The Cluster of Bluster

I haven’t said much of anything at all about the current emerging field of Presidential candidates.  What’s to say?

We have Hot Potato Newt:

His “approved” head shot

All his little helper bees keep flying away – this is a sign, and a BIG one, that ole Newt ain’t got the stuff of leadership in him.


Then we have the three stooges:

Mitt of “Romneycare” Massachusetts.  Privileged, elitist, out of touch and fine with that.  I see on his campaign website that he is using a 12 year old “politically involved” boy to promote himself.  Now, ain’t that so obama?
There is Jon Huntsman.  The, “I don’t want to make waves about the man I respect so much, president barack obama” platform is genius.  He’ll save himself a lot of time and energy by not having to run for more than a hot minute. 
I notice the lefty news sites didn’t really punch up the part of Huntsmans speech that had the Republicans and Conservatives so reactive – that alone should have the alarm bells a-clanging.
And on to Timmy.  Any grown man that would campaign under the nicname “T-Paw” is a moron.  There, I said it bluntly and I don’t care!  It makes him sound like a stuffed animal.  Actually, when he speaks, it is just as I imagine a stuffed animal might sound were it to suddenly begin to talk.  All soft and wafflely and kind of non-threatening, likewise non-committal.  Stuffed animals have no business taking a hard line on anything as they are there to hug and play dress-up and be smooushed.

~ by ladysforest on June 23, 2011.

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