Obama’s Time Traveling Trip


It appears that obama can’t keep straight the year he is occupying.  Perhaps he should appoint a “Time-Keeping Czar”. 

Today when obama signed the guest book at Westminster Abbey, he signed the date as I have depicted in the above image.  Yes, he signed it,  24  May  2008.  2008.  How would the press have treated such an occasion if this had been Sarah Palin? 


~ by ladysforest on May 24, 2011.

11 Responses to “Obama’s Time Traveling Trip”

  1. He brought his commonality with the Brits. What an effin ditz or is. Such a joke, embarrassing too.
    Looking forward to your next post! You are finally being recognized all over the web. Good work! God Bless Butter.

  2. I have a question for you, Ladysforest. And this is a good subject with BO’s phony date, well, it just slipped his mind.

    Where was BO when Alabama and MS got hit by those horrible tornadoes? Personally I can’t remember. That’s because it seems that he’s already out of the country all the time now.

    Now we have these bad happenings in the US with tornadoes, and I know that he can’t stop tornadoes from happening, but it looks like he would take the next flight over here (if he cared for the Americans) and try to help them. Instead he says wait until Sunday while he’s partying and sipping $1,000 bottle wine with the Brits.

    So I ask, what is wrong with this picture?

  3. I just realized Michelle Obama may have got a shot in at his highness BO. Obama left no room for Michelle to sign the guest book and she apparently refused to sign beneath him. So she signed before him! LOL

    • Yes, but he signed his great-big. Like JOHN HANCOCK on the Declaration of Independence.

      • He’s no John Hancock. He’s no Lincoln. He’s no Reagan. For all we know, he isn’t even an Obama! A legend in his own mind.

        Have you seen his latest gaffe?

  4. What’s interesting is that it’s written in the European style, Day/Month/Year, instead of how we write it, Month/Day/Year.

  5. Where can I get this t-shirt? It’s a great idea. I’ll order a couple.

    • LOL – it’s just a design I made on Zazzle. I don’t have a “store”on there, but you are welcome to use the idea – but I think the obama symbols in my mock up might be someone’s special design. I figured it didn’t matter for the mock up as ya can’t really read what the text surrounding the obama symbol says. So plain anti-“obama” symbols would do just as well.

      I could look into setting up a “store” if designing your own copy doesn’t appeal to you – but I think doing your own is cheaper overall. Let me know.

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