Out Into The Street Wit ‘Nuttin But Cat Food To Eat


         Hey everyone, the only man in the world that can restore the United States to it’s former glory, wealth, standing, prosperity and respect………


You are all so very useful for the leverage you bring to the obama presidency!  How do you like being of so little personal, individual value, but instead, part of a collective parcel, whose only ACTUAL worth is as a puppet used in a strategy of scaremongering? 

Yes, you are still useful to the United States, not as contributors though.

You are recipients of our democratic parties limitless concern for the lesser blessed in the community.  Their sole reason for existing.  They point to the wonderful work they do –  as being their sacrifice to make life better for the most downtrodden of folks.

Maybe I shouldn’t have used the word blessed – it may cause some random reader to be offended as “blessings” are somewhat tied to the Christian religion in the minds of most people.  And the democrats get positively LIVID when they think of Christianity.  I meant to say they get “enthusiastic”. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Oh well, I’ll take that risk.

Anyway, you can see the concern in obama by the very fact he is threatening to suspend your checks.  He is doing it for your own good, just so you know how good the progressive/liberal democrats are.  If he didn’t do this, you might be fooled into thinking that it’s the Republican/Conservatives own plan to make comprehensive change in the US debt problem.  Because, you see obama wants to do that, he really does.  He has a plan that Bill Clinton gave to him, so rest assured, it’s better than the Conservatives plan, you will find that out as soon as ……….. 2020.  But if he can’t force convince you all to call on the Conservatives to capitulate, which is the ONLY way to spare you from certain starvation and eviction (cause their plan is too extremist) , then Mr. Bill Clintons’ wonderful community friendly plan will just go to waste.

So Grandma and Grandpa, kick that can on down the road – as long as your dinner ain’t in it.

Link to CBS video and article:


President Obama on Tuesday said he cannot guarantee that retirees will receive their Social Security checks August 3 if Democrats and Republicans in Washington do not reach an agreement on reducing the deficit in the coming weeks.

“I cannot guarantee that those checks go out on August 3rd if we haven’t resolved this issue. Because there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it,” Mr. Obama said in an interview with CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley, according to excerpts released by CBS News.

<a href=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/AfITkZyHzBM?rel=0“>


~ by ladysforest on July 12, 2011.

30 Responses to “Out Into The Street Wit ‘Nuttin But Cat Food To Eat”

  1. What a pathetic piece of crap. Scaring old people, how low can you go? If you want your check you better support the democrats because we have your best interest in mind. Scumbags all of them. I have been pissed about this all day.

    • I wonder how this tactic really ends up ……….. my father wouldn’t vote in the fall elections (he is a dem – grew up in socialist Hungry) because he was so pissed at the dems for not giving him a “raise”. If his check is one day late !!!! 😦

      Of course we will take care of him financially, but boy will he be pissed. See, where he came from, you didn’t “have” to save for retirement, and so he never got that concept here. He also did not get even a basic education, as per the government. I believe he was permitted to attend three days a week until he was twelve or thirteen. Didn’t even start until he was like nine I think. By the time he was in his mid-twenties he had never even seen a map of any kind. Imagine. So when he got here, he just did what he could as far as general labor. It didn’t occur to him to get better educated beyond learning American english.

      I’m betting this bites them in the ass. You really have to wonder who suggested this move to him.

      • Thank goodness for your father. He did do general labor. Think for a moment. Where would this country be without truck drivers, people who work for the city in construction, garbage truck people, hairdressers, people who work in various industries in jobs that most people don’t want. Imagine that. We would have tons of college people, but we’d have no country. No farmers, no industrial workers that make our life easier. Everyone has their place, but then again, everyone is extremely important.

        So hug your father, and thank him. My dad worked in a bakery, but if he was still with me today, I would grab him and hug the heck out of him, then thank him for those wonderful donuts that they used to make. I’d give anything to just hug him like crazy.

        Well, now with BO in office, college people can’t find jobs either except at McDonald’s. But your father deserves a huge thank you. Whatever he did, I’m sure that he deserves it.

