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Kittens, I am almost at a loss.

Lately it has seemed that we who follow this mystery, called “The Birthers”, have retreated a bit from the mystery tour .

I’d say it began right about when Donald Trump entered the arena.  We sort of got into the back seat to watch where he wanted to travel, and let him put the pedal to the medal.   We admired his gumption, and his masterful way of plowing down the media’s blockade of derisive dismissal of all things “Birther”.   Then his machine skidded out on a greasy patch of forgery that we had warned him to expect.  He rolled up into a correspondents event, where his skills to maneuver the focus and advance the dialog failed, and he crashed into the Presidential teleprompters.  Lucky he was wearing his hair helmet.

We climbed out of the back seat in disgust.  Pissed that our warning had been ignored.  Pissed that he failed to own up to skidding out on an obvious forgery.  Pissed that we were now worse off than we had been before, AND we had to eat untasty Trump crow.

It don’t taste like chicken.

And now we have been covered in Pidgeon shit.

Let me back up a sec.  For me, it always comes down to the natural born Citizen (nbC) eligibility issue.  So, you think he was born in HI?  Daddy was a Brit, obama was born a dual citizen that was subject to Sr.s Brit citizenship.  Born in Kenya?  not nbC.  Born in Canada? not nbC.

The closest obama comes to being nbC are these theories that Davis or Malcom X was the daddy. That would work IF one of them was the dad and obama was born on US soil – lets presume HI since he seems to want to make that claim.

How in hell can you prove either of those two theories?   It is no stretch at all to believe your dad is who you are told it is.  Nothing wrong or strange there.  With obama’s commie streak, don’t you think he would have welcomed learning his dad was one of those two?  Especially if it happened while he was young and it could have easily been worked into his nativity?   I think obama might have been glad to learn that, say, Malcom X was sperm donor #1.  Imagine the instant  elevation from goat herder Kenyan to a mover and shaker like X.  So X didn’t parent him – neither did Sr.  So X didn’t claim him – Sr. kinda did, but not really.  Obama went to Kenya looking for the connection AFTER his daddy Sr. had croaked – but not before………

Now we have Stephen Pigeon rolling out some new theory that this cat called obama ain’t even the one who has the three or four different dads and was born in HI/Kenya/Canada/WA/Indonesia. Nope, now obama is someone altogether different.  He is now some dude who was named Barak Mounir Ubayd, and got his name changed TO Barack Hussien obama in some town of less than 100 residents in BC.  AND at the same time we have Leo Donofrio suggesting a new and improved way for obama’s lawyers to defend him.  Both men are attorneys.  Both are popular among the “birthers”.

What is that old saying?  Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer.

I am happy to find that in the comment threads the latest theory is not enjoying a great deal of acceptance.

Look – the fact is that there is a “barack Hussein obama” entered on Stanley Ann’s early passport.  The fact is that he is listed as “barack Hussein obama” on the Indonesian school record.  The fact is that even Kenyan officials claim that obama is the son of Obama Sr. (and yes, some have said he was born in Kenya).  Obama Sr. is the father UNLESS or until real contemporaneous documents are discovered and verified to be genuine.  Then you’d have to get a DNA test also. 

Do we really want to go down into these rabbit holes?  Do we really want to turn away from genuine proven research and facts at hand to chase some new theory that is very implausible at best?

What do we gain? What happens if you are willing to run towards every new theory put out there? You look desperate and gullible and you shall be dismissed as such.  Count on it.

Here is a snip from a good comment left on the ObamaReleaseYourRecords blog, written by AuntieMadder:

Maybe they’re trying to change the narrative so that Barky becomes a natural born citizen. Or maybe the intent is to create confusion, distraction and more ridicule of the “crazy birfers and their conspiracy theories.”

For what it’s worth, I’m not accusing Attorney Pidgeon of being a propagandist. He could be the victim of disinformation passed on to him. The timing of his book’s release to coincide with Corsi’s book, however, doesn’t make Pidgeon look good. Either he’s intentionally attempting to confuse facts with disinformation or he’s trying to cash in on Corsi’s and WND’s marketing of Corsi’s book. Either option lends credibility to those who say that Pidgeons are nothing more than flying rodents.

