The Kool-Aid Prescription

I ran into a new claim by what I believe is a devoted obama enabler.

It goes a little sumptin’ like this:

The reason that the obama newspaper birth announcement that Lori Starfelt “found” is so different from the copy printed from the same film in March 2010,  is because it came from the Honolulu State Library’s ProQuest database subscription.  Not the actual microfilm stored on site at the Honolulu State Library.
“The Hawaii State Library has a subscription to Proquest.
Lori Starfelt asked the librarian to send her the newspaper birth announcements. So, what do you think was easier for the librarian?
a) Go to the basement, find the correct microfilm roll, put it in the machine, find the correct date and page, print it, then scan it into the computer and e-mail it to Lori.


b) sit at her computer, login to Proquest, search for the correct date and page, copy that page to her computer and e-mail it to Lori.
Could this be why Lori got a pristine copy?”

Well!  I guess we can send one big ole giant “Thank You” to the Hussein faithful for making this discovery.

Yes siree!!!!  They sure got in ahead of me on this one.  Imagine my thinking that a librarian would go to the trouble of pulling the film off of the shelf, putting it on the viewer, finding the legal proof that obama was born in Hawaii on August 4, 1961 – in a tiny newspaper birth announcement ad, inserting a dime into the attached printer, and printing that sucker off.

Why, they are so modernized and loaded down with expendable cash at that library – you just don’t have any idea.

But let me explain to you what “ProQuest” is, in brief it is a service.  In brief, they record (in the past on micro-film) publications provided to them to preserve.  They do not just go about and snatch up newspapers and books and make copies.  There would be a great deal of trouble for them, what with copyright laws and all, because, you see, they sell access to the archived records via specific databases.  They sell “licenses” to libraries and business for the specific publications that the libraries and businesses have an interest in having easy internet access to.

The libraries, once they purchase a license, have access only to the specific databases that they select at the time of the purchase – they do not have open access to the full archives of ProQuest.

Therefore, unless the Honolulu Star Bulletin and the Honolulu Advertiser had each sent their archived original newspapers, or their archive of micro-films to ProQuest specifically to be copied and stored in ProQuests databases, and arranged for them to be marketed to libraries, etc.,  the Honolulu State Library could not have brought the license to those papers even if they really were rolling in dough.

Forget about that for the moment.  Recall that it was Lori Starfelt’s OWN story that the copy came from the Honolulu State Library micro-filmed newspaper archive.  Sadly, the blogger, TexasDarlin, who is the person Lori Starfelt chose to gift with her amazing legal and irrefutable proof of oabma’s birth in Honolulu HI, deleted the entire blog – including the original commentary and contact by Lori Starfelt.  So, this historically significant first hand account is lost to us forever.  Odd..

After some searching, I located a direct quote from that original contact.  It was discussed on the FreeRepublic site.  I will now post the screenshot and the link to the page it can be found on.  Please recall that back in 2008/09 few bloggers and commentators utilized screen grabs and flash drives to preserve information and material.  We have since learned about “scrubbing” and become wary that “bloggers” may up and delete entire blogs and contents with absolutely no forewarning – thereby losing valuable sources of reference.

post # 7679.;page=7651#7678

click to enlarge

Starfelt quoted from TexasDarlin Blog -post#7679

Now, on to what the Honolulu State Library has to say on the matter of their ProQuest database access.  I sent off a couple of inquires to them, just sort of casually testing the waters.  First I sent the following request, the date and publication are for a specific reason which I will not revisit in this post.

click to enlarge

Response from Honolulu State Library on ProQuest

Obviously, being quite a curious person, I sent off another inquiry.  Just to be certain that I have the complete understanding of the Honolulu State Library’s ability to provide Lori Starfelt with an electronic copy of the Aug. 13, 1961 Honolulu Advertiser newspaper birth announcement ad for Hussein obama, generated from the ProQuest database per the newest claim of the obama lunatics.  Here is the reply from the Honolulu Library:

click to enlarge

Final word from Honolulu Library on ProQuest database access

Sometimes it bees like that…………..

