Is it just me – or does Obama Sr.s hand look quite out of proper perspective in the bottom pic?  Yes, he does have large hands, long fingers, however the bottom picture almost seems as if his fingers grew a bit.

Is it just me?

File:Barack Obama senior and junior 1971.jpg

~ by ladysforest on July 8, 2011.

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  1. Yep! I thought the same thing!no one has

    fingers that loooooooong!

    • WEIRD eh?? If some one can do the measurements…..I’d bet they would find it quite strange. These two pics were the closest that I could find as to the size of subject and the fingers being visible.

  2. I think it has been shown that there is not one legitimate picture of BHOjr, Take the above photo you speak of. It is clearly photo shopped. The first clue is the lighting. There are shadows all around and on SR but none on jr. For instance the shadow line is cast to the right on SR’s neck line, his right arm to body, but his left arm does not cast a shadow on JR’s “white” shirt. If I was meeting my Dad that I hadn’t seen in a long time and he placed his hand over my shoulder I think I would be grasping his hand not folding my arms like someone was taking a picture of “just me.”

    Jr’s watch is a much sharper image than SR’s. What is SR looking at? Not the camera for sure. Who, in an airport, would you be looking at but the person you are meeting and is taking your picture? Just my perspective…

    • I agree with you.

      • i think the biggest give away is no one is ever looking in the same direction.

        • Yep, and there is usually a “flat” quality to Hussein. Shadows are usually “off”, scale of the people in the pictures is almost always weird too. What’s funny is that I never looked for them to be faked – at first. But when I saw the one where he is lying on the ground with a couple of kids at a party – I immediately thought that looked very fake. LOL, generally I hate his image no matter the age.

  3. hi lf, have you been following ORYR and his trip to all the locations linked with bho? i don’t think there is anything to be discovered there at this point..

    • Yes, and I’ve been waiting to hear how the whole trip worked out. I am afraid I have to agree with you that it is not likely there would be anything he could get his hands on, but hey – you don’t know until you try.

  4. I would love for some of the photoshop experts that have debunked Obama’s BC to tackle the photos from his past. I think there’s a lot more there than meets the eye.

    • Well I don’t know if it’s been “photoshop” experts that have been doing the debunking. I think it’s been people who are expert in other fields.

      But I agree that there is likely more than meets the eye.

  5. Yep, his fingers are definitely longer.

    Right now go to Drudge, and check out the picture of Moochelle on the right-hand side. It’s a good one to try to get. Oh, what a face!

  6. Hi Ladysforest,

    I came across this, going through Lame Cherry’s archives. It adds some comments that I have not seen elsewhere about some pictures, ‘though not the two above:

    Obama Anomaly

    I thought these two recent posts were among LC’s best:

    The Forgery Never Blinks

    “Focus on that point as it is vital in this, Obama and Rather both were certain they were sitting on solid ground and had no idea a house of cards had been set up for them.
    This is why Rather went to the mat and why Obama was smug before America, as just like all of his other crimes, Barack Obama knew the power elite had “fixed this”, so he could go before he world and taunt the Birthers in daring them to look at something which Obama was told was a forgery so complete anyone who questioned it would be called………..a kook as Rush Limbaugh keeps calling Tea Party people….

    That is the exclusive in Puffy Lips Rove and Hamrod Clinton were thee forces behind this Obama birth abstract. No I do no mean that Rove ran the photo copier and Clinton fed in the paper, but this is their crew at work again as the trademark is there. This Obama abstract though was created to be so horrid that it would unwind to Obama fast, catch his smug ass off guard, and wrap him in his own tangled web.”


    The Two Bit Hostess

    “The consensus of the WND informants is that it was Bill Lederer’s [Sugarland] Bar located at Two Hotel Street. WND informants told WND that Ann Dunham frequented Bill Lederer’s bar, unaccompanied, in the rebellious months when she first arrived in Honolulu, after finishing high school in Washington in June 1960….

    [from earlier in the same post:] That is what Sugarland was. Stanley Ann Dunham, like Frank Marshall Davis wrote in Sex Machine, was offered up, just like Madelyn Dunham was cuckolding Stanley sr., as this was the honey pot…, and if one satisfied the right 5th column leaders, a little girl got spending money, got Kenyans to show up as fathers, and eventually…your way to the US embassy as an intelligence asset who as an archaeologist somehow ends up in a Ford Foundation bank installing MICROFINANCE on the poor of the world to enslave them….”