Proof exists somewhere in writing, I’m willing to bet, of the exact meaning and definition known to the drafters and signers of our Constitution, of “natural born Citizen”.  Our people are finding such things, just not exactly what we need yet.

Stay the course friends.


~ by ladysforest on June 5, 2011.

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  1. LF, I have been very concerned with some of the people that have been “after” this issue. I am not going to bash anybody trying to find the truth but this is the first time I have been exposed to so much intentional disinformation. Combine that with absolutely no information on this guy and you have people looking at anything that does come out. I also am surprised at the Donofrio thing. I am not sure what he is saying. He went into a whole long explanation of why bobo would never meet the NBC requirement but then seems to believe it is a moral obligation to tell bobo how to defend himself as if it is his client. This is the same lawyer who got taken to the cleaners with the car dealers and thought it was in the bag that he would win the case. Seemed totally shocked at the judge’s behavior. This again after his lawsuit got thrown out before the election.

    • DING DING DING !!! Yes, you are correct.

      I have noticed, and read from other commenters, that there seem to SUDDENLY be a new big ole batch of “Malcom X is the Daddy” adherents. I mean, really? Good grief. I know for a fact that this is NOT that popular a theory. So, the disinformation, smear the birthers, crowd are alive and well and spamming their asses off. Watch out for some of those “converts” from Hillary that now start to change direction. They have claimed to be “converts to conservationism” – and I call “bullshit”!

      And moral obligation – this is a LAWYER!!!! This is a lawyer who collected thousands of comments, hundreds of hours of research done by OTHER people and left in comments on his blog, and he slammed the blog shut – comments and all – and declared a copyright. Zinged right over everyone’s heads. Trust is a terrible thing to waste. Fool me once……………..

      • On the whole Malcolm X thing…why it has traction is because from the beginning someone has been tracking and paying the way for bobo. Since there is no marriage certificate and they never lived together, most believe he covered for someone else. Not saying it matters, even if it’s true because your father is who you claim, but the story with BHO senior as the father does not explain so many of the opportunities this guy has been given based on zero accomplishments.

        • I don’t think the theory on Malcom X explains it either. Even if Sr. covered for someone – it could have been anyone. The main reason many seem to think X is possible is because of the physical resemblance.
          I think most of the early opportunities were from doting grandparents, and later more and more came from the communist connections.

      • What’s that you say!?? Are you telling us that Leo D copyrighted the written words and thoughts of others? Are you sure? Perhaps he only copyrighted his own comments and you misunderstood his claim.

        As to Leo shutting down his blog – that certainly is his right and we may not be privy to the true reasons why he did so (thug tactics from zero’s flying monkeys??). Just as I was sad to see it closed, I’m glad Leo’s blog is back. And yes, he is diminished somewhat by his erratic behavior, but he has done more to challenge Obama (or whatever his legal name really is) and tried harder to bring back the rule of law than most of the rest of us, so kudos to Leo.

        The copyright thing would be very disappointing if actually true per the worst case scenario. Maybe I’ll ask him about it if you choose to fill us in on the story’s blanks.

        By the way, your Pidgeon posting was subtle enough that I missed the delicious droll message in marrying the caption to the picture (which had me completely distracted). So I had to savor the well written Trump thump, before being served the main course of exquisitely roasted, er, um… squab.

        I have met with Stephen Pidgeon for an extended conversation in person on two occasions and was impressed with his sincerity, patriotism, intelligence and basic good sense (still am, so don’t know what to make of his bizarre “Barak Mounir Ubayd” claim). I’ll definitely want to get his side of the story on that one.

