The Moran Morass

Photo on Moran’s about page:

So, where to begin?
A week or so back this SSGT Daryn Moran appears on the radar as, in addition to several other manifestations, a true “birther”.
His claim?  That he went AWOL mainly to protest obama’s lack of a long form birth certificate and lack of eligilbilty, and…….. also to protest gays in the military, lack of God in the military, and something about Muslims.
Naturally this guy gets the instant attention of the significant portion of Americans who have long wondered why obama was so intent on restricting access to the more information rich “long form” Certification Of Live Birth. 
Naturally his self proclaimed status of “AWOL” from the Air Force caught the sympathy of many who have followed this eligibility topic, and SSGT Moran was instantly taken at his word.  Oh, not by everyone, but by many, many people.  When you Google his name there are pages of results, most from the various blogs that have picked the story up and made it into news.
I have my own position on this man, and it is not the same as most of my fellow  “Birthers”, (being those who would see the Constitution followed to the letter when it comes to the Article Two, section one requirement that the President and Vice President of the United States be natural born Citizens.  Not “native”, 14th Amendment, anchor baby or any variety other than natural born Citizen.)
One thing I learned from a former Air Force person is that if you have time in your “leave bank”, and you just hare off somewhere – you are not technically AWOL until your leave days are used up.  So, if you have leave days in your account, you are not absent without leave – you have leave – however it is strongly advised to get leave approved BEFORE you take it of course, and it’s the usual/expected thing to do.
Did Moran have leave days left over which were put into effect days before his discharge paperwork was finalized?  According to the latest article on Air Force Times, that does appear to have been the case.

Birther staff sgt. not AWOL, leaving Air Force

By Scott Fontaine – Staff writer
Posted : Wednesday Aug 17, 2011 12:51:28 EDT

A Germany-based noncommissioned officer who claimed he went absent without leave amid doubts about President Obama’s citizenship isn’t actually AWOL — but he is leaving the Air Force.

Staff Sgt. Daryn Moran had called for a citizen’s arrest of Obama, taunted Air Force officials to arrest him for going AWOL and demanded the president provide “a birth certificate which stands up to professional examination” in an audio interview and in several emails that have been posted on websites aligned with the birther movement, which believes the president isn’t a U.S. citizen.

There’s just one hitch: Moran, an ophthalmology technician assigned to the 86th Airlift Wing at Ramstein Air Base, is actually on an approved leave status, according to a statement released by U.S. Air Forces in Europe.

According to Morans own account from his email interview with the Post & Email, in which he seemed a bit fuzzy as to the USAF’s understanding on his status:

(balance of interview at link:)

3.  When did you make the decision to stop following orders?

#3. Last Thursday was the first day in which I no longer reported for duty.  However, there is some question as to whether the AF has even recognized it yet.  I say that because I had access to both Ramstein and Landstuhl via my ID card at the gate on Saturday and Sunday.  Lately, when at work, I’ve sat in an office with just one other NCO, and I’ve been accountable to the unit First Sergeant.  Please do not think my situation is not serious.  I’m still at home, still not at work, still unsure of the future.

4.  Has any disciplinary action been taken against you at this time?

#4. No action that I’m aware of.  Relating to the longer series of events, I received a Letter of Counseling in Mar/Apr of this year which was the Commander’s explanation of why I was removed from position in the Ophthalmology Clinic, office 11B, in Landstuhl.

So, he was removed from his position in March 2011.  His claim to Rev. Manning during their interview was that he was removed:

for objecting to Obama’s being a Muslim and ineligible to serve as president.

However, since Moran likes to write comments on various blogs, I was able to find some.  Beginning early May, through mid-May, on two different blogs he only mentioned the birth certificate/eligibility in passing in ONE of those posts.  In fact, in one of the comment threads, one person replying to him does mention it in detail, and Moran did not respond, react, or reply to that comment at all.

Now I will go ahead and post the screenshots that I have taken today of those Moran blog comments mentioned above, and hey, see if you can find any comments by him out there PRIOR to August which focus on the obama birth certificate/Birther issues, etc.  I will post the only one that I found containing reference to obama’s eligibility last.  I marked the “references”. 