  7. By request I had a read over at LameCherry this am, the post about Robeson.

    A scenario such as the one outlined could indeed explain much. It has been strange to most of us (and even many of his obots) how obama came virtually out of nowhere and shot to the top with only a razor sharp crease in his pants to recommend him as brilliant.

    However, as I have long felt, unless there were DNA testing done to prove obama Sr. was NOT the papa – the sperm donor matters not at all. obama owns obama Sr. lock stock and barrel.

    Here is a snip from lower down in the wiki page on Robeson:

    “Though starting to show the beginning of heart problems and fatigue, Robeson accepted a lucrative tour of Australia, and New Zealand in October to November 1960.”

    Prior to that he was preforming in England doing Othello. They apparently tailored the performance to his health problems. There is no mention of him being in the US in 1960.

    “In spring of 1961, Robeson again traveled to the Soviet Union, his last visit there. During an uncharacteristically wild party in his Moscow hotel room, he locked himself in his bedroom and attempted suicide by cutting his wrists.[189] Three days later, while under Soviet medical care, he told his son that he felt extreme paranoia, thought that the walls of the room were moving and, overcome by a powerful sense of emptiness and depression, tried to take his own life.[190]

    Robeson stayed at the Barvikha Sanatorium until September 1961, when he left Moscow for London. There his depression re-emerged, and after another period of recuperation in Moscow, he returned to London.”

    Read more:

    It goes on to state that Robeson came back to the US:

    “In 1963, Robeson eventually returned to the United States and for the remainder of his life lived in quiet seclusion.”

    So, the timing would be completely wrong.

    And he was over there being electro-shocked. Now, I am familiar with what happens to people once they undergo that “therapy”. It takes quite a while for them to return to any semblance of their former self. I imagine it was more barbaric back then and recovery probably took longer.

    Yes, from certain angles Robeson and obama II look very similar – but hey, he also looks a heck of a lot like that homeless guy with the golden voice from a year or so back.

    • Hi Ladysforest,

      I think this is another amazingly insightful post from Lame Cherry, but IMHO less so for the Robeson part.

      LC is admittedly speculating about Robeson:

      “…now the question is, just how conceptual is this link tied to Robeson?”

      but it seems less to determine the father of BHO, than to try to figure out how BHO had every door opened for him–what were the connections that produced this Communist usurper? Robeson is a good guess in the type of ties needed to get all the doors open, and a reasonable guess back to Sugarland, which I agree is an essential part of the story. But I suspect it’s an incorrect guess, or at least far from fully correct.

      I do agree with you, LF, as I’ve said before, our usurper OWNS BHO I as daddy legally. Period. I think LC agrees with that as well from what I can see.

      For me, what was so insightful in this LC post was the part before Robeson:

      “Obama sr. should have wanted this anchor baby, but he could not get far enough away from this bastard………..and there in lies the lie in all of this. It was not just Barack sr. who was the tart in Hawaii nailing all the girls. Stan Ann was the honey pot down at the red light bars all the communists congregated at. In Dreams of my Obama, even Obama can not help confessing all of this in what his discussed outcome was without doubt………..

      ‘Even in sophisticated urban centers… the hostile stares, the whispers, might have driven a woman in my mother’s predicament into a back-alley abortion – or at the very least to a distant convent that could arrange for adoption.’’

      Note in this that Barry was informed Stan Ann was in the process of dumping this kid, either in a convent or an aborticide………..the Dunham’s had checked all the options out, and knew that there were no doctors on the side in clinics to perform a…..apeasiodomy as they were listed on the papers then. This was no starry eyed love insterest as the propaganda tried to spin this but a PREDICAMENT.

      In case you missed this, this is thee smoking gun of Jerome Corsi in Barack Obama’s own confession Stan Ann COULD NOT, WOULD NOT, have a dark kid in Hawaii due to what it would do to the position her mother and father held, and ruin their prospects….

      The smoking gun from Obama’s own book sets the stage the Dunhams were not about to have this kid born in Hawaii. This points to either a Canadian or Kenyan birth.”