        Mind the droppings. 🙂

        • About Leo and the copyright thing-I recall reading on his blog something about his planning to write a book, presumably about the eligibility issue. That was back shortly before he closed the blog over a year ago. I’m working from memory, but I recall something about the content being declared copyrighted. I recall some wondering about it because so many had contributed so many hours of research to the blog – freely. I do not know if he ever gave an answer as to if he considered all comments left on the blog copyright material as well. I had a cache of some of the commentary and a few posts, and I never posted any of it because I wasn’t sure what he had intended by the “copyright”.

          As to erratic behavior – well, he can march to his own tune, no worries, but bloggers have responsibilities (just my opinion). More so if one is a professional, presents professional opinion and the readers have placed a great amount of trust in you. Sure, we bloggers don’t REALLY owe our readers anything, but if that’s the way someone feels underneath – why blog at all? Why not just be a commenter on other blogs and forums? I’ve noticed that some popular Eligibility bloggers who are great at steering the issue where they want, and getting lots of readers “emotionally involved” with them-suddenly shut down their blogs at key points in their readers involvement. Shut them down including the comments – wipe everything out with zero warning. Some come back later. I don’t know if the obot bloggers are as capricious – I suspect they just fizzle out.

          I hope SP has some strong actual fact behind his theory, but for the life of me, this one seems way too out there. I have always admitted to being a very critical and suspicious person. That’s why I like to collect my own materials, or when possible have them collected by well trusted people-and they document what they do. I know that the stuff I have is the absolute real deal, and I can and DO prove it. Even if I don’t have a silver bullet. Sigh. I could easily have dramatized and sensationalized what I do have – but I just wanted people to see it for exactly what it is.
          It’s like that Lucas S. He goes through all of this stuff about a Kenyan bc, yet as far as I know he never would post even a partial image of a travel receipt to prove he had been there.

          Motivation is locked away from public view.

      • I think that he’s going off the deep end again, Ladysforest. He does this occasionally. I was trying to talk to him the other day and gave up. He gets upset if you don’t agree with him 100 percent.

        Well, I see that BO could be born anywhere in the US, but he’ll never be an NBC because he has BO, Sr. listed as his daddy, who was a British subject or whatever, citizen. However, it is still interesting to think that way before BO became a president when he was a senator, all kinds of newspaper articles came out, Kenyan-born Senator Obama, etc. But LD thinks that it’s saying that because his daddy was Kenyan born.

        And I was talking to a friend about it, and she even thinks like me. If someone says they’re Kenyan born, that means you’re born in Kenyan. For example, I’d say that I’m American born.

        Regardless, I may be wrong, and he may be wrong. BO could have been born on Mars for all we know! Haahaa…

        • I think it’s a BIG stretch to think that a newspaper writer would call you Kenyan-born because a PARENT was born there – LOL. Geeze. My dad was born in Hungary, and I can assure you that neither my brother or I ever said we were Hungarian-born, not even once.

          Was it Pidgeon that got upset or LD?

  2. AuntieMadder: – “For what it’s worth, I’m not accusing Attorney Pidgeon of being a propagandist. He could be the victim of disinformation passed on to him. …”

    Yes, it seems to be disinformation, apparently originating from the following blog: —

    “The truth about ‘Barack Obama'”


    German -> English translation —

    If you enlarge the ‘Ubayd COLB’ to 400% (the image found on this German blog), the same ‘spot’ appears (under the letter ‘E’ of Certification) as appears on all four, 2008 versions of Obama’s forged short-form COLB.

    This blogger claims (in a comment) that Obama’s 2008 short-forms COLBs were forged FROM his copy (released in 2009) — a copy which he claims he obtained (somehow) from the “Vatican Secret Service”!

    The sub-title on the blog reads: “Roswell Daily Record” — referring to the famous UFO incident…

    If Stephen Pidgeon has a more reliable source, he’d better start talking.

  3. Hi Ladysforest,

    Good post, I agree. I left this comment at ORYR:

    “A 2009 piece of web info that nobody took seriously is the highlight of P’s book, published by a quickie press, that rides the coattails of Corsi’s book, tells me it was done for the money.

