Don’t Blink !!

And here we are……..

A few days after the obama LONG FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE made it’s debut and there’s pandemonium – as would be expected.  But not for the usual reasons.  And not by the usual pandemonium purveyors.

What is working it’s way through the public –  “birthers”, and  the adoring “faithers”, is, well, shock.

I am not surprised, nor shocked.  But I am pissed.  Let me explain it as I see it:  “Birthers” expected obama would never release the thing, and if he did it would be a top-notch fake that only the very best expert could expose.

Adoring “faithers” wanted obama to keep waving his man-bits about and telling everyone ……… I mean to say is, the obama clingers liked that obama was being crushingly arrogant and insulting the American people he was elected to serve.  They hoped he would never release it.  Ahem, the long form birth certificate that is.

Well, both sides got it in the teeth.  We got a weird image that does things it has no business doing in being layered like an onion.  Even the one I saved on my desktop does crazy stuff when I simply increase the magnification.  I think it’s the first one I’ve ever had behave like that.  The clingers got taken down a notch when their hero dropped his pants after being taunted by Mr. Trump, and they are disillusioned.

I’m betting this did not go well with that crowd at all. 

In fact, it happens that a lot of hold-outs – those who didn’t give a shit about the whole birth certificate thing at all – are suddenly taking notice.  Not by saying; “See, there is the birth certificate, can we move on?”.  The press is trying that – well the ones that aren’t staring up at the sky and whistling softly – but the people who brushed it off as just silly, they are finding themselves very puzzled by the on screen antics of the birth certificate.  They are aware of how these things should look, should behave, and this has them stumped.

So, the experts are saying “layers”, the clingers and MSM are saying ;

“This was created by OCR scanning software……”

Geeks say: “HOW did it CREATE the CLIPPING PATHS?”

“They are Vector Based Objects just as Adobe Illustrator is as OBJECT based application.

Why would any Optical Character Recognition software NEED to be able to create Clipping Paths?”

I have no answer at all for the geeks, but I thank them for coming to the party. (can anyone tell me what in hella vector based object is? no-never mind)  The layers thing?  That has brought a lot of people to the party of “skeptic”.  Many, many thousands of tech savvy people are much bemused by finding an onion where obama’s authentic long form birth certificate should be.  They are sounding alarmed, and some sound pissed!  Welcome aboard I say!!

What else happened?  Well, lets see, oh!  I know!  Some documents were released about obama’s Haaarvard educated faaaather.   Not very complimentary ya know. The press is still looking up at the sky and whistling softly – they are probably suffering severe neck strain right about now.  One or two articles tried desperately to paint it up as Harvard being mean old racists.  Have fun with that.

Now we will get around to why this has me pissed off.

In some of those released documents are mention of Obama Sr. having a wife and son in HI.  OK.  Now we are getting somewhere.  Now we have something that looks more genuine and honest that says Obama Sr. did have a son with a woman he married in Honolulu.  She lived with her parents, he lived……….at a totally different address than the one his is listed at in the HI Polk Directory, and with the University.   ?????  Damn it!  Another anonymity.  Lets put my new little pet anonymity to the side for a moment, and get back to me.

Why am I pissed?  He is using us all.  Whichever side of this fence you are standing behind – you are getting punked.  He puts out a thing that even his supporters are saying looks like a lazy fake.  Like a thing INTENDED to be an obvious fake.  You are all getting that right?

He’s pitting citizen against citizen purposely.  Not republicans against dems – those politicians don’t care about this – he is putting the regular people against each other.  He is pfrucking with his own people just as badly as he is with the people on my side of the debate. 

Since these documents regarding his father do seem to support his being born in Hawaii, why is he playing with you all?  Not to mention ME!  Why go through all the nonsense, and still NOT release something that is simply the same sort of flat printed  paper copy of a long form birth certificate with a lovely clearly visible raised seal that others as recently as March 15 2011 have released?

Should a man who is the President of our United States, this huge country with over 300 million people (probably 400 mil if you toss in the illegals) spend his time and energy PUNKING the populace? 

Well, whatever it was that he released – he was still born a British subject through the man who is named on his birth certificate.  And since when has the definition of a dual citizen ever been the EXACT same as that of a natural born Citizen?

Here is the US State Department’s take:

The concept of dual nationality means that a person is a citizen of two countries at the same time.

click to enlarge

See, it has it’s own definition.  One knows that natural born Citizen can’t mean just any old thing – it must have a very specific definition.

