Bugging Out

Flooding covers West Corners early Thursday afternoon near Linneaus W. West Elementary School, lower right, in the Town of Union. The intersection of Day Hollow Road and New York State Route 26 is at the top right.

Well Kittens, I am on the move.

We have a huge flooding situation in my home town and all around the area.  Even my private camp/hillside fen/car trap, can not be reached by car now.  Maybe by boat, but I don’t have one, so for the present I shall not concern myself with traveling there.  I now live in an area that is rarely touched by the “local” 100 year floods – this is the second  or third since 2006 – that cripple my home town area.  I do, however, live close enough to be affected and to care about others who are.  It’s a terrible mess there now.  Fortunately the local community and the first responders are well experienced in this, because, unfortunately they get far to much practice at it.

No, I am bugging out to the north, LOL, or what I consider to be the north.  Taking a bit of time off.  Just a few days because we can’t afford the vacations of the glorious past of (three) years ago.  Going over to MA to look for Pilgrims and other things to remind me of when this land was just a budding idea and a soul commanding craving after the notion of freedom.

I like to stand in the footprints of the Pilgrims sometimes.  To wonder deeply.  To think.  How could they have wanted freedoms so badly to chance so much?  To go into this enormous unknown with so little that was necessary and virtually no comforts at all?  What unfathomable convictions these people had.  We are not of the same stuff, now-a-days Americans.  We are wanting.  We are failing.

Kittens, I become so sad at times, I imagine that I am all alone in my fears for this America, and in the impotence of my patriotic endeavors.  At those time I  wonder how it was for the ones that first came here.  The ones that truly had nothing and no one.   And after imagining the Pilgrims for a bit,  that leads me to thinking of the colonial era folks, who had begun to actually carve out the vision.  They succeeded.  They didn’t give up or give in.  I must not either.

So, now I go to seek my Pilgrims and their echos.  I will listen intently and be heartened by the messages of remarkable strength born of the passion to be free.

I will find my inspiration and listen to those echos.  I will walk where they walked and, in future,  try to walk were they  might guide me if they could.

I like to imagine they will be somehow be there to keep me from failure.

Images of upstate New York flooding at link:



~ by ladysforest on September 8, 2011.

30 Responses to “Bugging Out”

  1. Ah, been to Plymouth Rock a few times. It does make you think. I, until 2008, was in a comfort zone. Watched what was going on around me, listened to the MSM and thought all was OK…..From that to the 9/12 rally. Being around so many people striving to get our country back caused a major change in my mindset and the course I would take. Take care, you have many Kittens on the same course.

    • Wow, Plymouth rock is, LOL, inside this enormous pillared construction, and it’s way……….down in there somewhere. 🙂 I thought it would be bigger. It was neat to see. And it turned out that there were a ton of people in town for some Mayflower descendants gathering.

      We had to travel more than two hours outside of our way to exit our local area due to road closures. We were lucky and got out just before they closed the last few. Had to skirt the Catskills, which are so lovely we didn’t mind so much. Except towards the end of our self imposed detour we began growing tired of the really twisty roads at like, 40 miles per hour. I was very glad to get back on a major highway, mainly because I was beginning to get carsick from all of the sharp curves in the road.

      Most of the roads here are open now. But people have lost much, much, much. It’s pretty bad here.

    • You know Greg, I used to think it just plain old didn’t matter what I thought or did. I was just one little person and no one would pay attention, and my vote didn’t make the slightest difference.

      After the 9/12 rally I realized that there are so many exactly like me out there, and if we all work together we will really make a difference.

      It has turned out to be true.

      NY-09 is proof. As well as most republican presidential candidates vying for the TEA party vote.

      I do get discouraged sometimes, because I forget how many millions of other people there now are just like me. LOL, at those times I should just play for myself my favorite youtube vid from the 9/12 rally!

  2. So glad you’re back and safe and sound.

    • Thanks Kittycat. It was more of a risk to leave than to come back, what with the flood and all. We had to be very creative with our route – even driving about 130 miles out of our way. We had to have a running conversation with people over the cell that were online checking for closures and flooded areas in all outgoing routes. CRAZY! We are stubborn I guess. It’s an experience that may come in useful — never know!!

