“Kill All The White People” Peoria Mob

Here is a screenshot from the Peoria Chronicals “text only” version of the article.  There is a headlilne up on Drudge: ” PANDEMONIUM IN PEORIA: MOB YELLS 'KILL ALL THE WHITE PEOPLE'..but it won’t take you to the full version of the article – this is the best I could get directly from the source:

UPDATE 12:00 AM 6/27-scroll down to read third screenshot of latest mention

NEW Update 6/27.  The “Move Along – Nothing To See Here Folks” PJ Star account.  BOY!  Do they want this to go away!  It’s in a link at the bottom of this post – following MY dissection of the “new” happier, friendlier account.

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I can’t find YouTube vids-but there MUST be some – please leave a link in comments if you have one!

Got the full version-text same as above:

click to enlarge:

Still can’t get to the comments yet though.


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6/27 2:00 PM

LATEST – My take on their take:

Here is todays take from the PJStar.  I will include the link below, but I will also put snips in this comment.  A few things that are contradictory and a bit that demonstrates how the local politicians wish to make this go away.

First, I will post this snip of a statement from a resident:

 “Khalid Davis, who lives on Thrush, said the group blocked a few cars but was very orderly. He witnessed no fights and called the racist allegations a “heck of an exaggeration.”

HOW do you “block traffic” illegally while being “very orderly”?  Bullshit!  He also DID NOT state that there were NO racist comments by the mob – just that he felt it was an “exaggeration”.  Maybe one of his kids was in the mob?

Then this is mentioned:

“The effects of the allegations were evident in the neighborhood Sunday. A police nuisance abatement truck called the Armadillo, outfitted with cameras, was parked on the side of Thrush.”

So, if the police,who were quoted as saying:

 “Police responded to Thrush on Friday night on a report of fireworks and fighting but found neither of those activities occurring, a police report stated. The group dispersed in multiple directions when an officer arrived. “

We are expected to buy that ONE officer shows up and ALL the urban youths scatter.  Uh-huh.  Anyway – it was just a nice little benign get-together of cheerful youths……and now they have to park a NUISANCE ABATEMENT truck on the street.

Here is the account from another resident :

  “Kenny Rogers, who has lived on Sheridan for 10 years, called police Friday after he saw the group “hollering” and stopping traffic on the street. He did not hear anyone yell that they wanted to kill white people.

Rogers says the crowd was running wildly around yards and porches. It was the largest Rogers, 38, had ever seen in the neighborhood.

“They were doing a show of force,” he said, “to show everybody, ‘Hey, this is their hood.'”

And then there is Peoria City Councilwoman Barbara Van Auken who is OUTRAGED that this has gone and become a big nationwide attention getter.

She even goes so far as to – get this – state that the two Councilpersons who were advised of the situation first by Wilkinson’s allegations of hearing the phrase “Kill all the white people”, “are very gullible new council members who were dumb enough to believe him”.  

Get a load of the Queen of the Council-members!  Calling fellow councilpersons DUMB and GULLIBLE simply because they take a serious allegation SERIOUSLY.

So, what this tells us is that the statement from Mr. Rodgers more closely supports that of the report from Mr. Wilkinson given out shortly after the mob went through the neighborhood.  And that the Van Auken entity is mad that we all know about her towns nasty little secret.


The screenshot below is the second half of the article which does contain most of the NEWEST ARTICLES text (so, not the screenshot above – the below is from a different article)

click to enlarge


~ by ladysforest on June 26, 2011.

18 Responses to ““Kill All The White People” Peoria Mob”

  1. Glad that you were able to get that. I had clicked on it twice today and it wouldn’t work. Things may be getting more out of hand soon.

    • I’m persistent. I tell ya – flamethrowers are gonna gone in fashion pretty soon. People had better wake the phru*k up and realize exactly how serious this is and how fast it’s spreading.

  2. It’s crazy, but in the black group of people in various places in the US, many are extremely racist, and I’m sure that they’re extremely angry.

    • Why are they randomly angry at random white people though?

      • Because they are mindless savages whom our kind has systematically spoiled. You won’t like that answer, but ….

        “Truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it.” -Flannery O’Connor

        • No, I don’t think any of us LIKE the answer, *sigh*, but what are we left with when these terrible things keep happening, and are becoming much worse in scale?

  3. Who would pay for their cost of living if all the white people were killed? <<<A fact that sounds racist because it is. The numbers don't lie.

    They are acting out because they have been given a green light to do just that. The administration is not prosecuting black on white racist attacks, and in fact have increased chasing any thing that even hints at being racist in the other direction. Obama reminds me of Yasaf Arafat. Tell the general public what they want to hear and tell your hommies with a wink wink nod nod what you want them to hear…

    • Only they don’t seem to realize he’s not a “homey”. Obama has ZERO connection to the African-American experience. Seems that there is that segment that seizes on anything at all to use as a rallying call to act like animals. Obama has inspired that segment and Holder has given them protection.

      • And that’s BO’s plan and in his game book. He wants the racist thing going on.

        As far many blacks, which it’s difficult for me to understand, the false history that has happened in the past in the US has helped promote extreme racism in them. Don’t get me wrong here, not every black person buys into the hate and the lies. For about 35+ years I know they have been hating more whites than vice versa. One of our family members was married to a black man, and he and his family just flat-out hated whites. For no reason that I could see.

        Here’s the thing. Back in the slavery days, many think, I guess, that all whites were for slavery. But not even everyone in the South was for slavery as is sometimes portrayed in the movies, and even many of them were against it and hating it, and the North fought against it. And they have an altered history of things thanks to the media and TV and various movies such as Roots.

