Attention-Whores, Moles, And More~The Thief


Pictures of both Sunahara grave markers

IMPORTANT: The Post & Email did publish the companion article with my consent – The P&E was the third partner in the trip last July.  The Interrogator suggested that the article be released, and Sharon and I agreed, due to the leaks over the past month from the very few people with knowledge of our work,  who had agreed to keep the information confidential.  We agreed it would be best to have the simple truth be told.

UPDATE 5/17  5:54 – Corsi was asked about Virginia Sunahara – and he said he will be addressing it.  ??

How do you solve a problem like Virginia?

Very carefully.  You don’t jump the gun and release your plan of action because it is a delicate situation.  A family tragedy is involved, albeit nearly fifty years ago.  You don’t run your mouth when you are trying every legal and morally correct avenue to obtain information that is potentially very well guarded.  You don’t tell the whole damn world what the hell your plan is, or that you even have a damn plan.

But sometimes you trust the wrong people.  Sometimes you think they are on the same side and you believe them when they say they promise to keep the info, that they have been allowed access to, completely quiet.  They agree to keep it all confidential.  Then they leak it – a bit here – and a bit there.  Just enough for people to get all lathered up and caught up in the possibilities.  Funny how those people keep releasing info that I and two other people own exclusively.  That two of us have collected, and no one else has!  That three of us spent funds and effort on and no one else has.  Yet there it is, our proprietary information and images being leaked on FreeRepublic, and on several blogs and online news outlets.

YES, someone has leaked confidential information that others collected at great expense and some possible danger to themselves. In doing so they put the entire delicate project in peril.  The only hope of success was to be cautious, respectful of the principals that must agree to play along, and to keep the project very dark so that overzealous would-be assistants don’t bugger the whole thing up by tipping off the whole frucking world to the project !!

Part of the proof that I and The Interrogator own these are the above  images, they belong to the story that we did authorize be published on The Post & Email.

How would you feel if you open a blog and……….there sits an image that you own and never authorized the release of?  The few that knew of the image were informed that it is confidential, yet there it is, staring back at me on a blog.  I look around and find it is on several blogs, the article being cross-posted.  The blog owner that I was able to contact about it was kind enough to remove the image immediately, and I think him for that.   The rest of our PROPRIETARY images are below the screeshot of the blog page below.  I do thank the bloggers that are working with me on this.  I’m not normally so uptight, but hey – we paid the dues.  Fair is fair.  And theft is theft.  Plain and simple.

More later.

The rest of the graveyard pictures from July 2010 HI trip

Virginia Sunahara's Death Index entry


Virginia Sunahara's Birth Index entry

I’m going to mention something that was not noted in the summary posted on The Post & Email. First, this summary was not written (originally) for use in an article. So there is much left unsaid because those of us who had been privy already knew those things. This summary was written for the eyes of the little research group who worked on the project.

Virginia Sunahara was never scheduled to be the focus of the trip. Oh, the idea was brought up, but as there were three principles chipping in, each with specific agenda, to fit everything in would be impossible. So, Researcher was going to crunch as much as she could into the trip, and if time allowed she would try to solve the mystery of the military cemetery.

She did that, and then gave up on her own planned research to follow up on learning what she could about Virginia in the very short time she had.

Not having planned on ever personally encountering Virginia’s family members, she naturally would not have made a plan for that. Being on the ground such a limited time, and being on very limited funds, it meant limited chances to act.

She did look into changing travel plans, but if any of you has ever done that, you know how expensive and difficult it can be to do. Turned out it could not be arranged on such short notice.

We also realize that if indeed it is the same certificate number used on the obama COLB, it is almost certainly well guarded at the DOH. It would have been then as it would be now.

The family was guarded and a bit suspicious of her intentions. That is perfectly NORMAL. I seriously doubt they would have agreed to run right down to the DOH with a total stranger to order a COLB for the deceased girl. Not even if she waved a fistful of cash at them. Which could have been a dangerous thing to do anyway. Heck, just going to the house unexpectedly (and all alone) could have been pretty dangerous, especially once you start asking questions about family members.

She was respectful while doing all that she could.  She came back from that trip with more information and material than most “professional” PI’s and researchers – and she did it in just 2 1/2 days and a tiny budget. 

~ by ladysforest on May 15, 2011.

