Proof That Some Really Are Clairvoyant (CONTENT WARNING)

warning…..extreme language & vulgarity



TSA GANGSTAZWATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK – no, I really mean that!

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~ by ladysforest on July 17, 2011.

14 Responses to “Proof That Some Really Are Clairvoyant (CONTENT WARNING)”

  1. I haven’t listened, and I don’t know that I want to right now. Our little granddaughter got hurt at Turner Falls, and she’s in Okla City Children’s. But she may get to leave tomorrow. It’s been a stressful day, even more stressful for our daughter who’s there with her and has been up all night long. Well, you know how it is with kids, I’m sure. Whatever way they can get hurt, they manage to do it. I was a kid once, I know.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your granddaughter and hope she gets better right fast. Her momma is probably taking it harder than little missy!

      I would say that you may want to hold off watching this until such a time as you are feeling un-distracted and can go scrub out your sensibilities right after. I ain’t kidding when I say it is raunchy!

      It’s surprisingly well done, and very on point as to the TSA mind set – but WOW, it’s nasty, as in vulgar. Normally I don’t post stuff like this, but I was intrigued by the fact that this was uploaded to YouTube in Feb. 2008 – well before the TSA even got as bad as it is now!

  2. Oh, that’s terrible! I didn’t watch it all, but it’s probably more closer to the truth than we know.

    • Yes, it is raunchy (but funny if you can overlook the nasty stuff).
      I read that Laura Ingram had her catholic cross stolen from her luggage – probably the TSA. Whomever we get in the White House next must be pressured to change and phase out TSA. That should be privatized.

  3. They released my granddaughter this morning. Her diagnosis was head trauma and heat exhaustion. Then the injury caused her to go into shock, and from that her glucose got extremely high, just went crazy. But they got it normalized and everything. However, her little neck is very sore and hurts.

    • That’s too bad, Kittycat. Poor little thing! Keep an eye to her mood and behavior for a couple of weeks at least. Head trauma can be far more serious than the med people usually tell you. But, the younger a child is, the less they seem to suffer long term issues from a head trauma.

      • Well, unfortunately she won’t be around me. Her dad is home from Afghanistan, and after they return home in TX for a few days, they are talking about going to Galveston. But they will see how it goes for her and how she’s doing. She probably had a mild concussion, which it can be bad. What happened was is that as she went down a new slide that they have there, and it’s a curving slide, which I know you probably understand what I’m saying and there’s a blind spot that one can’t see, right after she went down and was under the water with her life jacket on, another little girl a couple of years old went down. It’s just that as my granddaughter was coming out of the water, the little girl landed directly on top of her head. My granddaughter is 6, the little girl was a couple of years older, and if it had been an adult, it would probably have killed her.

        • Good grief, that sounds awful. I understood that they are supposed to carefully time the kids so they avoid having that happen. That’s too bad kittycat.

  4. I think the obots are seriously at work, and I’m disgusted with them. Today I’ve been on WND many times, and at a certain time this afternoon, don’t remember when, then I go there and get a virus threat warning. So my software, AVG, blocked it. I leave and later come back. Then it’s working. But it’s not working now. It’s giving me a virus warning message again.

    Kind of strange, don’t you think?

    • 🙂 I believe we will begin to see more and many “strange” things in the next few months.

  5. I certainly wish the P&E would open up their comment section again for several of their stories. There’s one now over there about a person interviewed and his company does a lot of work in Kenya, or the company that he works for. Very interesting, and it seems he/she knows that BO was born in Kenya.

    • I didn’t read that one yet.

      Sharon found that moderating the comments got too time consuming in addition to all the rest. Additionally I believe she was getting numerous death threats through the comments.

  6. Yeah, I know, but it would help to comment on some stories. I can see not all of them. Which we can comment here, right? And I do realize that she got threats. That’s serious, and it’s just the way the obots are. They don’t know anything else. Sickos!

    They can’t think and reason, don’t know reality, and they are totally mentally ill, which is why BO wants them working for him. Birds of a feather flock together, I always say.

    • I don’t mind if regular readers comment here on the posts there. It’s all for discussions sake, so it’s all good.

      And yes, a bunch of those obots are freaky ill. I imagine sites like the P&E get more than their fair share – especially if the editor is a woman.

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