Enter – The Scape Goat Party

Yes, I do believe the TEA Party has been set up to be a scape goat. Yes, they do NEED to marginalize the TEA Party but FAST! 

Make TEA the bad guys in the debt ceiling debate, with even Laura Inghram jumping on board stating that the TEA Party was cutting it’s own throat, making itself the obstacle to the “necessary” debt ceiling increase.

Where the hell has this woman been for the last three years?  Did having her little religious cross necklace  stolen from her luggage equate to finding a horse head in her bed?

These cowards are massing together like cockroaches on a bagel.  Good to know.

I like what Lou Dobbs said on Huckleberries Fox show tonight as it was the only genuine statement/commentary out there this evening.  It was reasoned, fair and very objective.  In other words, it was honest.  As soon as I can find a clip I will update this post.

Meanwhile, WeaselZippers has the low down on the newest “deal” worked out, have a look:


Boehner Releases Details Of Debt Deal…


~ by ladysforest on July 31, 2011.

4 Responses to “Enter – The Scape Goat Party”

  1. hi lf,

    r u as upset as i am about the deal? i.e debt ceiling increase?

    • tdr, I am PISSED as all hell about it.

      I was so mad yesterday that I didn’t watch any news shows or do more than glance at the internet chatter about it.

      It does prove, in a way even more conclusive than obamacare, exactly how corrupt BOTH parties are. It proves how confident they are that they can do ANYTHING at all and cannot be stopped. It proves that they already corrupted many of the freshman TEA Party congressmen.

  2. Hi Ladysforest, I wanted to give you a heads up that Orly Taitz, on her website, is asking for any and all information on Virginia Sunahara. Having read your posts on this I know you are the person to respond. Thank you for all your research and legwork.

    • Thank you. I fear that Virginia Sunahara may not be the direction she should take though.

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