      So born in Kenya, couldn’t be raised in HI for same reason (“Stan Ann COULD NOT, WOULD NOT, have a dark kid in Hawaii due to what it would do to the position her mother and father held, and ruin their prospects…”), so Stan Ann and child sent back to Wash close enough to where Stan Ann had been a year before, while granny gets those HI papers in place. [?]

      • So, born in Canada. Goes in say, sixth month of pregnancy if not sooner. The trip is much shorter than Kenya, more common sense approach to dealing with the problem. Supposedly there were relatives just over the boarder. Maybe the plan was to put the kid up for adoption – at first.

        After a brief recovery she goes to WA to sign up for classes. It may have been her father who filled out the paper work for a BC – their signatures are nearly identical in several pics I’ve seen. She lets parents know she wants to keep the infant after all, pops or gramps or whoever he is, gets the form, fills it out and submits it. It never gets accepted or filed because the “proof” of live birth was never received by the DOH. THEN, after a year of sending an occasional reminder notice for the “proof” needed to complete the BC app, the DOH mails the original form – which is (probably) half hand written and half typed, back to the address provided on the form. Meanwhile the Dunhams have moved to another address, so the form finds it’s way to the waste bin. I doubt there was the same sort of mail forwarding we have now when we move. But even now – there is a time limit on how long the Post office will continue to forward your mail. I believe the Dunhams moved shortly after the “blessed event”, so – a form mailed a year + after the submission would not have reached them.
        Thus the “State Archive” notes that Abercrombie found, and Janice O. not setting herself up for perjury by admitting she had seen a half hand written, half typed document. I am betting they had to keep copies of all BC apps. regardless of if they were ever converted to actual records – perhaps also a record of the attempts to contact the parents.

        There – hows that for a wild theory?

  8. Thanks for your thoughts, LF.

    Not all that wild, if you ask me. Very good about how the HI record may have come about.

    Although being more difficult travel-wise, I still think Kenya over Canada because of the early media reports calling our usurper “Kenyan-born” (see also below for the Kenyan gov’t using this phrase for those born there), his grandma’s statements about being there at his birth, Michelle’s statements in 2007 and 2008 that Kenya was the usurper’s home country, Kenya government officials saying he was born there even after the 2008 election, and a plan for the Kenya gov’t to commemmorate his (AND his dad’s) birthplace there with a museum as late as 2010. Furthermore, this article by Corsi had additional pieces that were supportive. The order of Corsis’s material is rearranged a little, though it’s all quoted from:

    Kenya probed claim Obama born in Africa
    Internal intelligence reports indicate government investigation
    By Jerome R. Corsi

    “An “interim report” by the NSIS [National Security Intelligence Service] issued in September 2008 “concludes that a birth certificate in the name of Barack Hussein Obama may have been issued” in Kenya “but to confirm this would require a further thorough joint investigation” by the NSIS and Kenya’s Central Intelligence Department, or CID….”

    Emmanuel Kisombe, the permanent secretary in the Ministry for Immigration and Registration of Persons….[in] his Oct. 22, 2008, letter to Simon Karanja Gatiba, director of the Criminal Investigation Department, indicated an investigation into the possibility Obama was born in Kenya was instigated at the level of the Kenyan Cabinet…:

    “We have instructions from the Head of Civil Service and Secretary to the Cabinet carrying out directions of the Cabinet sub-committee on Security and Foreign Relations to investigate and report on efficacy of reports that Senator Barack Obama, the Democratic Party aspirant in the United States could be Kenyan-born.”

    Kisombe said the Kenyan government investigation was prompted by “numerous intelligence reports that [Obama] might have been born in Mombasa at the Lady Grigg Maternity Wing of the Coast Provincial Hospital.”

    Kisombe noted that the Kenyan government’s inability to find Obama birth records was not conclusive, because “the information we in the ministry have is that some documents have been removed by unknown persons at unknown dates or are missing from birth registry records thus denting the prospects of uncovering the facts of this matter….”

    NSIS reports also refer to birth “records of interest” at the Lady Grigg Maternity Unit at the Coast Provincial General Hospital in Mombasa:

    “For instance, we noticed several alterations and quite a number of insertions that were irregular. Generally, the records bear no alterations and if there were, a certificate of alteration has to be issued against the alteration by the birth records office at the Mombasa district commissioner’s office.”