Here is a little snip from The Post & Email, yes, it had occured to me also.  Link to article below.

It would be easy for the many citizen researchers who have worked so hard to unearth anything about Obama, The Mystery Man to start rejoicing in anticipation of the release of more records and assume things are unraveling for Obama. But I would caution my fellow Patriots to be careful. The papers are interesting, painting Obama Sr. as a “slippery character” and a definite womanizer BUT they also list Barack Obama II as being his son in Hawaii.

How convenient is that? And released on the very day his summarized abstract birth certificate that Director Fuddy copied and pasted together from how many source documents? (even taking Obama’s mother’s signature in two pieces, therefore from two documents) and to which Alvin T. Onaka, Ph.D., the state of Hawaii registrar, rubber-stamped his certification. WOW, that’s really something!

So, folks, there you have it.  Turns out he is treating his trusting base just every bit as basely as he is treating everyone else.

PS:  In the newly released docs-only a couple (notes) have mention of a wife and child IN HAWAII.  The others he filled out himself do not.  And he seems to have difficultly remembering if he was born in ’34 or ’36.  And now we have a total of FOUR different Hawaiian addresses for Obama Sr.

AND THIS GREAT SUMMARY CHART that is up on FreeRepublic:


~ by ladysforest on April 30, 2011.

30 Responses to “Don’t Blink !!”

  1. That note about Obama Sr. never said Barry was born in Hawaii just that he had a son.

    • This is what page 34 of the INS file says:

      “Barack II lives with his mother (she lives with her parents and subject visits at 1482 Alencastre St.”

      I know that some think he was likely born in Kenya, I’ve just never personally been convinced of that myself.

      Thing is that we know by the end of Aug. ’61 Stanley Ann was in WA-and that note was written on 8/31/61

    • I personally believe a birth in Kenya is a big stretch, but that’s my opinion. The thing is that in none of the docs Obama Sr. himself filled out did he mention obama II.

  2. Interesting that these docs related to BHO Sr. are readily made available under a FOIA request (assuming they have not been tampered with) but the immigration/passport records on Barry Soetoro, SAD, Lolo Soetoro have been difficult to get despite lawsuits filed by Sturnk, Barnett, and Allen.

    Wonder why? /s


    Have you seen that before?

  4. It’s been removed now, but I saved it.

  5. When I get the time, I need to learn to do a screenshot.

    • Get the image you want on your screen.

      Press “Alt+PrintScreen”

      Then open “Paint” in accessories.

      Then press “Control+V”

      It should pop up in Paint. To save, click on “File” in the Paint menu, then click on “Save” – you can name it first. I send mine to Pictures or Documents usually.

      You can also crop, and do some simple alterations, rotate, ect.

  6. But also, there are those of us who know that the latest ‘colb’ released by the White House know that either it being real or fake, it still proves Bary was ineligible anyway. That being because of the citizenship of his parents. Yes, we are trying to shout it out, and it seems no one will listen out there to us who are true Constitutionalists.

    • SADLY TRUE! We get the brush off. “Focus on the important things”.. Horseshit I say. We can focus on more than one thing at the same time.

      “Fight him on policy”. Like, these idiots can just show us how very well that’s been working out for them? Nope.

      If we give up the vitally important nuances such as natural born Citizen, we have lost the war with our own people and our government. They will dismantle the entire Constitution.

    • It is true that BO’s papa was a British subject. A president of the US can’t be a dual citizen. And some of the lawsuits have been about this, which I think the one coming up is about this fact too.

      However, look at all the BCs and crap floating out there on BO now. If I was an attorney, I’d gather all of that mess up and ask this judge which one is the real one. Gosh, it’s just a mess.

      BO’s original statement that his dad was a British subject should be enough, but I doubt that it’s going to be now.

      • Fixed it. 🙂

        I think the only hope we have of getting this any attention is Congress. Which means no one will touch it. They are afraid they won’t be re-elected if they do such a thing. There is no Judge out there that is brave or honest enough to touch this.

  7. Thank you for fixing me, ladysforest.

    I wish there was at least one honest judge out there. Looks like many of them are a bunch of weenies.

  8. Ladysforest,

    Go to lame cherry and look at Stanley Ann Dunham’s signature, then compare.