    Pidgeon may not be out to cause harm, but this seems to be a book born of his financial necessity. He had a very unjust legal decision go against him and Leo Donofrio just recently in the Chrysler dealers case, and is facing still unknown monetary sanctions:


    Corsi is where the true strength is, and excellent work by citizen researchers such as Butterdezillion, Miss Tickly, Ladysforest, Voght, etc. Hopefully this SS# case by Taitz, too.


    (Thanks again for your great work, ORYR!)”

    Btw, even if Pidgeon’s book was released May 21 (was it actually a little later?), and the judgment went against him and LD on May 25, the request for damages went in on May 2. Enough time for Pidgeon to finish or to put together whatever he could for a coattail book, just in case.

    As far a Leo Donofrio and his obligation to Zero’s defense, in a way, Leo’s done too good a job on natural born citizen (nbc), the basics are established, and since he admittedly doesn’t have anything to overthrow Zero’s lack of nbc status, I say Why bother? Much bigger fish are being fried out there in eligibility land. For what it’s worth, I don’t think Leo was certain of a win in the Chrysler case.

    Although nbc is clearly where Zero fails, it’s just as clear that his new “birth certificate” is a forgery. I think this is probably the main component of anything that will bring him down. IMHO, Corsi and Farah have been playing the WH like masters, both on the BC forgery and giving very good reasons to think that Zero was born in Kenya, with more to come on each; nbc will continue to play a role in this mix. I think Corsi will either topple Zero or wound him badly for 2012.

    With the exception of some proposed state eligibility requirement laws, the eligibility movement seems to be doing as well as immediately before Trump showed up (and then shriveled up), probably much better. The momentum is building again, even if it’s still at pre-Trump levels, since it’s extremely widespread on the web that the BC is a fake (much more so than the previous fake COLB).

    PS Malcolm X and Fr. M. Davis are an intentional distraction. One way or another, Zero owns BHO I now legally as daddy, and it looks like it’s the BC forgery that will drive the rest anyway.

    Keep up the great work, Ladysforest!

    • Yes, all other stuff boiled away, Sr. is the father. obama has owned him his entire life, nothing has been brought forward to contradict that. The Kenyan family embraces him as Sr.s son, and has for years. Legally it is what it is.

      Thank you Larry.

      • It’s simply amazing to me. We know the BC is a forgery, then BO has BO, Sr. on it and the COLB as being his daddy whether he’s the real daddy or not., but what counts is what’s on the document. If he comes up later with a “real” BC and has a different daddy on it, or no daddy at all, then he is still in trouble, I would think. Not counting the forgery, but consider the lies, the deception.

        • Yes, he owns the nativity now – lock stock and barrel. He can’t come out with an “I’m sorry” or a “My bad” once he put his authority on the release of that franken-birth certificate. Done deal.

  4. Ladysforest,

    It’s LD that got so upset. I personally don’t care. Sometimes maybe he’s overthinking things with his brilliant mind. But a lot of times there are just common-sense things that most people in the whole world kind of think the same in regards to.

    I don’t know what to think of SP either. I saw a message of what Corsi said about it, and Corsi said it’s not real, that it’s been out a while, or words to that effect.

    • I recall hearing about it a long while back. Someone I know tried to look into it a bit, but Canada has really elastic regs on how and what and IF they cough up any info. We felt it was a distraction – one of many going around at that time.

      As to brilliance-I’d say that is up to ones own perception. I’ve known many attorneys, some brighter than others, but LOL, none brilliant. I like that LD encourages people to think, and that he offers guidance based on his legal background. But I do not find him brilliant. In fact, some of his commenters are exceptionally perceptive and intellectual. They offer him much research and insight that he seems to welcome. A appreciable amount of the advancement of the work on his blog is due to the contributions of the readers of his blog. It is great for people to have a place to go and to be so inspired, but if that inspiring force then leads them off the path…………………even a little……………..

