Hair Today – Gone Tomorrow

Ahhh.  The Trump Phenom Train seems to have broken down on the tracks.

Just between me and you, I think he nuked himself with the ol’ F-Bomb.  On purpose.  Yep, as soon as I heard that he swore like a longshoreman in Las Vegas, I sez to myself, “he’s sabotaging himself as a way out”.  ESPECIALLY the use of the one extra-offensive compound version.  Look, he is a business man, he is not so terribly vulgar and especially he is not careless about offending “his” crowd.  Swearing like that in front of a crowd, is a statement.  It said; “I am not a serious candidate, and if you were all just paying attention, you caught wise to that.”   He’ll make a little noise for a bit longer, then bow out.

In a way I think it’s too bad.  Just admit it, whether you like or dis-like the man, it’s been R E F R E S H I N G to have someone stand up and hit back.  The look of absolute horror on the faces of the MSM news anchors has been sweet, sweet nectar for my soul.

Of course now we have to pay the piper.  Now we have to listen to symphonies of praise about obama, and how he murdered Osama Bin Laden with his own two hands, his rare wit and his laser like focus.  Bet you didn’t know that obama has way more instinct on running a murder raid on the worlds most wanted terrorist mastermind than all of our top military brass – put together.  Huh?  Did ya?

Anyway, apparently Trump is supposed to announce (this week?) if he will run for the Presidency, or just do his usual billionaire stuff.  He stated that he will NOT run as an Indy, but as a Republican so as not to split the vote.  Well, good on him for at least making that clear – although to be fair, I believe he said the same thing about a month ago when people got all crazy worried about it.

While Trump studies his options, obama continues to divide and dismiss the American people.  I am never going to be used to a “president” who openly insults the American CITIZENS who do not follow his very own particular narrow agenda.  Even Carter and Clinton weren’t such ego-maniacs.  No other President has ever been blatantly DISLOYAL to the people he was elected to serve.

What sort of nasty snarky, superior elitist words of contempt and condensation would he serve up to me?  I am a fiscally conservative Libertarian.  What’s he got for me? 

He’s out there oozing disdain all over the Republicans, and so by virtue of association, I presume the Conservatives as well, but what about folks like me?  What about the plain old Independents?

You know what?  I don’t care if we are being overlooked.

All I want is to see that fruckers bags a-waitin’ to be loaded  up into the non-presidential limo, prior to being transported to the closest non-presidential airplane back to the non-presidential manse with multiple owners where he is like to reside in CHICAGO. 

If nothing else, that family has proven that you can’t make a silk purse out of a pigs ear.


~ by ladysforest on May 11, 2011.

2 Responses to “Hair Today – Gone Tomorrow”

  1. Oh, come on. Trump is obviously an Illuminati agent provocateur. He played his part to allow Obama to release that ridiculous birth certificate and now he can bow out.

    • Starting to look that way. Too bad. If nothing else he sure as hell was exciting to watch being interviewed.

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