It does seem to me that Moran is FAR more concerned with his conviction that obama is a closet muslim than he is about eligibility.


click to enlarge

Moran comment early May

And from a different blog:


~ by ladysforest on August 19, 2011.

12 Responses to “The Moran Morass”

  1. NBC may not have been what he expressed at first, but I’m just glad to see someone/anyone standing up to Obummer. I think this guy felt that he was working for the enemy. Has Obummer done anything to make you believe that he is not the ememy?

    • No. He’s America’s enemy all right!

      I am just opposed to people misrepresenting who they are and being an opportunist – whether that person be Hussein obama, or Daryn Moran. I think Daryn has issues and is not being straight up about his situation.

      Since “Birthers” are so ridiculed at every turn, we should be more careful about vetting persons like Moran before we just accept what they claim. Had he really gone AWOL because he was a devoted birther, and had tried to get answers, well that would of course be a different matter. Though I would hate to see yet another military person suffer for their conviction by being dragged to court or being jailed. It seems more and more likely that his true issue had been obama’s muslim ties, and secondly the gay in the military thing.

      I read where he is now claiming that it turns out he had been placed on leave at (or about?) the same time he was claiming to be AWOL. He just didn’t know it. He says he thought he was AWOL.

  2. It’s kinda crazy how many people were ready to send him money from the first day.

    • They certainly felt he was being honest. And it really is up to us who post articles, cross-post material, have online newsblogs to dig a bit more when something like this pops up.

      I think it was very kind of those that were worried Moran’s family may need assistance, but like anything, the situation should be verified prior to suggestions of contributing money. His story just seemed a bit “flexible” to me. Like he was trying to fit it to his “audience”. I’m not saying he isn’t sincere on some level, it just seems clear that the whole, “I’m going AWOL in protest because I am a birther”, meme was disingenuous.

      From his own writings he seemed to be much more fixated on other issues. He was awaiting discharge long before he “declared” himself an AWOL birther, and so, with that and his own comments, it was very obvious to me that obama’s eligibility was not ever his main concern. Unless it would be as applies to the whole “secret muslim” angle.

  3. Hi Ladysforest, You may want to jump over to and let them know that your alive. Check out the Hawaii Now thread . I hope that your are not ill, I really enjoy your site.

    • I’m quite alive and well, thanks. I’ve been to ORYR, and when I comment there it comes up under the name of this blog instead of “Ladysforest”.

  4. Glad to hear that your are well. I really do enjoy your blog. I feel like I have been following the Obama eligibility issues for so long, all the way back to Plains radio days before the election. I am so tired of all the BS and ready for something to break open but it never seems to. I am tired of yelling at the TV because the idiot press is completely brainwashed or threatened to within an inch of their lives. Most of them on Fox seem so freaked out if someone even mentions the issue that they may pass out on live TV, recalling the obnoxious little blonde on Fox and Friends when Trump was on. The look on her on face summed it up, she saw her professional life and maybe personal life flashing before her eyes. I guess that the network people are so threatened that if they do anything but go to the canned “crazy birther” argument, that they will be fired or killed. Sorry for the rant but I am so glad that you are OK.

    • The MSM – which includes FOX, although on the outer edge – do freak on the nbC issue. It’s about comical now. They RANT! HAHAAAHAHA.

      I’m fine, it’s just garden season. And fence fixing season. And canning season. And I haven’t even gone out to my land to fix the driveway drainage problem (second year in a row) due to rains. It’s just a junky little parcel we use for hunting, and used to have an old camper on, but it’s mine and I’m responsible for the stupid problem of the runoff. Hard to get any equipment on it if everything will just sink down and get stuck in the mud, LOL. It’s an ongoing battle. Man against mud. Mud wins out.

  5. I’m hearing of many states that felt that earthquake. You didn’t feel it, did you?

    • No, bt apparently a lot of people around here did. I’m surprised I missed it! When I lived in Callie we had them (little ones) so often you just got to ignore it. Here it’s not very common to have a good sized one.

  6. My friend works in Boston, Mass, and she felt it.

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