      • Oh, I should have written haahaa after the word “brilliant.” I was being funny. Not serious. And don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying he’s ignorant or anything like that. He is smart, although not brilliant.

        • He’s sharp, I agree. His blog is very interesting, and he has some of the sharpest commenters out there. But, as I said, I tend to be a bit skeptical of motives sometimes. However, I do not try to convince others that they should be as well. LOL – I might suggest it, but I won’t usually go further than that.

  5. Ladysforest,

    As far as your blog, there is a wealth of research that has been done here. And I think that you do it correctly in the fact that you allow the reader to form their own opinion in looking at the evidence. That is the way that it should be done.

    Also, I need to review it again, but I’m busy (so thankful that I’m busy) with work. Maybe I’ll have a break soon.

  6. I like to collect my own materials, or when possible have them collected by well trusted people-and they document what they do. I know that the stuff I have is the absolute real deal, and I can and DO prove it. Even if I don’t have a silver bullet. Sigh. I could easily have dramatized and sensationalized what I do have – but I just wanted people to see it for exactly what it is.

    That is the way of science. Careful work that is well documented and reproducible (unfortunately cannot always be done with social/historical experiments/discoveries) so that it speaks for itself. No bluster or fanfare is required to prove the truth and worth of such work. It is what it is.

    So for your persistent methodical ways, I tip my hat to you. 😉

    Leo is doing much the same in his pursuit of Constitutional truth regardless of where the path leads. He is willing to let the chips fall where they may even if some land on the other side. No matter, zero will never be a natural born Citizen, and even if that doesn’t unseat the usurping fraud, he still is a criminal future felon on a mind-numbing number of counts.

    Leo has always reminded me of a finely crafted, somewhat delicate violin with its strings strung a little too tight – a little squeaky at times, produces amazing output when it plays, but you never know when it might go “pop.” His edginess and slight paranoia (is it paranoia if they really are out to get you?) are what fuels his being – they are just the other side of the coin and without them he probably wouldn’t be who he is and have done what he has done.

    That said, it wouldn’t excuse copyrighting the work of others (which I doubt he did or would do).

    Mind the droppings. 🙂

    • Yes, I don’t recall if the whole copyright thing was meant to include the comments left by others or not. I don’t know if it was ever cleared up back then. I hadn’t contributed anything except to make a few observations, so it wouldn’t have impacted me at all. I usually enjoyed reading over there, especially some of the comments. Some of the contributors worked so hard to try and move the issue forward, and to find and offer up relevant info from old court cases, newspapers, history books, etc. Just imagine if you had to pay to get all of that research done!

  7. Oh, my word, check this out:


    • Very interesting! The more experts that come forward, the more “curiouser” it gets. 🙂

      • That was one article that clearly shows the letters are different. Right now this country is so weird. All this stuff coming out, and the PTB just ignore. It’s like we’re all in different worlds or something. The media has their own little world, government, FBI, then regular Americans are pretty much accepting reality. The libs are way off somewhere in la-la land, the Twlight Zone.

  8. Well! I have just been catching up on some of the comments on Leo Donofrio’s blog, and all I can say is…………who died and made him the master of the natural born Citizenship issue?

    Some of his responses are down right rude and elitist. Rather full of himself right now, ain’t? I don’t care for bloggers beating up sincere and polite commenters.

    • I firmly agree. And I’ve noticed that he’s that way anyway.

      I think it’s like this with BO, if we all ever find out the truth of the matter, we’re probably all going be very surprised.

      If you and I were to go back and look at each others documents growing up like BCs, they would just be normal. No funny business in them at all. And school records, same thing.

      Not so with anything of BO’s. Everything is goofy.

      • True dat!

        That’s why I don’t buy into Leo’s shiat that we are just being run in circles for the fun of the current resident in the White House. The oddities and anomalies would take far more work and planning than would straight up good quality phony docs right from the beginning. Why take the risk that people will even get caught up in all the horseplay? Meanwhile he succeeds in trashing all his own records? Birth records I mean. ZERO common sense there.
        It’s exactly like claiming that the people who recognize that the newspaper microfilms could have been altered to include obama actually BELIEVE that obama’s family planned that out on the day he was born so those would be there 40+ years later to allow obama to run for the presidency. No one has ever believed that, and it’s a dumb premise.