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  1. Not sure what happened, but I sure feel bad for you and your help. You have been on top of this like no other. When it came to Hawaii laws and the bullshitters who mess with the laws, you are always spot on.
    Karma is consistent. Never fear, the whore, thief will pay.

    Hope this settles and you can continue, this sure looks like some great proof of the crime.

    God Bless you and all who are just looking for the truth.

    • I am learning what happened. And not surprisingly it is looking like a person that had total trust from the Interrogator may have handed that one photo out. I decided to go public with the rest of our photos – with full permission – to prove that they originated from our proprietary research.

      It is too bad that people are not honest. I will not say too much more at this point.

  2. Dear Ladysforest,

    I can only say that I’m sorry this has happened. You said exactly what I think each time I go to P & E (I’m not a FR reader too often):

    “You don’t jump the gun and release your plan of action because it is a delicate situation. A family tragedy is involved, albeit nearly fifty years ago. You don’t run your mouth when you are trying every legal and morally correct avenue to obtain information that is potentially very well guarded. You don’t tell the whole damn world what the hell your plan is, or that you even have a damn plan.”

    I cannot even look at that post any more.

    Thank you for supporting Terry Lakin in person and the video. Also for the Spock videos!

    Corsi’s book hits tomorrow, and whatever it’s content, it should heat things up again. Thanks for all your great work, it is appreciated!

    • Ah Larry, it’s always so good to hear from you. You know just when I need a lift!

      Yes, it is a shame about the Sunahara info. The Post & Email ran that with my agreement though – and I’ll explain why. Some others, a very few who knew the info was strictly confidential, had been leaking the info out over the past three or four weeks. So, The Interrogator contacted myself and Sharon R. and suggested that we go ahead and release the summary of that part of the trip last July. So, what is on the P&E is with my knowledge and agreement. You see, the “leaks” were damaging to the work, and eventually we realized that so much has been leaked that it was best to just put up the summary of the facts that we did actually have. We determined that due to the issue being turned into something of a witch hunt and a circus side-show, we wanted to bring it back to just the actual simple facts. The cat was already well out of the bag and screaming it’s fool head off.

      Sharon was the third partner in the trip to HI last year, and she never leaked or released anything without full agreement between the three of us.

      I’ll update the post to make that clear.

      The comments at the P&E article piss me off though. Those people don’t understand simple logistics or even common decency. Imagine! Insisting that she should have dragged a rickety elderly lady who could hardly hold a conversation straight down to the DOH to order a LFBC. What gets into some people’s mind?

      • Thanks for the clarification, Ladysforest. It did not seem like P & E to go against a careful researcher like yourself. Glad to learn it wasn’t so. But it was actually the comments that made me stop reading that post.

        It is more great work from you and your teammates, as usual!

        • Thank you Larry. And I agree about the comments. I wonder what these people think sometimes.

          Do they REALLY think it would be appropriate for a lone woman to tell some strange guy, living in “unfortunate” conditions, that she is going to drag him down to the DOH to order the staff around in producing a LFBC for the deceased little girl. Oh, and also she should stand in the home of the strange man and wave a few thousand dollars in his face to encourage him to go along with the plan. Imagine the various outcomes. She took a huge personal risk as it was, you never know how people will react to a stranger just showing up and asking personal questions about your family.

          I can guarantee that the DOH would have required a notarized statement from his mother releasing him to order the LFBC on her behalf – so unless they had addressed that issue, or the mother, very elderly/confused/weak, could have been lugged to the DOH to stand in line…………..well you get the idea.

  3. Ladysforest,

    Was the time that I was talking about the discussion that was going on at FR the first time that it had been leaked out? Remember, that was a week or two ago? Maybe two weeks ago. I do remember it was being discussed at FR, but I can’t remember where I got the link from now.

    • It had come out a bit here and there before. But it got pushed out a few weeks ago and blew up a bit. Seems Dr. Fraud Polland has the assistance of an acquaintance that had access in the past to our work. That person was sworn, and had agreed to keep it confidential. Polland said that he is “working” with that person on this topic…..

      Polland is trying to “sell” an e-book on his “work” into the eligibility issue. He is putting the Virginia info out there as HIS research. Bah to that dumb-ass. As usual, we have absolute proof of collecting the info, and when. So, we can time-line it positivity. You recall I mentioned that we (Interrogator) captured back-up records for every leg of the research done last July? Well, we have that still. It is completely irrefutable.

