A Higher Calling



uly 3, 2011 10:17 pm

Obama takes ‘evolving’ stance on gay marriage

By Anna Fifield in Washington


A calculating Washington operative might construe Barack Obama’s continued reluctance to support same-sex marriage as a clever strategic ploy to maximise votes as the 2012 presidential election race gets under way.

Do just enough on gay rights to keep the liberal base onside, if not exactly overjoyed. But stop short of backing same-sex marriage to avoid alienating socially conservative voters in battleground states such as Ohio and Virginia.

This might seem like a typically calibrated stance for a president who is noted for trying to have it both ways on issues such as troop withdrawal in Afghanistan.

But, analysts say, Mr Obama’s comments about gay marriage last week could reflect a rare event in Washington: a politician saying something because he genuinely believes it.

Here is why I am totally convinced that this is complete HORSESHIT.  Obama does not want to embrace these gay issues.  Lord a mercy, do you think he wants that tied to him while he is forming a closer relationship with the muslim brotherhood?


Here is what he will do to appease and silence the gays – he will give Biden the ax and run Andrew Cuomo.

Yes, the wonderful Cuomo, who went against the wishes of over 65% of the NY population and strong armed the gay marriage bill through.  The asshole.  Why?  Power.  Do these gay people think Cuomo is really on their side?  No.  But they don’t care – just as long as they get their way.  That’s all it’s about these days.  Not what is right or good, or best for the whole.  Just feel good band-aides in exchange for power and money.

So, obama will stay on the fence, but running Cuomo so’s as he appears to be getting cozy with the gay demands.  Oh yes, we must all give in to the demands of the gays now.  We are so scared of the gays.  CAUSE THE RACE CARD DONE BEEN USED UP, BITCHES! That is very important to remember.

And the Jews will get behind this move.  And all of Hollywood.  Two of his largest bases that have been drifting away will come running back, singing, “papa, me papa”.

Oh, watch this closely Kittens – Binden will be developing a “health condition” soon which prevents him from the re-election run, and Cuomo will step in to pet the gays and jolly them along.  The gays are just the tip of the target group – it’s the rest of the “support the special interest” pyramid that they are aiming for.

The blue-light special on the blue plate dinner with obama and his date, Biden, drew dismal response. 

This is the ace up the sleeve.


~ by ladysforest on July 4, 2011.

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  1. Oh, my! What a picture….haahaa…LOL! all he needs is long hair.

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