        Speaking of the movie Roots, I had a best friend who was a black lady, and she would hardly speak to me after that movie way back then. I wasn’t against any color of skin that someone has, yet when the movie came out, all of a sudden I was like one of the slave owners.

        • Yeah. I went through a similar thing in fourth grade after the “slavery” history lessons began. All kids got along until then, afterward the black children went around attacking the white kids in little packs. It was so sad. Kids that had never had a hard word between them, had played at each others homes, attended each others churches, suddenly it was all gone. Replaced with unearned anger and aggression.

  4. Why hasn’t this been covered in the mainstream media? Sounds like a newsworthy story.

  5. In all the stories I have read there is one and only one person who said he heard, “kill all the white people.” It is Paul Wilkinson.

    After relentless searching, I found another article with the following statements:

    Peoria City Councilwoman Barbara Van Auken said Sunday she is outraged by Wilkinson’s allegations.

    Van Auken, who has known Wilkinson for six years, said he’s had a history of “wildly exaggerating” reports, many of them involving race. And police are well aware of it.

    This was in the pjstar.
    Until we get all the facts, it would be wonderful if we could take a step back and not stir the ugly flames of racism.

    • Sure, and no one here is stirring racism. Rather those in complete “denial”, such as yourself, are encouraging these mobs. Denying that this is occurring, and then screaming “racist” at everyone is to promote such activities.

      How does it help anyone to look the other way? The FIRST article in the PJStar – the one in my post – stated that “eyewitness accounts” – that would be PLURAL – said the young people were yelling racist comments. The article went on to say the police were INSTRUCTED NOT TO COMMENT. So, it’s being covered up. Don’t be so naive.

      And don’t come on this blog again with pathetic attempts to bitch about racism. Idiots like yourself are why situations like this are now taking place.

  6. Ladysforest, time to put on your big girl pants and use the brain in your head. You really expect us to believe that a large angry mob terrorized a neighborhood with threats of killing people and there were no eyewitnesses except for this one guy? No photos, no FB or Twitter postings, no newspaper accounts, no nothing–just some guy’s blogpost, and the blog in question has disappeared and its author vanished?

    It’s not being covered up. It simply never happened. That’s why Drudge has taken it off his site, and why people like you shouldn’t be such suckers as to believe everything you read on people’s blogs.

    • Ah, another snarky little criminal cuddler chimes in. In the new friendlier version of the news account even OTHER neighbors said there was a large group of urban youths running around the neighborhood.

      So, why don’t you just go ahead and pull your head out of your progressive asshole and admit that you are wrong. And get this you phu*cking loser, I did not state that the cheerful urban youths said they wanted to kill white people, that is what was in the news account. I posted SCREENSHOTS of the news accounts.

      I would rather be informed. And I think it is HILARIOUS that a pc apologist such as you obviously are, attempts to lecture anyone at all about being a sucker. No, a sucker is a person who hides the ugly truth because it is uncomfortable. You want to excuse this behavior? You want to ignore it? Why?

      Go and read todays account in the regular Peoria newspaper you pathetic liar. I hope a non-event like this touches your life violently. I really do hope that disingenuous and willing dupes such as yourself begin to suffer at the hands of these playful urban youths. Until that happens we will keep hearing that it never happened – no matter how many report it.

      You are a perfect example of a useful idiot.


  7. Hi Ladysforest,

    Thank you for this post, excellent as usual.

    Gateway Pundit has been covering these black flash mobs better than anywhere I’ve seen. Here was an apparent second one in Philly over the weekend (with video from the first one a few days earlier):

    Philly Flash-Mobbery: Youth Mob Attacks Pedestrians, Woman’s Leg Broken

    GP also covered the Peoria incident.

    Was this next one below a non-black flash mob?

    Violent Gay Pride Marchers Bust Windows and Smash Up ATM in Seattle (Video)

    Still the Left.

    I agree with Lawrence Sellin that at least some of these mobs are connected to Zero’s operatives and are a form of terrorism he’s using to attempt to cow non-Obama voters:

    Obama’s ineligibility: Prepare for martial law

    “We have frequently heard about union thugs threatening Tea Party activists and New Black Panther Party members menacing voters. To that, add newer forms of intimidation: “Pandemonium in Peoria: Mob yells ‘kill all white people’”; “Teen Mob Of 50 Hits Chicago Wallgreens”; “Flash mob of 40 rips off Philly Sears.” (Drudge Headlines June 27, 2011) It is the fear induced by such events that paralyzes Congress from challenging Obama and the subsequent inaction by authorities that is further degrading the rule of law. Obama and his followers know this and will use every means possible to intimidate the opposition and sway the 2012 election in his direction.”

    One of the excuses we hear trickling out from Washington is that congress knows he’s ineligible, but blacks would riot if he were declared so. Are these black flash mobs suddenly appearing to play upon fears in congress as well? The worse things get for Zero, including his ineligibility, the more flash mobs I expect to see.

    As I’m sure you know, poll-wise it looks like Corsi/the bc forgery has brought Zero’s eligibility numbers to a place every bit as bad as they were when Trump was speaking openly about it:

    Stunning numbers [50%] want Congress to probe Obama’s eligibility
    Analyst says ‘birthers’ can’t be marginalized, as 28% of Democrats agree

    • Thanks for the input Larry. I’ve been following it, but don’t usually post on it – kinda watching how bad it gets and how fast.

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