The Presidents Captive Audience


This post is about several things, things that I feel are tied together in subtle ways.  President obama’s threat to withhold social security payments, and why those payments are the natural target, rather than say……..welfare payments.

 Recently I read that were it not for welfare and food stamps we would see the true effects of the bad economy in that we are actually in a super depression right now.

It’s just not apparent because we are not seeing long lines at soup kitchens, nor dirty faced waifs in the streets selling apples.

I believe it was a blog where I read that, and it made me feel stupid because I had not considered the scope of what welfare is really shoring up in this country.  Huge.

Now, think about this debt ceiling dance going on.

I know many of you have thought this recent threat from obama to hold social security/etc. checks if he didn’t get his own way with the debt ceiling, was one threat to many.  I know many of you were muttering, “Why don’t you just withhold welfare checks, and not pick on the old people?”

In your mind form a picture of all of those “welfare people” suddenly being told that the government could no longer give them those benefits.  Most of them would be homeless in a month or two, and starving well before that.

Why?  How could that be here in America?

 Keeping people on welfare, or even the expanded unemployment, has masked the super depression that we  absolutely are up to our eyeballs in.  Most of those  people would have little in the way of marketable skill.  They are typically general labor variety people.  Factory workers.  Taxi drivers.  General construction labor.  Janitors.  Retail workers.  They qualify for jobs that have disappeared.

See,  it would be a nightmare were the younger, more physically able, to lose their “benefits”.  That would be an America that none of us can even imagine. 

But if that were to really happen with the actual generational/hard core recipients?  The ones that make up the larger percentage of welfare recipients?  Or, as they are now so lovingly called, “clients”.

It would be absolute Armageddon.

Those people are so (consensually) dependent that they literally can’t even conceive of going to a job every day.  Understand that what I just said is the actual truth.  They are takers and users and con men.  The “future” to them is just one more day like today.  There is a type of smug contentment within that community, with living without a bit of responsibility for their own sustenance.   A sense of all’s right with the world as long as the checks, food stamps, and subsidized housing keep coming.

Now I’ll tell you why obama is not threatening them with the withholding of checks.  If they were thrown overboard they would just commit crimes, form into large extended “families”, packs or mobs, if you will.  They would take what they needed and wanted, and there would be little that could be done to stop it.  Think about it in real time, imagine how that would play out.  How would that reflect on the most popular president ever?

They typically don’t vote you know, these welfare “clients”.  Even when they bitch about how unfair things are – the bulk of them don’t vote.  I’d bet more illegal aliens vote than do the hard core recipient class. 

So, the old people, disabled and veterans, who DO vote, are the target of the threats.  They are sitting ducks because most are “for real” dependent.  They couldn’t work even were there jobs galore!

Of course the government knows that this class of people are more afraid of losing their government checks, they are the elderly and ill.  They can be more easily manipulated and are desperate enough to vote for the empty promises.  They trust because they must.

How large has our welfare problem in this country become?

Today, spending on welfare programs  consumes over 5 percent of GDP. Spending per poor person in 2008 amounted to around $16,800 in programmatic benefits.

The Obama Administration has worked rapidly to expand the welfare state further. President Obama’s fiscal year (FY) 2011 budget would continue this trend, further increasing spending on programs for the poor to 42 percent above levels in FY 2008, President George W. Bush’s last full year in office. By 2011, total welfare spending (including the state portion) would rise to $953 billion

So, if that is $953 billion for one fiscal year………….

More statistical information at The Heritage Foundation:

Here are the facts, as pertain to the puppet class, otherwise referred to as legitimately dependent citizens, as reported by MarketWatch and the Bipartisan Policy Center. You do the math:

* The federal government receives approximately $200 billion in revenues each month.

* Interest on the national debt in August will be approximately $29 billion.

* Social Security will cost about $49. 2 billion.

* Medicare and Medicaid will cost about $50 billion.

* Active duty military pay will cost about $2.9 billion.

* Veterans affairs programs will cost about $2.9 billion.


~ by ladysforest on July 26, 2011.

8 Responses to “The Presidents Captive Audience”

  1. I’m so sick of the gov’s BS. First off, again, we the people pay for the SS. It’s our money to begin with. Now they want to take the people’s money.

    What jack@sses. It’s not welfare (meaning this directed to Barky) for those who’ve been paying this crap in for their lives, only to be threatened by those idiots.

    Oh, they are just as crazy as can be up there in DC. Remember when the Dems threatened old folks (people like me) with the Repubs taking away their SS? See, they are the ones, the Dems, and they are the hypocrites.

    • I am right there with you woman. It is a mandatory payment, which we are told we can expect to see returned to us.

      I know they don’t dare “take” the money, they just want to screw with your mind. Shake you up bad enough, scare you enough, and you will capitulate to the will of the government.

      The ones who have never paid in are protected, or rather, pandered to. Those politicians KNOW they can’t hold back that money. Those people will go lawless in a flash. So, they don’t even hint to threaten, they just whistle past that particular graveyard.

      It’s the most disgusting hidden agenda in our country.

  2. I watched Bill O’Reilly tonight and he had an interesting fact. We have spent trillions of dollars since the early 60’s trying to bring people out of poverty thrugh entitlements. At that time 14 % of the population living below the poverty level. Today 14.3 % of the population is living below the poverty level. We have bankrupted our country and the same number of people are living in poverty. Of course facts mean nothing to a liberal.

    • Well, not quite the same number of people. Our population has grown – so todays 14.3% would represent more people (in total). AND, it doesn’t include the HOMELESS, of which we had very few on the streets in the 60’s. OR the unemployed. Different forms of poverty now a days. And you are entirely correct – facts (and math) mean nothing to liberals.

  3. I have been saying for a while now that we are one welfare check or foodstamp payment away from a total breakdown of society. Yes there would be riots in the streets and roaming bands of welfare “clients” robbing and looting whatever they wanted. Think of New Orleans after Katrina. Such a sad state for our country. Ladyforest you are so correct these long term “clients” cannot even fathom getting up and going to work. Things are going to get far worse. The next election Obama is going to pit everyone against the evil white people. It’s going to get real ugly.

  4. If Obama is desperate enough to go after the seniors SS checks now, can you imagine what he will do if he is way behind in the polls next summer? It’s going to be ugly, get prepared now. I am really scared of what kind of crisis he will create to make himself look good for votes. A desperate narcissist with Obamas’s power, facing the loss of the spotlight and power, very scary…

    • Let’s hope against hope that the handlers of obama decide he isn’t up to the task and they trot out a dem challenger.

      Even as I write that I know that would have almost no chance of happening. I think they have painted themselves into a corner with obama and all of the hype/MSM love fests.

      I think we will see more little melt-downs, and non action on critical issues. Were he to orchestrate some crisis, not even his own base has faith he could deal with it. I think he is getting tired and fussy and just want to go play. The more restricted he is by real business, the more petulant he becomes, and the more his base fades. It’s getting so’s the dems aren’t even covering for him so much anymore.

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