Occupy Wall St., “Get High, Get Funky, Whack The Monkey”

Oh, there is just wayyyy  to much stuff to say about these critters.  Yes, now they are claiming to have been **”infiltrated“** by drug users, public sex addicts, and homeless.

No.  Really.

This is a little taste of the lovelies who are invested in advancing obama’s agenda.  Nancy Pelosi says she, “Supports their message”, and “God bless them”. 

I like her style.

<a href=”http://http://www.youtube.com/embed/qJMnRqSfaCY?rel=0“>


~ by ladysforest on October 10, 2011.

20 Responses to “Occupy Wall St., “Get High, Get Funky, Whack The Monkey””

  1. If the TEA party had marched without the proper permits, the city would have brought out riot police, sound cannons, tear gas, dogs, swat teams, etc. on the first day . It is coming from high up to let them stay. Obama is up to his eye balls in this and it is only going to get worse. These loons/sheep will do anything they are told including becoming violent.

    • Yes, I agree. I wonder how their march on the homes of their wealthy targets will go down today? This is getting very bizarre.

  2. From Drudge, “you can have sex with animals or whatever….”

    • You can be immortal and have sex with animals.

      Not even the drugged out freaks in the sixties were this depraved. At least not in public.

      I wonder if Nancy Pelosi is happy to know it’s OK for her to get busy with the animals? Seems like she has already been trying to pretend she is immortal. Do people that orchestrate this shit even care about what happens after they die? Does she think this sort of putrid filth will never touch her grandchildren? Does she think they are so well protected that nothing could ever get to them? Or does she not care past her own greed for power?

  3. Somebody is going to get hurt or killed eventually. It’s just a matter of time until violence breaks out.

  4. And Peloosi supports these people….LOL! Or are they humans?

    Anyway, Peloosi supports them, and what’s so crazy is that the libs are always putting their foot in their mouth, or they’re stepping it in. Those idiots reciting all that garbage after their speaker don’t have a live brain cell left.

    • The recitation is a form of hypnotic brainwashing. The putrid hippies claim it’s because they can’t use loud-speakers, and that the “repeating” (I forget their word for it) helps insure that everyone, even in the back can hear what is said. I say bullshit. If 100 people are all saying the same sentence at the same time, they will speak at different speeds, with different inflections, at different volumes, and different accents. When you listen to the repetition, the words from the audience usually become jumbled together.

      By repeating after the speaker, they are giving approval to what he/she is saying. To repeat it is to agree. To speak that sentence out loud in agreement is to reinforce the lesson.

  5. The owners of Zucotti park just received apporoval for billions of dollars for a solar plant. They also used Biden’s son’s firm as a lobbyist to get the solar loan. It doesn’t stop there, Mayor Bloomberg’s live in girlfriend is on the board of directors for the company that owns the park.

    • My, my, my. I wish these phony protestors would go after the corrupt politicians who set up all this crap they are “thinking” the protest is about. But no, ’cause it’s way more cool to rage using the excuse of an ever shifting, growing and fluid message.

      Can’t put ’em down for being idoits if we can’t debate their demands. Can’t debate their demands ’cause “each individual gets to have their own message, man”. “It’s, like, really personal to each person-hood”.

  6. LF,

    Please look at this for me? What do you think?


    • Well the old photo does appear to be a white woman holding a young black child. I read part of it and then got a bit dizzy. Sometimes I drift off when I read the Malcom X theory stuff. 🙂 I like to keep things simple I suppose. There are so many theorys about so many possible fathers for obama,

      The thing is though, my father-in-law died this morning. I am distracted and pretty worn out, and likely to be that way for a couple of days. I guess that goes without saying. *sigh*

      • sorry to hear about your father in law. best to focus on the family.

        • Thank you tdr. It was not unexpected, but he had seemed to be rallying around, so it was a bit of a surprise. He was fortunate in that he had loving family, did not suffer, and passed away in his sleep. Since we all have to go, that’s not a bad way to end a 85 year run.

  7. LF,

    Sorry to hear about your father-in-law. You’ve just had a lot of illnesses in your family lately, and sometimes it seems to run that way. But you’re right, he went in his sleep and didn’t suffer, which is the way to go.

    • Thank you kittycat. Yes, the fact that he died peacefully while asleep is a huge comfort to my husband.

      My father seems to be a bit better, but he keeps saying he doesn’t expect to live through the winter. What I know is that he is getting “fussy” and more difficult to contend with. Man, I hope I croak before I get like that. 🙂

      • Well, the thing is that I understand why he’s fussy because it sure ain’t no fun getting older. Every day you wake up something else is hurting, and I’m in my late 50s, which I don’t even enjoy my food much anymore. Nothing tastes the same.

        • I’m experiencing a similar thing kittycat. In fact I have a hot water bottle – the old school kind – on my knee right now. I find the heat from these gives better relief than electric heating pads, and they can go everywhere. It’s turned cold up here, and I’m gonna be lugging this with me a lot. In fact, I think I’ll get at least one more before winter sets in.

          I thought it was “just me” imagining that things don’t taste the same. Wow, ya mean that’s part of aging? BUMMER. It explains a bit about why I tend to “graze” now a days, and I NEVER used to. Guess I’m hunting for flavors. Hum. Good to know it’s not just me anyway.

          I am sympathetic towards my fathers problems, but he has been bitching since he was my age – 25 years now, about mostly the same things. He’s added on a couple in the past year, but refuses to follow Dr. directions, so it’s frustrating.

          So, what do you think about the latest with this OWS crap? To me it is apparent that the MSM is very supportive of them and they (OWS) are being promoted by the dem leaders. IN SPITE OF them getting more and more violent.

  8. I haven’t been around much, but I do have something to tell you later. And I will leave it at that for now. Actually I’m just exhausted presently. Don’t know why, just am that.

    • OK. If you want to keep it private, just mark the comment “PM” or “private”.

      Get some rest. And I think I will take that advice myself, not having slept well these past two weeks!

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