Mark “obama Is A D**K” Halperin

I saw this on Drudge and I just couldn’t believe it!  Someone on MSNBC – yes, you read that right – MSNBC – called obama a “dick”. ON AIR !!!!!!!

Listen Kittens, I was spending the morning bumming out because my auto needs expensive repairs and very hard to locate parts.  I was feelin’ low and discouraged until…………………..

Go to above link for video and full story

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~ by ladysforest on June 30, 2011.

8 Responses to “Mark “obama Is A D**K” Halperin”

  1. I obviously don’t trust this dick at all when it comes to getting re-elected, but it is my opinion that he will loose huge! Two things the LSM do not have a clue about. The huge silent majority, many of us are 912ers, that will come out in numbers never seen before in 2012. The other things is that they are trying hide his record, his gaffs, his inability to lead, etc. etc. The problem with that is that even people who voted for him the first time around are not getting their information from one source anymore. The ratings for these shows are in the tank and sinking while the ratings for alternative news outlets are soaring.

    Barring an even that would cause martial law to be declared in October of 2012, he is history, and history will not be kind to dick like him….

    • History will play a rousing game of “kick the dick” I expect. Truly, there is a silent simmer going on in this country and it is HUGE.

      I’ve noticed that things are kind of different for the past few months – like everyone is taking a deep breath just before they roar. 2012 is going to be like a monster unleashed, and it’s gonna rip and snarl and demolish. Obama’s election was a “glory-fest” of idealism. They were so so so very happy to be a part of history. Oh, the elation!

      The people in 2012 will be voting with visions of pitchforks in their minds.

      • Haahaa….I feel that things are different also. Something is definitely brewing and making its way to the boiling point Could some things possibly come to a head in August, just the preliminary? Sometimes one can just feel the tension that is very thick. It may not be anything that you can see, but it’s there nonetheless.

        • I sense something that is quite different. It seems almost tangible at times.

          In Greece they are rioting because their “goodies” are being taken away. I think here in the US it is much different. It is about our very existence as that uniqueness which is “American”.

          It’s as though you can see people sitting in their living rooms, thinking over the “news”, and just nodding to themselves and thinking, “that’s OK, I can’t do much right now, but 2012 is going to come.” And with the thought of 2012 a forceful feeling wells up in them, and they know that feeling will grow and sustain them until it is time. I believe it is nearly tangible.

          It is certainly dangerous.

  2. What’s going to happen to the lamestreamers when they say something really bad about Obamao, like he’s a CRIMINAL?

  3. Is there any way to contact the blog owner?

    • All comments go through moderation. Just indicate that the message is a PM and it will not be made public.

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