      The thing that really gets me is that these damn fools leaking this all over has ruined any chance to complete the work. Polland claims to have solved the mystery and he claims to have hard proof that obama’s cert # is the same as Virginia’s. I say, bring it out then!

  4. Is Polland a fraud? I don’t know much about him except he’s been messing with the COLB for ages, I guess.

    I wish that I could remember where I saw the link because I’m not on FR much unless someone links it. And it doesn’t matter now, though, anyway.

    Also, I saw that Polland said that it definitely was Virginia’s BC number.

    • A fraud? There are many who feel that he is, at the very least he mis-represents things. Etc. You know the type. There have been plenty who have tried to make money or get attention from this eligibility issue. Some in very shameless ways.

  5. I’ll be clear here – Polland did not directly swipe any info or proprietary material from us.

  6. Hi LF. Thanks for the update. Too bad this family is in such a state. There could be nothing gained from going any further. You would have been accused of harassment and who knows what else they would pin on you. AT some point you need to say enough even though you are so close. No matter as I told Mike, I do not believe anyone in Hawaii has covered for him. Therefore, if there is ever an investigation, I believe the real documents will be released.

  7. You asked why some people would make such insensitive comments over at the piece on The P&E. People really want the wrong that has been done to our country to be righted. They feel our country slipping away and the realization is both frightening and mind numbing, so they post without thinking through the parts that don’t relate directly to them and end up being a$$es even though they no doubt mostly mean well.

    Some of it sure comes off as a personal attack, but it probably is just meant to be helpful advice. Even basically good people can be annoying jerks at time, I guess. For what it’s worth, I highly admire and appreciate/support the difficult work you have been doing.

    About the offers for funding – if there is any point in anyone making another trip, then Sharon probably ought to be the focal point for calling in the offers that have been proffered (they will just languish otherwise). As you mentioned, the new investigator(s) (if any) should probably have a very low profile with the HDOH. Their details (or even if they exist) should probably be revealed on a need-to-know basis only. Anyway, as before, my personal offer stands ready if needed. Just you or Sharon give the word.

    • Thank you Thinkwell.

      I do realize that people are worried and frustrated, but some of the things they suggest! Anyway, what they don’t know is that the trip was never intended to be about Virgina at all. She had been suggested a long while before as a possible source for obama’s cert. no., but we had many things planned for the trip and had felt that IF her cert. no. HAD been used it would be too well guarded to ever get proof of. It would set off loud alarms, and the steel curtain would drop.

      However, once there, the Interrogator thought she would just check out the “mystery” at the military cemetery. Then I think she just got caught up with trying to learn as much as she could while there. She even gave up on her own intended projects to follow that lead.

      I realize that the commentors don’t know the whole story, and everyone else would have done it so much “better”….etc. But the plan had never really included Virgina originally, so of course we never had the expectation to need a “plan” about getting her family to the DOH. And as to a lone woman offering a strange man a bunch of cash………………kind of risky on the best day. 🙂

      And Thinkwell, thank you for all of the support, you’ve been extremely generous.

  8. “UPDATE 5/17 5:54 – Corsi was asked about Virginia Sunahara – and he said he will be addressing it. ??”

    Good on you for publishing this little tidbit…now if he doesn’t or if he waters the story/work down, he looks like an ass.

    (IOW, he told me he would address an issue I brought to his attention and instead he published incorrect information that lends credibility to Obama.)

    But, you’ve already held his feet to the flames. So, good on you.

    • LOL – APPARENTLY his way of ADDRESSING it is to have a staffer google it it and then link to the work done by others. Pfffft. Didn’t even give us a kiss first.

      We had the discussion about going public with this on Fri. morn. I was leaving to go to Baltimore (to greet Terry Lakin) early Fri. afternoon, and not being able to take the laptop, had to wait till Sun. morn to catch up.. WHOA.

      That’s when we put the images up, etc. We had tried so hard to be careful and to be respectful of the family, but it was leaked and getting weird out there. The P&E ran the article/summary on Fri – I got the images up on Sun.

      I was stunned to hear that man mention Virginia’s name on the show today. Betting WND called the momma an hour after they read the P&E article………..huh?