        • The funny thing is that he was able to work his way up from labor and construction to a good low tech job at Zerox. Then the plant he was in closed and everyone lost their jobs. He was mid to late forties then, and could never find another “good” job and had to take whatever he could find. He had a heavy accent and his writing skills were not terrific. Well, I guess that’s not a funny thing after all, is it? But he didn’t seem to try for a better job. Just slogged along with the first thing he could get.

          It was as though he was still in the mindset that the job he had was assigned to him and he had no choice to shop around for a better situation. Like in Hungary.

    • Texas T,

      I’m very mad about it too. I’m in TX, and we are so sick of all of BO’s baloney. He needs to be impeached, and if that’s not possible, then he needs to be arrested and the key thrown away.

      • I believe it is nearing the point where something must be done. An American president can NOT hold dependent people hostage just to get his way. It is despicable.

  2. I’m so sick of him, and I’m sick of looking at this face at every place that I go to. He needs to fire his czars that he pays almost $200,000 per year for. Well, a little short of $200,000. Fire them all. There are more things that he could take money from instead of threatening seniors and whoever else is on SS. It’s not like SS is given to us. We pay for it, and they rob from us.

    • Not to mention it has nothing whatsoever to do with the debt ceiling. It’s in a protected fund – being paid into every single day by working Americans.

  3. By the way – those cans of cat food on the post? Those aren’t photo-shopped. That is a real brand of pet food. I thought, “How apropos”.

  4. Well, Ladysforest, we’ve been paying into that mess for years, and it’s the people’s money. It’s not the gov.’s money. It’s from the people, and they are robbing us. Plus if you have a 401(k), then DC wants that too. So what the heck good does it do to have a retirement? If BO remains in office, they may get the 401(k)s from others. Sick bunch of crooks. They could pull this money from somewhere else, but he wants to terrorize the elderly and disabled. It’s a mental terrorism that he’s pulling, plus should be considered a type of blackmail.

  5. Every society that makes it has a heart to help others. It’s just ours has been abused. The way this country started out, and I was reading this and made me happy to hear that others had a heart like this to love their neighbor, was when I was reading in genealogy stories that have been found.

    I was reading in very early TN, and about if a family that lived in the country, maybe the husband was a farmer and he had a huge family. One day he had been hurt, which is common with farmers and even back then too. It can be a dangerous job. So families in the surrounding areas, although maybe miles away, came over to help finish his plowing, brought them food and helped them so he could get back on his feet and take care of his family. This is how people used to help each other. It’s called loving your neighbor as yourself.

    Then when he was back on his feet to plow his land and work his crops, and if someone else was in need, he and his family would go and help them. They would pay back the kindness shown to them. Things happen in people’s lives, so I can see people helping others. Just anything can happen to one. They can lose their house by it being burnt down, maybe a good-paying job, someone crippled and can’t work and today the insurance company not paying.

    How so far we have fallen from this time. It started out okay, just fell apart, but now we have so many of different ways that they did things in their countries, whatever. But this nation in the very beginning of it all had it correct. It has since almost been lost.

    I know that you told me once that you don’t study the Scriptures, and please understand that I’m not preaching here. In the Bible, you are expected to make your own way, unless one is ill and in poor circumstances because of maybe the reasons that I named above, house burnt down, extreme illness, and there was a provision for the poor made. If someone was a farmer and plowed his field, he was supposed to not glean his vineyard (garden) and leave them for the poor.

    • What happened, in part, if the poor are no longer “The Poor”. They are often not struggling hard working poor, but unemployed generational welfare recipients. They don’t even understand what it is to truly go without, or be in honest need of help. By honest I mean like the farmer you described. They just know that the money is there and they want it. Shit. Right? Evrybody else gettin’ some, I mights well gets me some too!

      I remember the respectable working poor. They were the kindest and most generous people that were ever born. I miss them.

      • I am not meaning to be rude. We truly are the working poor, and we know how well it is to go without. Things happen. You can be at a certain age range to where you can’t get jobs like you could before. That is happening to my husband. He will be 60 next year, and people aren’t going to hire him like they would earlier in his life. It’s a fact of life even though we might be more loyal and a better worker than a young buck, so to speak. I never believed all of that age stuff until I got this age and said, oh, crap! You see it every day.