      • All I know for certain about the birth story of the big zero (zero real records) is that he wasn’t born in any hospital in Hawaii. Everything else is still up for grabs. Even who his real father is, is not 100 percent certain, although zero’s actual DNA may not matter as, for all intents and purposes, BHO Senior was and is his legal father of record.

        Take Leo for what he is, a true patriot willing to put his neck on the line to push back hard on the natural born Citizen issue. He has chosen to devote himself exclusively to that single issue and leave all Obama’s other fraud and crimes to others. Leo recognizes that Obama’s birth records are forgeries, but he just doesn’t want to deal with any of that because it would dilute his chosen focus.

        Like Ladysforest and many other active patriots, Leo has done yeoman’s work in educating people and generating interest in the eligibility issue. The breadth of Obama’s crimes have made a tent big enough to cover all stripes of “birthers” angry about how our country is being destroyed. I think the extra high wattage buzz Leo generates has helped a great many otherwise dispirited people realize that they can and must push back. Sure, Leo is flawed in some ways, but recognize that many of those flaws go hand-in-hand with the part of him that gives him his drive, focus and ability to generate buzz.

        Ladysforests reply:

        No matter the motivation, or the veracity of the theory, this matter WILL be attached to the obama presidency, and WILL make a distinct impact on the election. And no one will go and specifically vote for him because bad old birthers pestered him. So, he wins NOTHING by playing with people.

        I of course take Leo for what he is, I guess I just feel uneasy when a blogger fries their own supporters. It’s bad form. Generally :).

        (wordpress still screwy-can’t reply to comments from my dash)

  9. A thought just occurred to me. What IF a person found an old document or a similar historical reference, that clearly stated the Founders understanding of nbC. They send it off to one of these “trusted” bloggers, and that blogger sez to them ~
    “hey, keep this under your hat for a bit while I check it out”. After that it would be on the contributor, if they agreed to the request for silence, to follow up, AND to verify whatever interpretation the “trusted blogger” puts on the thing.

    Could be a situation.

    • I think some people at Zapem had actually found documents that hadn’t been read before by Washington, Hamilton, Jay and various others. There’s a doctor that I simply can’t remember his name right now. They were excellent. Oh, I think writings by Ramsay.


      So they started that and stopped. But they found tons of information on NBC from the documents is my understanding. To the Founding Fathers, it was a very serious matter at the time, and it should be because of traitors and the undivided loyalty issue. It’s possibly that they decided to do a book about it instead.

      This is what they found from the documents, and quoting:

      There were three types of citizens at the time of the signing of the Constitution:

      1. Those who pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to the Declaration of Independence. On that day, July 4, 1776, millions of former British subjects became citizens of a sovereign America.

      2. The children, their heirs, born of those pledged citizens, were the first natural-born citizens of the new nation.

      3. A person naturalized into citizenship through an act of law requiring an oath and and renunciation to any former allegiance.

  10. Meant to add, all of those three types of citizens are so simple to understand, and people of today make it extremely complicated. Well, not everyone, but I’m sure that you understand what I’m saying.

  11. Having issues with WordPress today.

  12. What a strange story: http://israelinsider.net/forum/topics/mikhail-kryzhanovsky-kgb?xg_source=activit

    Now I have to get back to work. I read that during lunch. Would make a good movie.

  13. This is crazy, but something caught my eye in that story. Back last year, I think it was, we were discussing Obama’s true age. That’s because on MySpace or Facebook, someplace had him at age 52. The discussion was taking place around his b-day, I think.

    Well, I had ran across an news article that I can’t find now, about BO and Lugar, going off to Russia together. It was back in 2005 that they went. I remember in the article it said that BO was 48. I wish that I had saved that article.

    So I ask, what age is he really?

