DC Gone Wild!

2011 Caribbean Day Carnival, Washington DC.  According to one site this was:

“Howard University Strip in Washington D.C. during the Caribbean Day Festival. Apparently one crew said “F*ck Niqqas out here in DC”. So the other crew from DC gave the other crew a nice warm welcome. “http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhafNEnJmHv3Sr08E



<a href=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/pw4jVLeXYYI?rel=0“>


~ by ladysforest on June 27, 2011.

10 Responses to “DC Gone Wild!”

  1. I read this the other day. It’s terrible. Notice one of the guys who was charged.


    I don’t remember them naming blacks in this story, but they show one.

    Something crazy is going on. You read on Drudge and all these teen mobs attacking others.

    • Yes, the boy that was attacked was white and the group that attacked him was black. That’s why it can be charged as it is. The poor kid was jogging home from his friends house, and this group jumped him. I feel for him and his parents. Head injuries are usually lifelong and very difficult to deal with. One very bad thing is that often a head injured person LOOKS like there is no disability, yet there are multiple lifelong problems. Short term memory, anger management, reason, objectivity.

      My son suffered a brain injury at 19 years old. He functions, but struggles terribly. One bad effect of being brain injured is that you can’t reason out that the problems that you are having is actually due to the injury. It is very disheartening not being able to help him or somehow fix it for him. I feel so badly for that family.

  2. Ladysforest,

    When you get a chance, please read this: http://www.newswithviews.com/Devvy/kidd502.htm

    She has the truth about it. It’s one of the best that I’ve read on this subject in a long time.

  3. I thought that it was a good article by her. She has a link in it, well, there are several good reads there that are linked, and this one took me a while to read, but it’s worth a read.

    “This is the Way God Made Me”
    A Scientific Examination of Homosexuality
    and the “Gay Gene”

    • I see gay in a way other than strictly religious. I don’t buy it the way they sell it, but if they just roll along like it is no big deal, and DON’T try to FORCE me to be “more” accepting or understanding or whatever it is they are constantly trying to force people to do – well, I try to live and let live. I was brought up like that.

      The thought of it kind of grosses me out, but I try to look at it as “perhaps it is the same for them”. Maybe them trying to force themselves to be straight would be just as disgusting to them as forcing myself to be gay would be to me. PHRU*KING YUCK !!!!! But the marriage thing – I’m not buying that it is truly about marriage. ESPECIALLY since immediately after the vote we start to hear how they are going to start to go after the churches now. The ones that are pushing this so hard have a definite mental illness.

  4. More mob attacks.


    Teens in a mob assault and rob Center City patrons

  5. Know what I think? I think BO is really nuts, and I mean honestly and truly nuts.

    Look at these headings on Drudge:


    ‘Kids versus corporate jets’…

    Calls People Earning $250,000 a Year ‘Jet Owners’…

    AP FLASHBACK: Stimulus Package Rewarded Private Jet Purchases… Obama rips Congress for taking vacations during crisis…

    Makes plans for Martha’s Vineyard vacation…

    • He also said his 12 year old kid was 13. I LOVE how he is so focused on the teleprompter that he doesn’t catch even THAT gaff and correct it himself on the fly.

      BTW – last year at the Vineyard, wasn’t there shit in the water or something??????? LOL.

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