  9. Hello Ladyforest. Could you please check on a death certificate for a Herbert Harrison O’Brien from the same hospital, dated August 5, 1961. The date of birth on that death certificate is given as August 4, same day as Barack Hussein Obama’s birth.


    • Hi, I. I’ll check the newspaper death announcements again – but I can say that I do not remember having seen that name. To check the Index requires a person to go to the DOH and make the request – I do not have anyone to do that on short notice……LOL……..CHEAPLY anyway. You may be surprised to know this, but it is difficult to find a local that will even consider doing a damn thing to research this. We have heard why-but it is still strange to me.

      I believe it has been established that the “article” that mentions that name is just satire though.

  10. Hi
    I’ve just come to this site and I can see that you’re upset, and complaining about something but I can’t work out who or what you’re upset about and I can’t follow the thread.
    Could you spell it out a little more clearly?

    • It’s like this. If gossipers run around and “let slip” a bit of a story here and there, it is usually taken out of context and over dramatized. And if trusted associates agree to keep information confidential, and then leak it here and there, then information that was not intended to become public has. Put the two together. Now realize that the gossip and leaks have compromised any and all chance of completing the research. That’s why I was angry.

  11. Hi Ladysforest! It’s been a while since I’ve been to your blog, so I’m a bit behind and catching up. I wanted to share with you the very first thing I thought of when I saw the picture of Virginia’s grave.

    On May 11th, this was released as satire:

    High Tech High Students Expose Flaws in Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate, Rescind Invitation for President to Speak at Commencement

    It was clearly satire because the story of Obama not choosing High Tech High as the recipient of his Commencement address dad come out a day earlier on May 10th:

    Obama passes on High Tech High

    Unfortunately some people like Gateway Pundit and Orly Taitz thought it was real.

    But the thing that struck me as unexpected and particularly odd in that satire was this section:

    We did a little followup work and found a death certificate for a Herbert Harrison O’Brien from the same hospital, dated August 5, 1961. The date of birth on that death certificate is given as August 4, same as little Barack Hussein Obama. But the funny thing is, there’s no corresponding birth certificate for baby Herbert. Where did it go? And why doesn’t Obama’s mother sign his birth certificate until August 7, three days after her son is born? By then, we were too depressed to dig any deeper.

    I didn’t understand why they put that in there until now. They are using Alinsky tactics on the Virginia Sunahara story. Despicable. But I think their attempts to shoot this down may be an indication that you are above the target.

    • Yes, it was satire on the Sunahara story, and was done prior to the release of the summary. Speculation had begun on the Sunahara child’s BC cert. no. recently, and that satire article is an example of what will be done to mock and misdirect people. Fair enough. However, I do wish people would really think about what they are reading, really THINK about the content before they accept it as gospel.

  12. […] Sunahara grave marker at Miliani Memorial Gardens in Waipahu, Hawaii (Courtesy My Very Own Point of View) […]

  13. Hi Ladysforest
    Ok, thanks for the reply. Still a bit cryptic, but I think I know who you’re talking about. I understand and sympathise with you. I’m surprised that he bungled with you and the old lady. The Obamarites are scathing in the threads about it. All I can say is that there is a lot of pressure around. Expect lots of dirty tricks from Obama’s tools. Threads are frantic and on our side some thread monitors are too namby-pamby and are not battle ready. I got a strong post deleted and I’ve complained.
    My advice is for you to relax and carry on researching. After all the case is proved 100% because of the kerning. Obviously, it would be nice to get the bc number Obama used, but one doesn’t know what smoke and mirrors are going to be thrown up, so you’re right to recommend caution. All the best.

    • LOL – I can’t help the “cryptic” thing, I’m dyslexic, so that’s my natural state.

      For all I know the number on that COLB is legit – but perhaps it was actually registered by the grandma, or it’s a late delayed BC. I’ve said all along that even IF he wasn’t born in HI, something is goofy with his records there. It could be as super simple as the word “African” not being used as his fathers race – but he has to make certain that the “new” LFBC has the same info. No, one, MAYBE two anomalies connected to the birth records can be overlooked, but the number of anomalies with his, coupled with the reluctance to release it, etc. – and there is clearly some sort of big problem.

      • I would never have noticed – your English is excellent. I mean’t cryptic in the sense that you didn’t want name anybody outright.