        The bank is cutting back, even though it’s probably better in TX than it is in, say, MO, it’s still low on building, which my husband’s main funds come from inspecting new inspections. Both of us are working our you-know-what off, but at least we have food for now. Times are extremely tough. We don’t go out at all. The only time we went out recently was when our son-in-law paid for our lunch at a buffet.

        Our house really is falling down. In the city, it would probably be close to condemned but we don’t have the funds to fix it, plus physical injuries that we can’t afford to have taken care of. We were going to try to get a health savings-type insurance before Barky came up with his stupid Obama death care, but we figured that we couldn’t afford it over being charge out the whatever for his stuff.

        I have no cold water in the kitchen. I have to haul my cold water from our bathroom. There is much more.

        • Kittycat, you are not being rude in the least. You are being open and genuine and I appreciate that.

          I know exactly what you mean about age playing a big part in finding a job. I have always been able to get a new job easily. If I could get the interview, I got the job. Not now. Lately I went on an interview for a job I had the exact skills for, had done for five years, was licensed in, ect. After three separate interviews totaling eight hours, I was turned down. I wasn’t surprised, but chagrined. I noticed that all but a handful of the employees were under thirty. The final interview was with a woman my age, who after giving me an up and down stare asked; “I’ll bet you’re kind of nervous, aren’t you? ” I bet she didn’t like it when I replied that I wasn’t at all nervous and was looking forward to our meeting. The look she shot me confirmed my suspicion.

          We are fortunate that my husband has a decent job. He did take on a second part-time job recently when the cost of food and gas went through the roof. With the second income we are about where we were before the costs of everyday stuff went crazy. I am still looking for a job – probably part time for some reasons of health ick. I joke with my husband that the only places likely to hire me will be fast food joints, but I’m beginning to worry that might actually be the case.

          We don’t go out. We take two day vacations (day trip distance) instead of the two week rambling vacations we used to take. We will not use credit – except in a family emergency. What a change in the past three years.

          I wish I could help you though. I really do.

  6. Obama threatening the elderly is beyond comprehension. If the government is shut down the president can say which programs are closed. If he shuts down the SS checks then he should have no votes next year. The government has enough revenue each month to sustain itself. Cut the waste. I cannot for the life of me understand the lifelong democrats, who still support him. One of my mom’s lifelong friends is a firm democrat. Why? She is 70 something. I told her, Obama is not a JFK democrat, he is a communist.

  7. Ladysforest,

    I appreciate your kindness. I think we’re going through a new kind of poor in this society, I really do. Don’t know how to categorize as yet, but it’s different. There really are people who have lost almost everything living in tent cities now where they had homes before BO. But is the media talking about it? No. Go Google tent cities. It’s scary.

    BO doesn’t want people to know about it. The media is his puppy. Heaven forbid if they start losing their jobs, but maybe sooner or later they could. Honestly, I hate to hope for that kind of thing on anyone, but possibly they need to go through some of the same things we are.

  8. It is not a revenue problem, it is a spending problem. We have more than enough money coming in each month to take care of SS and the daily government operations. Cut the excess. Cut the waste. Start with the EPA and Dept of Education. Cut the fat is something the Dems have no concept of.

  9. Harry Reid actually said today, if the debt ceiling is not raised that SS checks would not go out, VA checks would not go out and that the stock market would crash and everyone would lose their 401k retirement accounts. He should be arrested.

  10. I will see if I can find the link, heard it on Hannity.

  11. I definitely think that BO got a huge rise out of a lot of people talking about taking away the SS checks.

    They are all a bunch of crooks.

    • Nasty bully, and frankly I think he should apologize to the American people for what he did. Imagine a PRESIDENT of this country doing such a reprehensible thing.

      • I completely agree. Also, just imagine him holding this over American’s heads like he’s doing, then think what he’d do with Obamacare. What’s the word that I’m looking for, is it extortion?

  12. George Stephanopolous had to remind him he is a Christian and someone now needs to remind him what his released birth certificate says his birth date is:


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