    The NSIS investigators said they found 79 illegal alterations or insertions at the Lady Grigg Maternity Unit between June 1, 1960 and Dec. 31, 1961.”

    • I guess I just think it is very unlikely that a young woman – a girl really – who is not getting along at all with her “husband”, and indeed had never lived with him, would travel to Kenya alone, where she would have been treated poorly by her “in-laws”. But the thing is that there are so very many anomalies with each and every piece of early documentation – well there isn’t any documentation that is without an anomaly actually – that it makes it all into a greater mystery.

      I’ve seen all of the material that does look compelling for the case he may have been born in Kenya. Except that LS birth certificate, that was dumb.

      I have personal experience of the weirdness of the newspaper announcements and the Index Data books. So, like I said, a greater mystery.

      • This is all so interesting to follow. The Kenyan thing could work if BO, Sr. and Ann traveled to Kenya after they got out of college for summer break. Then possibly she didn’t plan to have the child there, but maybe it just happened.

        It would be close, though, on the plane flight, that early after having the child. However, I still remember a place that said on FR where it was from an African journal that BO, Jr.’s b-day was July 18th. Then it would make more sense.

        • I believe it has been shown that obama Sr. took summer classes in Hawaii that year. He never left the US in ’61. It would be more believable if Sr. had been shown to have traveled – but there are school records that show otherwise. LOL – or some kind of records. I get lost sometimes there is so much JUNK!

  9. “So, like I said, a greater mystery.”

    Hmmm…that reminds me:

    “The lame cherry, the mystery of life’s experts coupled in the mind of ignorance too much the enigma to understand.”


    Here’s hoping the latter mystery will continue to unravel the former.

    • Oh yep!

      • I didn’t know that BO, Sr. took summer classes. So then it would rule out them traveling “together.” Do we know that for sure? (haahaa). The reason that I’m saying is, is that I was reading The Obama Timeline book online. I think that he mentioned something about them possibly being in Kenya from reports, but he was just reporting on what he had found out from others.

        Yeah, nothing surprises me at all about that family, nothing. It’s a mystery, well, many mysteries as a matter of fact.

        • Yes, I think I read the thing about him taking summer classes in the latest released docs-the student immigration stuff. I’d have to double check where I saw it, but I did see it. He did it so that he could do what he wanted to do (scholastically) in the time remaining here in the US.

  10. Some days I feel my blood pressure rising. This just totally disgusts me to no end. On Drudge, and BO:


    I wish that we could have that illegal alien arrested today.

    • It is the most disgusting and disrespectful thing that any American president has ever done. Do they think all of those check recipients are loyal dems? Or that this will teach the Indys and the Repubs receiving those checks that they have only the Repubs to blame? The truly dependent class doesn’t think along those lines. They blame the one that makes the threat.

      My hat is off to whomever advised that lunatic to do this.

  11. I did a quick photoshop overlap of the photos rotating them and matching up the wrist sizes around the watches. With that, the length of fingers are similar. As awkward as the airport photo looks it seems plausible.

    These old photos are hard to analyze in the same manner as the Fact check photos of the COLB and the recent LFBC. They supposedly of old photos that have been scanned and thus have definitely been manipulated by scanner software and usually post processing software.

    The use of these digitized photos to explain a past that is full of holes when in comes to real, formal, official documentation is just plain Orwellian.

    • OK, thanks Mike. I figured they looked close, but just not quite right. LOL – if I find other pics of Sr. that are more useful we can try one of those.

  12. I know there has been some reference to Lame Cherry and I thought it would be a good time to bring up an argument that was made on that blog concerning marco rubio and NBC. Essentially that his parents sought refuge here and thus forfeited their citizenship by fleeing. I believe they were given automatic citizenship. There is an argument for the logic and I think we all should think about it since he may be VP. P.S. I sometimes don’t get the total message at LC so let me know if I got it wrong.

  13. This is something I didn’t know…that’s how ignorant I am in social studies. Picked this comment up at FR on the same AT article I posted above:

    “Its a twisty road but I think you could successfully argue that Rubio’s parents being born in cuba when it was a US territory were under the jurisdiction of the USA at birth and could qualify as citizens. Then Rubio being born in the USA would be a strong argument for natural born.”

    • Something about the years Rubio parents were born Cuba was a US something or other. Yes, I’ve been seeing that out there.

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