Next day update:  I was curious if ProQuest has a search-able listing of the libraries that have specific databases for specific publications.  I was thinking that they must have something like this, but it turns out that they do not.  Here is the no- nonsense reply to my emailed query. 

(I had called and spoken to a nice woman two days ago about how ProQuest obtains publications and how the libraries acquire the databases – just general questions)

ProQuest question and answer email exchange


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13 Responses to “The Kool-Aid Prescription”

  1. Obots aiding and abetting the Fraudster-in-Chief by posting tripe blog comments. The same is true with the fraudulent CT SSN. These deceivers make all kinds of statements that are not able to be backed-up by them. They just rely on putting the lie out there and hoping no one attempts to verify their statements.


    • I know. This one is sounding more plausible than most of the others though, which is why I wanted to make certain that we have the tools to completely refute this claim.

      The ONLY way to stop this is to have the Honolulu Library on record stating that they do not have access to a ProQuest database for that time frame. And I knew it would be advisable to have the real situation directly from ProQuest as well. When you look at online lists of holdings by libraries, they can very often be wrong. I learned this back when I was getting ready for the newspaper research, so I always verify by phone/email prior to a visit.

      Add to that was Lori Starfelt’s own account. She’s…passed away….and TD deleted the entire blog where the original account was. I had a hard time finding the actual quote from LS, but she did state it came from the on-site micro-film (according to the librarian).

  2. FYI

    • I know! I wish I could lay my hands on one of those papers.

      If someone produces one, Dean will have to be extremely careful to make sure it is correct – as in compare it to the microfilm version for the same day. And he’d better have a expert lined up who can do a quick assessment as to the age of the pages. I’m sure he knows all of that. 🙂

      What gets me is the people saying that the parents would have held onto the announcements – well if they did it would have been clipped from the paper and pasted into a baby book. Very few of those would even be in existence now, add to that the fact that it would just be the one tiny announcement and none of the rest of the paper, and there would be no way to verify. The whole paper would be needed. Not very likely at all, but it’s a great thing to try for. We are just looking for verification, whichever way it goes.

  3. If Obo’s uncle doesn’t finish him off completely nothing will. Both Hannity and another radio show discussed the illegal immigrant status and his stolen SSN. Since we can’t get obo on these charges maybe they will go after his uncle.

    • Have they said who is paying for his attorney?

      • i am just so sick of the whole scene…especially the legal system. what a joke.

        • It is stunning that the corruption is no longer being hidden. They simply don’t care if the public knows how corrupt they are. I wonder if, in fact, they actually enjoy flaunting it? It seems so.

  4. The first e-mail you received from the Hawaii libraries mentions other branches having microfilm copies of the newspapers. The Pearl City Branch for example. Have you seen or do you have copies of the newspapers announcements from these branches?

    • No, I have not gotten any of those. The thing is that a few of the libraries have one newspaper or the other – some have it but not the right dates. My intention was to have copies collected by a trusted close friend, and from the library that it was supposedly first “discovered” by a democrat that contacted the library on a hunch. I had him collect the same copies from microfilm at the university library as well, mainly because they also had both newspapers of the correct dates. And it is extremely time consuming, even if one knows the dates and page numbers ahead of time. He was only in HI for 2 1/2 days and had other work to do that I had requested as well.

      • Have you called the various Hawaii branches to see which papers and editions they have?

        • I had called/emailed the Honolulu libraries said to have BOTH films of those dates prior to my friend traveling there. As I mentioned before, time was short, and he had to work efficiently. I was also later contacted by a person who had viewed one of the films at a different library in HI, but I don’t recall at this moment which one it was.

          I have said many times that I never expected my newspaper research to turn up anything even slightly curious. Yet there are quite a few anomalies.

          The main thing I was interested in at the time the research was being done was which libraries had BOTH newspapers for those dates on micro-film. I know that others out there checked into where other copies were, and I have a partial list buried in notes.

          I have not personally called each library at each island to ask what they have. But yes, there is a network of curious people who have checked into it. Both in HI and here on the mainland. We have not found a single location that has claimed to have a original paper copy of either of those newspapers for those dates.

          What sort of research have you conducted?

  5. ….The .51 libraries which make up the Hawaii State Public Library System.

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