  14. I was wrong. Found the article, says he was 41 in 2005.

    “The 41-year old Obama, having won one of Illinois’ two Senatorial seats in 2005, is seen by many on Capitol Hill as heir-apparent to many of the non-proliferation concerns spearheaded by Lugar. ”


  15. Well, I found the old CW post about where some were discussing BO’s age. It was back in 2009, not 2010. Time is just flying by. Can’t believe it was that long ago. But Gregg makes note about MySpace has BO at 52. I think they have since removed that from his MS page.

    So can’t remember now what age BO was supposed to be then. Oh, must have been 48, supposedly. That’s why the 48 stuck in my mind. Then the MS page said 52, maybe Facebook too, can’t remember. The article that I found said he was 41 in 2005. So what age is he really?

    He doesn’t even know the number of states in the US, nor does he know his age.

  16. Look very closely at this on the age, it says 52.


  17. Sorry, one more. I didn’t know that WND did something on this:


  18. Sorry that I was being a motormouth. But the point that I was trying to make was that he doesn’t even have a normal age listed. Even that is weird. I can understand messing up sometimes, but from those various ages. Just kind of strange.

  19. Hi Ladysforest,

    Corsi’s article on the expert’s breakdown of the different fonts in the “BC” (referenced above) is stunning:

    Expert: Obama doc is ‘proof’ – of fraud
    Typeface analysis shows images come from different machines

    Practically as amazing is this video, visually demonstrating over and over how different the letters are, often in the same word:

    (h/t Rob at ORYR)

    The author contends that many of these striking differences can be accounted for by the forger drawing (or amending) the letters. Perhaps they were not literally hand-drawn but manipulated with a computer graphics “crayon”? Even if he’s not correct about some type of drawing, it dramatically reinforces Corsi’s article about different fonts.

    In places, it looks like there are remnants (more visible in the video?) of letters underneath what has been added.

  20. LD is so terribly hung up on Chester Arthur and thinking that BO is pulling a Chester Arthur, he can’t see the forest for the trees.

    This is what I wrote and what he replied:

    “So, Leo, putting aside the BC issue for a moment, what do you think about the anomalies in the BO birth announcements and the index data book?


    ed. I think that it’s never going to end and it will never have closure for those who refuse to see how convenient the BC thing is for Obama. It has served him well. Furthermore, the more credible evidence suggests that he was born in Hawaii. What you say are anomalies may not be anomalies. If they want you believe he’s hiding something, you will. If he wanted you to believe he was born in Hawaii, you would believe that. The problem most can’t consider is that they have been played and taken for a ride. Their egos can’t handle that and he knows it. He has pwned everyone on this BC thing. It’s a classic bait and switch – 3 card monty. You could swear the queen is in the middle – but it’s not. This is a hustle. I have to respect it. I win poker tourneys by doing the same thing… lead the fish to the hook and help them swallow the bait. – leo”

    • There are a bunch of things wrong with his “assumptions”. And he really ought not to mention ego 🙂 .

      • Agreed. Some of the people on there are making perfect sense about many of the issues surrounding BO. Many are extremely logical. I don’t find them as being a conspiracy theory of any kind whatsoever. Yet he’s kind of looking at anything else as being a conspiracy theory, I think. I know the Chester Arthur story is his baby, and he’s spent a lot of time on it.

        Actually you can’t change someone’s thoughts on things. He’s just ignoring other evidence. And to study the birth announcements and the index pages would probably take him more time that he would care to admit. We’re not making it all up. There are true anomalies there. The people who study it will see it.

      • LD keeps on saying that everyone sees only what he or she is looking for. Is he exempt?

  21. Everybody in Kenya seems to know something about Barack Obama that Americans dont know! Remember that the United States Constitution requires that a President must be a natural born citizen of the United States – born to American parents on American soil! Stay up-to-date on the latest and hottest issue sparked by the revelations that Obama had posted a fake birth certificate on his website the forgery was later confirmed as shown in another video.

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