A May Day Murder

Osama Bin Laden Is DEAD!!


Listen, I’m a New Yorker.  And I remember 9/11 as clearly as if I were still in that moment. 

While “getting” a bad guy is always a good thing, it ain’t always what it could have, should have been.  For me, this whole thing is not a great big deal.  This guy has been irrelevant for quite a while compared to some of the younger, more currently active, up  and coming, mass-murderers. The ones that are utilizing the social networking mediums.

The bad guys that twitter real good.

This is a propaganda slaying.  Pretty much.  The democrats en mass desperately NEEDED something  to help them out, to make them appear to be real Americans instead of purveyors of the Socialist New World Order.  These frockers have been losing ground on every single issue and they know the trouble they are in.  Make no mistake, this wasn’t intended to give only obama a shiny new aura of Uncle Sam knowing who’s ass to kick, but all the lesser dems will bask in the G L O R Y.

And just so the whole New World Order understands who they are dealing with, how multi-task capable are our leaders, they not only killed this dude, but moments later they had him laid out on a lovely pre-prepared, halal-approved, silk damask davenport on-board the USS Carl Vinson.  There nubile virgins gently laved the muslim holy warrior with fragrant waters seeped with rose petals.  Then the administration-approved muslim cleric oversaw the body being carefully wrapped in the finest snow-white linen.  And finally, when all was perfectly prepared, the cleric said prayers over the body before it was gently, oh so gently, eased into the sea. 

I won’t say much about the insta-crowds that were assembled before the news was released.  I will say that I was disappointing to see Americans acting exactly like the people in the Middle East who go friggen bat-shit bonkers in celebrating the death of murdered Americans.  I heard there was another celebratory “rally” planned at the White House yesterday.  A relative was thinking of taking his little daughter, but feared there may be some sort of terrorist retaliation and didn’t want her to be in danger.

So, anyway, the weirdness about this situation began when obama chose to make his announcement by interrupting Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice show.  Recall that Trump recently admonished obama re Osama.  He wondered why obama couldn’t just find some rickity old used up dude on dialysis.  From Trumps mouth to obama’s ear.  And just the same as in the long form birth certificate mystery, obama takes the bait……and proves how easily it could have been done all along.  It’s getting around that obama actually didn’t want to take this action at all.  It’s known he’s had the opportunity for quite some time now, but has declined to act.  It’s being said that he was backed into a corner by some high level folks that demanded he approve the action now.  Maybe someone was fixing to wiki-leak that the administration wouldn’t act and some very powerful dems were wanting to use a dead Osama to plug that leak, and build a campaign platform.

But anyway, now questions abound.  On Drudge there tons of headlines, here is a screen shot with the Osama related headlines indicated by pink dots (mine).

Drudge 5/3/2011 11:50 A.M.

Since this whole thing is riddled with weirdness, people have been asking questions – and this time it’s not just the right-wing “extremist” , but people from all across the globe.  They think it’s weird that multiple stories have come out as to if Osama even tried to shoot, or otherwise prevent himself from being captured.  I think it’s weird too.  The world thinks it very odd indeed to rush the “body” onto the ship for a burial at sea.  I think that’s odd too.   The world wonders how indeed a positive DNA ID can be made.  I wonder too.

Oh, Mr. Trumppppp ………………………..


~ by ladysforest on May 3, 2011.

7 Responses to “A May Day Murder”

  1. You can assign intention, but that suggests expertise.
    They pulled it off pretty good.
    News announcements even came in right over Trump’s program, often right at the end.
    It was done just as one of Orly’s hearings was going on, so you could play the birther angle and say it was to cover that.
    It was done on a day to tribute the Holocaust as it came right after Hitler’s demise on April 30th.
    Numerologists would like to assign some meaning to the numbers too and are doing it.

    But sometimes things do just happen.
    Saying Obama ordered this up ala carte for an agenda is giving him a compliment on ability.
    But it probably just happened at that time and there’s no deeper meaning.
    Would you pass on the opportunity to get OBL after all those other people worked so hard to find him?
    Obama was probably kept abreast of what was going on and gave the commander in charge the go-ahead at his discretion. He then followed the operation.
    I don’t think he pulled a rabbit out of a hat, but it’s funny you give him so much credit for ability.

    • I didn’t give him any credit, actually. The only thing he had any part in arranging was WHEN HE WOULD ANNOUNCE it-he got backed into a corner on this, which is becoming more clear by the minute.

      But he could and would have had something to do with interrupting Trump. He’s the pettiest person I have ever seen. But maybe you are right and he wasn’t smart enough to see that little opportunity just sitting there like a plumb to be picked, in comes Val Jarrett! She’s sure not to miss the chance to screw with Trump.

  2. Watching 20/20, oh, heck….I was rolling on the floor…sounded like a bad Japanese King Kong flick where the people are not synchronized while speaking. It was so funny. I’m think that someone at 20/20 was drunk as a skunk or just totally couldn’t stand BO, period.

    And get this, they said a couple of times BO saying; “Oh, don’t have time to be concerned with this (meaning his BC issue), we have more important things to do.”

    This was shown twice that I remember, could have been three times, but I think twice. It was just so unbelievable, the whole thing. I have never seen a 20/20 show this bad in my lifetime. All the talking was off sync from the people’s mouths moving, then showing Barky doing this and that, then kind of a little diagram of Osama and his wife, nothing real.

    It was a JOKE!

  3. Ladysforest, I’m still amazed at the stupidity of what I saw and am in tears now. If you saw this, you will understand exactly what I’m saying. It was so piss poor. Can’t imagine it being so bad. LOL!

    • I fixed it? 🙂

      I’ll have to check it out later on – working on finding pics for a new post now, but I’m guessing I’ll have a good time watching it!

  4. Well, thinking about it now, they could have fixed the audio to match the people speaking, but it was so funny. And you could tell that it was total propaganda. And to two times talking about BO’s birth certificate saying that there are much more important things.

    • It’s all about nbC. Even if o was born in Kenya or wherever – it still comes back to nbC. It all comes back to that one thing, and it must be settled before the next election-at the very least more people should be made aware of the controversy NOW. Just like when Trump got so many more engaged in the birth certificate issue, people who had pretty much ignored it became interested (which could have been a set-up preemptive strike against our side) now we need to really push this out in front. Even with the weird many layered LFBC released, we have to shift the focus back to nbC. Get people engaged and wondering, get people talking. This has to be addressed once and for all.

      After all, doing something against the law and getting away with it does not mean it is no longer against the law. You cannot set a precedence that makes an unlawful action lawful simply because you are not prosecuted for having broken the law.

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