  9. Ladysforest,

    I’m not the only one who posted the link to that document that I posted earlier at your place, the one signed by Madelyn Dunham. However, there have been several people posting that at the P&E and they are questioning that document again. For example, looks like that they need to at least check out the names on it and such. Something might be going on there.

    I don’t have a lot of time to read many things, so that’s why I’ve been behind and never seen that BC before today. You probably witness many things before I ever do.

    But you might ought to go and read over at the P&E. Looks like some people might be checking that document out anyway.

    • It was posted originally about a year ago – as a joke/hoax. To show how easily one could be put together on a computer to make a “credible” fake. I’ve seen tons of them.

      People are being “baited” with that, and with the hospital’s name, and with the “fact” that Kenya wasn’t named Kenya “officially” in ’61. Funny though, in my opinion regarding that Kenyan bit – if the hospital put Kenyan in as his home country, why would they use African as his race? If Stanley Ann were such a persuasive little teenager, and so proud to proclaim that her son was a mulatto, why would she insist on the birth doc saying “African”, and not Kenyan?

      Well, distractions aside, Fuddy-fudge-a-lot stated she made a special new rule for obama re the birth certificate. She didn’t say that she set aside the rule they just created prohibiting Hawaiians from requesting their own copies of their own long form birth certificates – but that she made a NEW one up – just for him.

      Words have meaning. Sometimes many.

  10. LF,

    Great work and thanks for your efforts! Two points:

    (1) I have only seen limited discussion of the “OR ABSTRACT” language in Onaka’s certification of Obama’s supposed long-form BC. Has anybody ever seen such certification language on any other Hawaii document? I sure haven’t. It definitely supports the idea that Hawaii cobbled together a document (i.e., abstract) from a bunch of different documents … and they’ve done it right in front of our eyes.

    (2) What about Fukino’s statement in the Isikoff article , where Isikoff writes that: “She found the original birth record, properly numbered, half typed and half handwritten, and signed by the doctor who delivered Obama, located in the files.” The BC released by the White House was 100% typed. I’m sure that Isikoff will follow up with Fukino and ask her about the discrepancy …. NOT!

    Putting together (1) and (2), maybe it all makes sense. Hawaii put together the various “vital records” on Obama and created an abstract that they are now passing off as the long form. /Lizard

    • RE: the “or abstract” , it has been mentioned. We have been looking around for clearer recently issued long form bc’s to verify, but we do think it is on others. It IS weird that the “stamp” has a typo, an X in place of H the word THE. It’s always sumptin’.

      Yes, the Fukino stuff. First it’s that no one can even get a certified copy of their OWN LFBC, then the half written/typed and in a filing cabinet. Then didn’t she say something after that in a different interview that “months ago they removed it an put it in a vault?” Hahahaha – that was after Trump said it wasn’t anywhere in the DOH.

      Then this special-new-rules long form bc bubbles up to the surface.

      I agree with you Lizard.

  11. How convenient that this COLB crap appears the week before we get bin Laden. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the timing.

    • COLB #3 – INS docs released, and Osama dusted just in the nick of time to interrupt Donald Trumps “The Apprentice”.

      WAY too many things to be random happenstance. 8)

  12. Stanley Ann was in Philippines in 1964 apparently.

    Page 21.

    Page 21.

    “After alien stated he was Married , he said he was separated and that they may get a divorce. The wife in the Philippines from whom he is separated is a U.S.C. [United States Citizen – my add] Memo on yellow paper in file indicates he had wife in Kenya when he arrived in U. S. in 1959.
    Call up 6/1/64

    M.F. McKeon 4/28/64”

  13. Mike,

    I can’t find the document at your link (the Immigration file). I have looked elsewhere and have the same problem. All I see is a reference to it. Can you help me out?

  14. When I said all I see is a reference, I didn’t mean your link gave a reference. After finding that your link didn’t have the information, I googled some key words and only found references to the document.

    • On page 21 of the 55 page FOIA is the memo from M.F. McKeon. Not sure why Google comes into play. This is at the link in my post. I just checked. Link works and just type 21 in the page numbers at the bottom. Takes you right there.

  15. Mike,

    The link worked today but not yesterday. It did not work at Obama Conspiracy Theories yesterday for me either (there is a post about Obama Sr’s birthdate). I tried googling and couldn’t find it on another site. My computer is now in the shop loaded with viruses, so that may have had something to do with my problems. Thanks anyways.


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