        • This is because I decided to give the benefit of the doubt in at least one case, and some forgiveness in the other. There are times when it just don’t do to beat a dead horse.

  14. I don’t know what all is going on with BO’s administration, but most of the time it’s not too good. It seems that everything that he does works against him to where he thinks it’s going to be one way, then it turns out opposite of what he thinks. Funny! What I’m saying is, if you saw Drudge earlier with BO smiling his arrogant, nothing-can-hurt-me smile, saying to everyone, nothing can touch me, nothing can touch me! That’s in regard to them doing T-shirts about BO being “Made in America,” etc. Actually he’s just a 3-year-old here. Nothing more.

    Well, what he did was probably sell more of Corsi’s books that Corsi could have possibly sold himself. I think so many people are just wising up, totally. I say to BO, bring it on, bring on your T-shirts with your big, fat arrogant smile upon it, we can make more T-shirts saying something else.

    And just think, the reason that he’s acting like this 3-year-old is because he’s really kind of scared.

    I haven’t bought Corsi’s book yet, but I’ll help promote it because I probably know what’s in it anyway since I’ve been keeping up with this for years. Personally I can’t afford anything right now. Well, I can thank BO for that and his administration, right?

  15. Be VERY suspicious of people pretending to want to “get to the bottom of things” who are actually working for the other side (the Obama regime). Wouldn’t surprise me if some fraudulent stuff has been put out there just to muddy the waters, thus making the putting of pieces together virtually impossible. Bill Ayers has his Marxist greasy fingers on much of the early stuff, I’m afraid. He’s actually WRITTEN about how to create fraudulent identifications.

    • Yes, it’s a crap shoot really. And since the latest weird looking BC was electronically published, the obama clingers have been frantic, which I find HILARIOUS!

      A few times a “trusted researcher” has tried to convince me that what I wanted to do was absolutely pointless and a stupid waste of money! And guess what? I uncovered facts that no one else had. To thine own self be true.


    • LOL – I try to vary it. I love the template and especially the header, but the black background is tough to work around.

  17. Dear LadyForest

    While I have regularly read your blog and several others for sometime I have never commented here before. But I wanted to add my encouragement and my thanks for all your dedicated hard work. I’m sorry this happened, it stinks and should not be.

    I wish with all my heart all of us who claim to stand for what is right and want to fight for the survival of our country would stop the sniping at each other. Gosh we’re starting to shoot EACH OTHER. Somebody posts something and here go the comments : “Well this could have been done better—well I’m in law enforcement and therefore an absolute expert and the researcher could have and should have—well this is stupid—blah blah blah blah”. Makes a person want to scream…
    “EEECCCHHHH PEOPLE…ever hear of ‘united we stand, divided we fall’? …BACK OFF! I’m on your side- remember?” I can imagine how you feel. I’ve had to defend myself on the Post and Email recently and remind people I was not the enemy. We take so much from the left ridiculers and then when our own turn on us it’s a bit much.

    You want to know what I think the biggest problem is? Same problem any group, any club, any church, any organization anywhere always has—20% of the members do all the work and the other 80% are no more than just consumers. The 80% sit back and wait for the core group of 20% to work their butts off and actually produce something and then the 80% start consuming it and then get to thinking they own it and then pretty soon it’s well gee whiz maybe it’s not exactly what they wanted! And the poor tired 20% are left thinking “SORRY, I’m running as fast as I can —ok? ever think of helping, instead of criticizing?”

    In November of 2008 no one believed Obama would still be in the Oval Office in the spring of 2011, but there he is. And now he’s got the T-shirts and coffee cup thing going to add insult to injury. And people are mad and frustrated and want the BIG SOLUTION, the instant fix to the Obama problem. And when they read something and it does not turn out to be the very thing that will make Obama be gone tomorrow—poof—he’s gone—they get all snarly. They don’t understand it’s a piece here, a piece there, a clue here, a dead end there, a word here, a hint of a trail there, follow this link, pour over this document, read more law then law professors do, piece by piece, bit by bit. Look to see what other researchers are doing, learn from them, add to the collective knowledge. They don’t get that because they never do much of that, they just sit back waiting for the movie to come out.

    Be of good cheer LadyForest, keep going. Don’t let all this nicky picking goofiness distract you.
    You are deeply appreciated by even those you have never heard of. Just wanted you to know.

