Et Tu, Mr. Cain?

Have a little extra cheeze on me:

Ah, the smell of imploding Republican in the evening.  Just can never get used to it.

But we much, we much.

You probably have heard about Herman Cain’s response to a story that has recently surfaced in The Washington Post about Rick Perry.  The story is that “on Perry’s ranch there is a sign painted with a very offensive racial epithet!”   !!!!    !!!!

The actual facts are not so very exciting, compelling, offensive or damning.  

The word “niggerhead” had been painted on a rock outside of the “ranch” many years prior to Perry’s FATHER joining a group which LEASED the land for hunting.

As it turns out, Mr. Herman Cain either did not know the full story, and was “set up” by the Fox host, Wallace, or he really didn’t give a hoot about the facts and chose to use the rumor (for it is actually a rumor) as an opportunity to play the race game. He apparently never questioned the validity of the story.

I thought we had a non-politician who was doing what it took to come across as a straight shooter.  I though Cain didn’t dig that race baiting crap.

The Perry camps response to the rumor:

Gov. Rick Perry’s team pushed back Sunday on a Washington Post story charging that a racial epithet was displayed for decades on a hunting property leased by the Texas governor’s family.

Perry’s team says that the governor’s father Ray painted over the name — a holdover from the area’s long cowboy culture — in the early 1980s. That conflicts with the account of a total of seven sources — who spoke on the condition of anonymity — who told the Post that the offensive name of the hunting grounds was written on a flat slab of rock at the entrance to the property and was visible during the 1980s and 1990s when Perry launched his political career. One source said the word could be seen as late as 2008.

In a response to First Read, Perry Communications Director Ray Sullivan disputed the accuracy of those accounts.

“The rock was obscured in 1983 or 1984 and remained so,” he said. “Named interviewees in the story corroborate that. The story has no named sources seeing the name on the rock in later 80s and 90s claim and those unnamed sources contradict one another.”

Sullivan said Perry’s last visit to the property was in December 2006 and that he stopped leasing it in 2007. The Perry campaign says the story’s suggestion that Perry brought guests to the property when the offensive language was visible is also false.

The balance is at link:

So, Rick Perry’s FATHER chipped in with a group who leased the land for hunting.

Rick Perry’s F A T H E R.  Leased.  With a group of others.

Back in the 80’s.  After a little bit, Perry the elder painted over the word “niggerhead” and eventually also reportedly flipped the rock so that the potentially offensive word was further obscured.

Cain was asked his reaction/opinion about this terrible racial epithet news while being interviewed on Fox. 

Stupidest.  Response.  Ever.

WALLACE: I want to ask you, there is a troubling story on the front page of “The Washington Post” today about Rick Perry, governor of Texas, and it indicates that for years, his family had a hunting camp in west Texas and the name of it written on a stone was N-head. But, obviously, it wasn’t just N-head.

CAIN: Right.

WALLACE: And he was part of that camp even as governor.

Your reaction, sir?

CAIN: My reaction is, that’s just very insensitive. That is on a much — that is in a more vile negative word than the N-word and for him to leave it there as long as he did, before I hear that they finally painted it over is just plain insensitive to a lot of black people in this country.

Then Mr. Herman Cain DOUBLES DOWN and gives another on air interview where he shares his views of Perrys “very obvious racism”.  Oops!  I mean “insensitivity.”

Cain: “Since Governor Perry has been going there for years to hunt, I think that it shows a lack of sensitivity for a long time of not taking that word off of that rock and renaming the place,” Cain told “This Week” anchor Christiane Amanpour. “It’s just basically a case of insensitivity.”


Cain said that even beyond what he called Perry’s “insensitivity,” he and the Texas governor are “too far apart” ideologically.

“I couldn’t support him vigorously if he were the nominee,” Cain said.

But with Cain’s recent success, he has his eyes locked on becoming the nominee himself.BOTTOM OF THE PIECE I FOUND THIS:   Cain Says Blacks’ Loyalty to Democrats ‘Brainwashing’

And it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t hear from, you guessed it, Al Sharpton.

“…..But the attacks are set to continue, with the Rev. Al Sharpton telling POLITICO he plans to be “all over” the story on his MSNBC show on Monday afternoon.

“At worst, he either thought it was something he could identify with and even have some bit of irony,” Sharpton said. “At best, he’s insensitive. How can someone who would seek the highest office in the land be so insensitive to the implications of that name?”

Herman Cains communications director has resigned.  Why?  Money issues perhaps?  Cain hasn’t been scooping in the cash ya know.  I wish he hadn’t resigned just yet – Herman might not have turned himself into the very same “flavor of the week” that he seemed offended to be called by Sarah Palin.

Eye opener on what Herman Cain’s responses have unleashed on this following screenshot.


Google search respopnse to the word "niggerhead"


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8 Responses to “Et Tu, Mr. Cain?”

  1. Hello friends and kittens,

    Just a heads up, I will be a little slow putting through comments. My Father-in-law had a major heart attack last night. In hospital now with congestive heart failure, which is being treated.

    It is his seventh heart attack. The saddest part of the story so far is that he (a resident in a nursing home) tried to summon the nurses repeatedly through the night last night because he was having terrible chest pain. He said at times he was crying.

    No one came near him until morning.

    My own father did go home from the hospital several days ago, but he told me that he feels he is getting worse. I am beginning to fear mrsa. He cannot even lie down now, but must sleep sitting upright in a chair.

  2. […] Hunting Camp : ‘Just Plain Insensitive’ at Pat DollardIf Only Herman Cain Were GermanEt Tu, Mr. Cain? var _gaq = _gaq || []; _gaq.push(['_setAccount', 'UA-25632399-1']); […]

  3. This is off topic, but look at this little taxpayer trip of Moose-chelle:

    • Yes, I read where her kids were listed as “senior staff”. Utter bullshit from these people.

  4. I favor Cain in some regards but not in others. Yet, when I read comments like these, I want to swing my full support to him:

    Why, they’re backing the whitest black man they can find and one who obviously knows his place. (a comment from a Mother Jones’ article referring to “birthers.”)

    • Cripes – someone said that? See, when I was growing up, in a community that was about 50/50 white/black, ALL the black families I knew where like Cain. Maybe not all as successful, but hard working, strong, smart, family oriented, god loving -GOOD people. No one would have dared say such a thing to any one of them. So sad.

      • I think that is a reason why his poll numbers are only going to get better. I can overlook some mistakes as long as I get a general good feeling. I think his 9-9-9 plan has flaws, but I doubt if the plan is set in stone. He wants to at least try something. I consider him “old school” … and I respect “old school.”

        • I’ve got to listen to the 999 thing again. I am still a bit worried about him making assumptions about Perry, that was totally wrong, and not what I expected. Now the WAPO is walking that shit back. I have to look for the article again – I haven’t had much time today.

          I think someone is advising Perry to attack Romney. STUPID. If Perry doesn’t start behaving like himself again, he may as well take his crayons and go home right now. We need to have some real debates, we need to know where each really claims to stand. Not this nonsense of attacking each other over dumb, unsubstantiated rumors. These guys are being set up and played.

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