OH! Did I Do That?


S&P downgrades U.S. credit rating for first time in

the history of the United States

What ?  You don’t like?





~ by ladysforest on August 6, 2011.

14 Responses to “OH! Did I Do That?”

  1. My, what pictures!

    I’ve been gone for a couple of days, so what’s going on with Orly, do you know yet?


    • No, I was just going to poke around and see what’s out there. I suspect she gets the door slammed in her face. I hope they have a recorder running. I know it’s a five hour time difference, so I’m guessing something should be happening about nowish.

  2. Hummm…….AOL is having “problems”, I can’t check any email now.

  3. I asked Miri over at WTPOUS, and she wrote this:

    Quote: If Orly is going to the HDOH at 10 a.m or so, then it won’t be until around 3 p.m., CDT, for reference. So we won’t hear anything until later this afternoon.

  4. Have you checked:
    It lists the Hawaii State Archives has having the originals of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin from April 1913 through December 1972.
    If this is one of the papers that you are interested in, I wonder if you have to be anybody special to access this archive?

    • OK, now this I can look into tomorrow. Though most of these have gotten me to dead ends, doesn’t mean I am not willing to try. Just looking for a little truth.

      Weird thing though, is I kind of recall this from way back, and that access to the original was never permitted.

      • Generally, access to originals is not allowed if there is a microfilm copy. Librarians wish to reduce wear on the originals. You may be able request access to the originals to see an issue not available on the microfilm. Not all issues were necessarily copied onto microfilm and some of the microfilm images may not be readable.

        If you can find someone with some clout, like a respected history professor that would be willing to work on your behalf, permission to access the originals would be more likely.

        If anyone can figure out that there is an original in the HI state archives and can bribe some with money or connections to that original, he/she could claim the prize. Someone could also destroy the original.

        • I know that the newspapers had microfilm archives of their own. They would also have had a master reel for each stored. As to the paper copies themselves, I believe it was implied that such an archive existed, yet I know of no one who has confirmation of such.

          The few occasions that I’ve tried contacting the newspaper they have never responded.

      • Did you find anything associated with the link at LOC?

  5. http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lccn/sn82014682/holdings/

    on that page, under Hawaii State Archives

    • The thing with “chroniclingamerica” is that the listings are quite often wrong. The only way is to confirm through the Library or Archive shown to have a holding. LOL, I’ve had a few people INSIST that certain places had certain things – and get belligerent at me – until I posted the email exchange I had with said places stating that they did NOT house the requested material. It could be that the locations lied about their holdings – but I would have no way to prove that. I have to take them at their word.

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