  18. […] Sunahara grave marker at Miliani Memorial Gardens in Waipahu, Hawaii (Courtesy My Very Own Point of View) […]

  19. Ladysforest,

    If there is something like I mentioned above, please [redacted]

  20. I am sooo confused! So the Herbert Harrison O’Brian was actually satire- faked by students? And the Sunahara is real? And no birth certificate has been found for the Sunahara infant?

    • The person that wrote the O’Brien piece admitted it was satire. Sunahara is indeed real. You cannot “find” birth certificates, but must either obtain one from a family or have the family give you permission to (legally) obtain a birth certificate copy. Virginia’s entry was in the general Birth Index book. Her death was recorded in the Death Index. Since she was alive at birth the department would absolutely have issued a birth certificate for her, as is indicated by the entry in the Birth Index.

      Apparently the WND (or Corsi) made a phone call to the mother and asked if she would be willing to provide them with a copy – she has no interest in doing so. I think it was an indelicate way for him to have made that request.

  21. ladysforest
    You’ve done a marvelous job in sleuthing this mystery. You’ve put the Obamaites on notice that you know their scam and how they did it. Now all you have to do is wait. The castle will crumble eventually. Someone at DOH will spill. Someone at the Obama Castle will turn.

    • Thanks for the kind words Joseph. A TON of us have worked on the issue of obama’s background, and will continue to do the work our press should have done for us.

      I do think that time will out all of his mysteries. If he didn’t have so many backing him, but had made most of the maneuvers on his own, he might have been able to keep this from where it is ultimately headed. If he had been more “honest” about some of the simple things, like his parents never having lived together for example, he may have drawn less attention. It really does seem as though there is just SO MUCH wrong that people can’t comprehend the implications.

      History has a way of righting itself, just as obama’s personal history is oozing up into the light of day, albeit a very slow ooze-it will happen. He didn’t create himself, but was created by more than one contributor. That will ultimately be his undoing.

      I do not think anyone at the DOH will spill. They don’t care about the deception at all. In fact I think they like the notoriety. They simply do as they choose and make up new rules as they see fit……..and no one in HI kicks back. So, they get away with whatever they want, no matter how outrageously they break regulations, and laws. We have them on film lying outright about several things. Lying straight to a customer’s face. This is obama’s gift to the United States.

      • As Obama’s term ends, and it may end next year, he will have to make moves to insure that he and his friends in HI don’t get investigated and indicted for the fraud. It could put him and his friends away for a long time. I expect that this fact may loosen up some lips. I think you should work on Mrs. P*** to try to get a copy. Is there any chance that rogue elements of the FBI, perhaps some long time members, may be working on or thinking of working on this case? I believe that there are honest people in government who are aware of the situation and will make a move if the situation becomes more clear. Clarity is what is needed and your efforts are beginning to bring clarity that therre is a prima facie case of fraud. SCOTUS has got to be looking at this and deciding that there may be an effort soon to open this case wide open for the people to see. Good work, keep it up.

        • I don’t think he’ll give a hoot about the DOH staff. I think it’s a couple of people ACTUALLY involved, and the rest of the staff are just compliant assholes. I don’t believe everyone there is actively screwing around with the records, but I don’t think they are bothered knowing it is going on either.

          I believe we citizens are completely on our own. No polls or FBI or CIA will rock this boat………cause they will tumble right out of it next to obama.

  22. Thank you for your reply. I had just caught the tail end of the O’Brien BC and didn’t know the whole story.
    I was wondering if you had seen the pictures of BO that have apparently been photoshopped. Virtually every single pictrue released of him and/or his family has been photoshopped.;page=1

    Very scary stuff. This just exponentially adds to the fraud.

    • Yes, I’ve seen photo’s that do appear photoshopped. LOL – in fact the first “childhood” photo I saw I thought that the instant I laid eyes on it – and the thought hadn’t even entered my mind prior.

  23. I meant to say Mrs. W.

  24. All those letters and numbers and symbols gibberish will appear instead of a picture, and within that gibberish is the word “photoshop” if it has been monkeyed with.

  25. I wonder how many secretaries of state will question Obamies online birth certificate when it comes time to put his name back on the ballot in 2012? This might be a time of turbulence in this country, and maybe SCOTUS will finally get off its ass and do something useful.

