine with them staying there without a permit.  They don’t have potties either.  The thing about the tents is that there were about a half dozen that were those old army “pup” tents.  Now, I know those things aren’t just sitting around in everyone’s garages, so I’m guessing they were donated.  

The nice young women that I chatted with said that a lot of food was being donated, and I saw two such deliveries while I was there.  The occupiers were eating non-stop.  There were (apparently) part-time occupiers that dropped in for a quick graze at the “kitchen” table, then were on their way to occupy elsewhere. 

Of the four or five that came out from under the kitchen tent to chat with me in the light drizzling rain, they had little in common in their message, their “demands”, or even their personal understanding of why they were there.  Mostly they seemed to feel as though they had been shafted by life, and assumed that the only way to rise above the limits they felt bound within was to diminish someone – or many someones – who had been successful.

And the beat goes on.

More tomorrow.  By the way, I hear it’s raining pretty hard off and on in Binghamton tonight.


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4 Responses to “I Occupy My Mind – Or: How I Spent My Day”

  1. Leo Donofrio has some important information posted today: http://naturalborncitizen.wordpress.com/2011/10/20/justia-com-surgically-removed-minor-v-happersett-from-25-supreme-court-opinions-in-run-up-to-08-election/

  2. Wow, that is serious. Look what into planning that to remove that from Justia. Now that’s not a conspiracy “theory.” But it is some kind of conspiracy, I do believe. I haven’t read it all yet, but I’ve skimmed some of it.

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