Of Lightweights and Liberals


I am somewhat less than fascinated with the current republican field.

At the best I hate Romney.  I don’t quite believe Bachmann is on the level.  I’m glad T-Paw waved bye-bye.  I like Herman Cain.  I liked Perry – till he blew himself up.  Santorum I don’t know squat about yet.  Ron Paul who? Oh! He’s that crazy guy who thinks we should have no national defense.  Newt should give lessons on HOW to participate in a presidential debate, and should not come any closer to the White House than that – ever.  I’m pretty sure his wife would claw your eyes out using her toenails to be first lady.                                                                                                                                                                And lastly there is that other whoisit – Huntsman.   He is a straight up democrat transparently pretending to be a republican.  As is ……….Christy.  Yes, I do actually like Christy a great deal, but as a JERSEY Gov.  He fits there with his liberal-in-everything-but-unions values.  He’s a hoot sometimes, but he is way more liberal than Perry, and Perry is getting roasted alive as being too liberal.

One thing I must compliment Perry on, as I appreciate it tremendously, is his willingness to apologize.  Follow me here, as I don’t see the other would-be’s (except I do think Cain would) following that example.  At least he will acknowledge that he is imperfect.  And says stupid as hell stuff.  

Mitt strikes me as someone so freakin desperate to get in the White House that he stammers out every answer.  He speaks too rapidly, and is too dismissive of concerns future voters have of his past record.  There is something that I find plastic and shifty to him.

Cain brings a unique set of concerns.  Is this REALLY the point in history where we should put a non-politician in the oval office?  There will be a bunch of back and fill, and diplomatic repair work to do once this administration has gone off in a huff.  I see this cycle as being potentially the worst possible condition under which to begin work as a President of the United States.  Cain won’t have any political experience in what to expect going in.  How can he?

Ron Paul would likely pass away from natural causes in the first two years.  He looks pretty flimsy to me.  Not to mention he’s nuts.

Bachmann, see, I started out wanting to like Bachmann.  I honestly think she is too much of a lightweight.  She lost me back when she had that interview with Stenfulopoulous – you remember the one, where she started out saying obama should release his birth certificate and then George angrily waved a print-out of obama’s  short form COLB in her face and she looked like she was gonna cry and she said, “Well, OK, I guess that settles it then”.   I don’t want her getting the “call at three am”.  Or even after a good, restful nights sleep.

That’s where I am at for now.  There is time for a couple more to jump on in there.  At least that will keep things interesting.

Here is my tip to these hopefuls.  Try bashing up on obama instead of each other for now. 


~ by ladysforest on September 29, 2011.

9 Responses to “Of Lightweights and Liberals”

  1. I don’t know what to say yet. I do like Cain because I love his commonsense approach to things, which our nation has lost its common sense and is obvious because of all the PC mess.

    Like you on Perry, he does apologize if he sticks his foot in his mouth. I like that quality because for starters, he realizes that he’s not perfect and makes mistakes. We all make mistakes, and if you can acknowledge them, it’s a great quality.

    On Cain, he really has a wonderful background. I was reading some things on him. While he may not have political experience, I think the experience that he does have could make him a great president.

    • There is just something about the whole “political” experience that I think may be more necessary right now with all of the garbage that this admin has managed to pull off. There is a sort of deep game in politics, it has it’s own world, and we need someone to bridge that fantasy and this reality. In order to do that, someone will have to be pretty experienced in the games.

      Cain won’t walk in with any muscle. He seems like such a great man, but my main concern is that the current situation requires a person who knows how DC works behind the scene.

      They are really trying to push Christy in the polls now. The two headed monster in DC wants a RHINO so bad they are gonna try to get him to run I’ll bet.

  2. I like your term “deep game”. Which is why I like Newt. We can discuss the reasons as we get closer to the election but I believe he is brutally honest and that’s the problem, no one wants to hear the truth. As far as zero is concerned, I dont believe he will run. I bet Hillary will run, and the deep game is that the Clinton’s were the first birthers and they cut a deal right before the election with zero and negotiate everything in order for Hillary to bow out. The problem is the clinton’s are much better at the deep game. There is a book that just can out called something like “intelligent men”??? not sure, but the storyline goes something like zero dropped his whole team after the election and installed clinton’s people. Well looks like the Clinton’s won in sinking obama.

    • Barry Soetoro may want out, but that wife of his ain’t going unless it’s kicking and screaming. And his Chicago friends – Val Jarret, etc. – they want to hang on to that power no matter what they have to do. Oh no, he won’t back out. Not unless he’s blackmailed so well that they all have to suck it up and comply.

      Newt is for Newt. I think he will pay lip service and follow his own plans regardless. Like obama. While Newt is far more intelligent than obama, his designs for this country are not clear. I don’t trust him. I don’t think he’s quite a RINO, but I do think he’s a NWO person. In my opinion I would rather have a RINO who is against the NWO, than anyone who thinks the NWO is OK – even a little bit. I also think he would sell out in a heartbeat. As would Romney. It’s a bummer, because Newt is absolutely the best communicator, and displays the most statesmanship. But Barry did that too.

  3. The candidates need to start attacking Obama and his policies and quit attacking each other over every little thing. Obama is giving them plenty of material. The Republicans seems to be their own worst enemies. I am so sick of Romney being pushed down our throats by the party elite and the MSM.

    • I agree 100%. The time to attack each other comes later. If they want to say, refer to a particular choice one of the others had made during their career, and then explain how they might have done it differently – OK, that can actually be done without an attack style. But they seem to be forgetting these are debates. They are allowing the moderators to manipulate them instead of running it as a true debate. We aren’t learning anything about them except which one is more prepared with a canned response, and which ones aren’t so great at responding once they’ve been set up.

      Not that I’m for anyone yet, but it did make a difference to me once I learned that Perry signed the in-state tuition thing only after it had passed by all but 4 votes. It had very broad bi-partisan support. I still don’t like the damn thing, but now that I know more about it, it’s not the way people have been portraying it to be. His problem , in part, is that he doesn’t respond with facts like that, but lets himself get smeared all over. And how many other states have the same set-up? Turns out a few do, so Texas wasn’t doing something that a bunch of other states hadn’t done also. He, more than the others, should leave off attacking other contestants. He is not good at it, nor is he good at defending his own record when he’s put on the spot. He’s trying to play the game the way he thinks it’s played, he should drop that tactic and just run as himself.

  4. Agree 100%. Perry should start being himself instead of what his handlers want him to be. The handlers did such a fine job with Sarah Palin, right. The debates are way too scripted and rehearsed. Everyone is so afraid of making a mistake because if they do the MSM will run it in the ground and try to ruin them with one misspoken word.

  5. Must add to my previous post. I am so sick of the media. I really don’t know why anyone in their right mind would run for office. Even if you laughed at a gay joke or whatever joke 40 years ago, someone is going to find the one person who heard it and make a major deal about it now if you are a Republican. Does not matter that 40-50 years ago the Dems were against the Civil Right Act and were members of the KKK. Sick of the double standard.

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