    • ZERO will question it. They are all too chicken shit. If we mount a strong lobby for it NOW we might get somewhere by then, but they will just accept what he put out there as OK.

      I think that is where we may just have to focus. We KNOW our elected officials won’t help. We know the Tea Parties really can’t act – they are under horrible and unfounded accusations as it is. So, we must simply do that ourselves.

  26. Ladysforest: You [redacted at request of commenter]

    • My reference to “Hawaiian’s” was in reference to the “native” variety. I have a strong sense of the corruption, and it is my belief that every day they grow more emboldened by the success and protection so far enjoyed.

  27. Interesting comment on Freeper thread on Corsi’s Proof of Birth in Kenya by SatinDoll. She is the first comment on this thred:;page=1

    This information about Obama’s birth in Kenya matches with information I received last year and haven’t been able to talk about much because it would endanger lives.
    Raila Odinga received $1Million from then Senator Obama in 2006, supposedly to help with Odinga’s political campaign for Kenya’s presidency.

    Many Christians died because of Odinga. We should never forget that.


    Next a comment by little jeremiah:

    To: SatinDoll
    Some people have actually died, as well. Also wasn’t a woman missionary and her daughter killed in Kenya a couple of years ago? I remember reading that she was one of the missionaries who had seen a very preg. white woman prevented from flying out of IIRC Nairobi in the right time frame.

    IIRC the woman and her now grown daughter were stopped by another car while driving in Kenya, they were both shot and killed, and the assassin drove off. Can’t remember if there was a third person in the car.

    You remember that?


    What do you make of this? I rather think the murders at the church after the election were to force odinga into a joint position of power. The second incident I haven’t heard of before but it is another possibility.

    • I really haven’t looked into any of this sort of thing. I know he went to Kenya to campaign for his “cousin”, but I don’t know an awful lot about that whole period.

      • If I am reading correctly, it appears that SatinDoll is infering that she knows of some people that have done missionary work in Kenya and “word on the street” is that he was born there.

  28. Stumbled across this.

    Click to access James%20Doolin%20-%20How%20To%20Change%20Your%20Identity%20And%20Erase%20Bad%20Credit.pdf

    It is a complete how to redo your identity….all in one document…and has some techniques that seem familiar to those looking at this subject….

  29. Normally ID theft measn taking over somes ID, as Obama is ot known as Virginia Sunuhara, that rules out ID theft

    So that leaves a one day old Obama stealing this child’s BC, that is sick. It seems that hating Obama cause brain damage. Leave this bereaved mother out of this, that stoops way to low.

    • What I find SICK, is turds like yourself who are so utterly ignorant as to suggest that people suppose a day old child did anything at all. I didn’t know people were made in your size of DUMB.

      Before you leave comments on blogs, get an education. Spelling and grammar skills are very important tools. Then learn that blindly worshiping a filthy communist makes you an ignorant slave.

      Absolutely NO one has stated that obama is in fact using this birth certificate number. The possibility was advanced due to the fact that his bc number was out of sequence.

      Clearly you also need to acquire comprehension skills as well. If you can not read all of the big words, just print a copy and go down to the local welfare office and ask your caseworker to read it to you.

  30. […] owner of the blog My Very Own Point of View traveled to Hawaii in May of last year. He took pictures of the grave of Virginia Sunahara and various other family grave markers. His fellow investigators […]

  31. […] owner of the blog My Very Own Point of View traveled to Hawaii in May of last year. He took pictures of the grave of Virginia Sunahara and various other family grave markers. His fellow investigators […]

    • Accck! I didn’t go to HI, nor am I a MAN! I was part of a group of three who funded/arranged the trip. Our Investigator (a woman) was the one who traveled and took the pictures. It was her decision to follow up the angle, and she did a great job. It was a tough go and a delicate situation, and she did a fine job of sleuthing while being respectful of the situation.

  32. […] Hawaii Department of Health during the summer of 2010.  While in Hawaii, she took photos of the grave marker for Virginia, who is buried with her father Tomio at the Mililani Park Memorial in […]

  33. […] that Obama was given the birth certificate number of a child who tragically lived less than 24 hours born on August 4, 1961 in Wahiawa Hospital, and that further juggling of numbers was effected to […]

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