  3. Well, just glad y’all are fine.

    These are must-see pictures. Just click on the spot where it shows them. It’s the tent city in NJ.


  4. Can’t get into the P&E, can you? I get the virus threat message.

    • Yes, I saw that. I had a heads up about it this morning. I’ll see what I can find out. I was hoping it would be resolved already, and I imagine it is the whole obama “attack watch” campaign perhaps tagging conservative and particularly birther sites.

    • HERE’S A FIX TO GET TO The POST & EMAIL: You may disable the warnings in the Firefox options/preferences by clicking the Security tab, un-checking “Block reported attack sites,” and clicking OK.

  5. I’m sick of the BO stuff. Now he’s started his precious little snitching page. What a wimp.

    • You mean he started it again. He’s done it before. Also, he is re-running his “donate $5.00 for a chance to dine with me” raffle. Sickening. We are constantly being hollered at to “respect the office” if not the man. If that dip-shit won’t respect the office he was elected to, why should we respect it while he is there?

      I don’t think anyone can come up with “new” stuff to rat on conservatives about, we’ve been very vocal and public about our issues.

      This fool is a candy-assed baby. And his supporters are a bunch of plastic-bucket thumpin’ lunatics. I CAN. NOT. WAIT. for 2012

  6. Oh, now it’s “if you LOVE ME, pass my bill….

    Makes me so sick. Can’t stand it anymore.

  7. You have no response because the “if you love me” part is just not worth the effort to respond to. It’s a waste of time. Now at Drudge, he’s trying to suck up to the Jews. This is such a huge joke, day after day…..

    • No, I have no response because it is so outrageously outrageous that I can’t find appropriate words. 🙂

  8. Did you see this? It’s funny.


    • Thanks – I’ll have a look

    • Ohhhhhh! LOL! I did see that yesterday. Man, they sure did an excellent
      job of that.

      I’ve also been reading the tweets to the attackwatch thing. Hilarious. I read and laughed for an hour last night.

  9. I love the part about making the fonts easier for the Dems so they can read.

    • Ahhhhhhh, I’m so glad there are such clever people out there. We all need to remember to laugh at this sometimes.

  10. I’ve read some tweets, and they are really funny. I haven’t had much time, but I have a little bit right now.

  11. LOL….. attackwatch.net

    Now they have one to counter the libs

  12. ladysforest

    I am glad to see that you are back home and back to blogging. Also hoping that you had no losses from the flooding.

    • Thanks KJ. Our home was spared. Many of our near neighbors, and most nearby towns were not. It’s still awful. Huge piles of debris everywhere – no idea when it will be removed. Everywhere we drive I see what I refer to as “ghost lines”.. That’s the high water marks left behind in all the places you never expect water to reach. It looks like a ghostly shadow on the greenery, the homes, the walls. It’s eerie to see. One nearby town suffered damage to 95% of all structures. Places that have never flooded – ever – flooded out this time. I can’t even drive past my old house because I am afraid of what I may see. That house was untouched through several large flood events and is 120 years old. I know the neighborhood got hit this time.

      I’ve also been spending a lot of time with my Pop, who feels he is “winding down”, so I’ve slowed down on blogging quite a bit. I still try to read up every day, but I am pretty distracted right now. I’m trying to put things in order -LOL – I’m a very amateur blogger, so I’m not experienced at how to “keep on keeping on” when life rolls such boulders in the way. I hope to get back on track right quick.

      PS: My Pop is so disgusted with obama that he says even if he lives to the next election, he won’t vote democrat.
      PSS: He has always voted dem. He’s from socialist Hungary – he just could never break away from the “training” that the government is supposed to run your life.

  13. Do you have a Facebook page or Twitter? Would love to follow you there, I’m on my iPhone and love reading your stuff!

  14. Best to you and yours, especially to your father.

    • Thank you. Pop is quickly becoming immobile, and just today has done the unthinkable and asked me to help look after him. Being from Europe, he’s old school, and to ask his daughter is quite against his nature.

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