Monkey See, Monkey Do

Wearing a linen trouser suit, neon-green Nike trainers and a CNN lapel-mic, Jill Biden sat in the shade of an acacia tree and listened solemnly to Fatuma Adem's story.

It would appear that the wife of the vice-president of this United States wants herself some of the action.

Her piece of the pie. 

Jilly B. has realized that two can play the “I’m American Royalty” game, and abuse the American citizen’s bank account.  Yes, she can – also!

US vice-president’s wife Jill Biden arrives

at famine zone with two planes, a 29 car

convoy and CNN

Wearing a linen trouser suit, neon-green Nike trainers and a CNN lapel-mic, Jill Biden sat in the shade of an acacia tree and listened solemnly to Fatuma Adem’s story.

Just what is it with Kenya and these assholes?  Can we get a little love for the US?

US officials privately agreed that the main thrust of the visit was to get the story onto American television channels, which have been slower to report on the crisis than in other countries.

News programmes filled with shots of refugees with Mrs Biden, a full-time college teacher with no previous experience of international aid, would “catalyse Americans’ responses to the famine”, one Washington staffer said.

But for overstretched aid agencies and the refugees waiting for help, it was not immediately clear how yesterday’s whirlwind visit would make a difference.

“It is getting ridiculous, how much time we have to spend dealing with this stuff,” said another senior humanitarian official. “This is twice the size of any delegation we’ve had so far.”

It took two full days to prepare for the US visit yesterday.

Advance teams of special forces troops and secret service agents demanded full dress rehearsals and extended security sweeps.

Two US Army Hercules C-130 aircraft were flown in – one as a backup in case of technical hitches – to transfer the Americans to Dadaab from their overnight flight from Washington. They would fly home the same day.

Refugees at the reception centre, including Fatuma Adem, the mother with four children filmed talking with Mrs Biden, were readied in advance. Others stood watching bemused at the scrum of foreigners.

“I don’t know who she is. I just hope she can help my family,” Mrs Adem said after meeting the Second Lady.

Bill Frist, the former Senate majority leader, who accompanied Mrs Biden, was candid that the reason for the trip was to use media coverage “to reach a million people that would otherwise not be reached”.

I especially LOVE this quote;    “It is getting ridiculous, how much time we have to spend dealing with this stuff,” said another senior humanitarian official. “This is twice the size of any delegation we’ve had so far.”

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!   They don’t know why all these useless phony asshole politicians keep infecting them?  Can you say ……….. obama campaign?  

It seems that Jilly is taking a page out of Michelle’s playbook on how to travel needlessly and spend an exorbitant amount of money doing so.  How can this be a official trip?

To coincide with the Second Lady’s visit, President Obama was yesterday expected to announce a fresh injection of GBP60 million of US aid for the crisis.

Mrs Biden said she was here to “raise awareness” among ordinary Americans of the “dire situation” of the famine and drought now leaving 12.5 million Kenyans, Somalis and Ethiopians in need of urgent food aid.

Oh, I see. 

More campaigning in Kenya for obama to become their next dictator.  Bravo!



~ by ladysforest on August 8, 2011.

5 Responses to “Monkey See, Monkey Do”

  1. I’m not against sending aid to other countries where YOU KNOW THEY WILL GET IT, but usually the drug lords get it, and the starving people don’t. One day we might need such as that poor women in the picture.

    What else ticks me off is that can’t once just someone in the US government give something to help others and then not blast it all over the place? If they toot their own horn, so to speak, then that is their reward, which is something for mankind to see.

    • Right. You didn’t see Mother Theresa scheduling press and photo ops.

      If they had taken all the considerable amount of cash it took to send this unknown twit there to pat that poor woman on the arm, and just brought rice and flew it over, SO many people could have eaten for quite a while.

      They take advantage of these beings, who have nothing other than the fabric on their backs, to invent a story about how caring obama is. Bullshit.

  2. You probably think that I’m an idiot, but starving people, well, I feel that just placing my feet in their shoes, it must be so horrible. Nothing worse than not having water, first off, then starving. I know what it’s like to go hungry, but not starve as they are doing. When I was six, my daddy put me in a home when my momma was in the hospital for several months. I literally felt like I was going to starve. I got extremely skinny looking and looked so sick, did get sick before my momma showed up. Then (was a bad place) there was this little boy just a year or so older than I, he was hungry too after we ate dinner, which wasn’t much, and we decided that we’d go ask the lady who ran the place if we could have a little bit more food. Well, he said to me, I’ll ask first. He did, and she made him eat a bug, a cricket or grasshopper, not sure because I was young. Needless to say, I didn’t ask for more food, but I did cry because of him. He was a sweet young boy.

    That place sucked.

    • Sounds like the house hold where I grew up. I was 82 lbs. just before my 13th birthday. It’s a long story, one I shall not go into further than to say that my mother was a simpering idiot and the man that was my stepfather at the time was a sadistic monster.

  3. PS, I don’t know why I’m telling you this except to say that I know that really going hungry feels like. Well, I never really talk about it much. It was so bad, and they wouldn’t even allow you to lay in bed on your side. If you turned on your side, they would come by with these huge rulers and hit you hard on your foot. They would always tell you that you must lay on your back. It took me many years before I could sleep on my side after that. I cried every weekend for my daddy to come and take me out. He would take me out to get a hamburger every Sat. That’s probably the ONLY thing that kept me from starving at that place. Well, I had hope during the week that he would come. One week he didn’t come, and I was so sick that week.

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