Like Night And Day

Now I know that some of my readers are not comfortable when I point out michelle obama’s terribly unattractive countenance and ghastly fashion sense.  So, to answer their concern I have decided to use the very best example of michelle as to her make-up, hair and duds.  So, if the example photo I use of Mrs. Very Lovely Trump is dressed in a little something elegant, I will try to post a photo of michelle similarly garbed.  Because it is just WAAAAY too easy to do the other thing.

Flawless & Elegant

Ordinary & Arrogant

Tasteful & Flattering

Poorly fit & Garish

Impeccable & Timeless

Never mind


~ by ladysforest on April 21, 2011.

22 Responses to “Like Night And Day”

  1. In general I find her attire to be not fitting for the position. I remember Mrs. Bush wore a suit everyday.

    • Oh I agree. It’s the most haphazard style of attire I have ever seen on a public figure. I’d swear that she does it just to make the United States look like a bunch of clueless rubes, because I just can’t imagine that anyone with money is this poorly dressed so much of the time.

      • There is such a deliberate effort to reconfigure the best they can…remember do’s and dont’s in Glamour

        • It’s HYSTERICAL how she has huge hips one day and the next day she seems to be a size 5.

  2. Oh, I remember how Laura Bush looked. She looked great, and wore decent clothes and that were fitting for her position as the First Lady.

    • The only problem is she is hard core One World Order, Socialist. She just hid it – it’s seeping out now.

      • exactly, i have to wonder if the Bush’s didn’t facilitate obama over mc cain.

        • I believe they helped set the whole thing up. The more I learn about the way these bastards steamroll us, blindside us, mislead us, and generally sell us down the river – the more I realize how deep the corruption seeped. I was pretty innocent and had no idea how much in contempt the politicians hold us.

  3. MO looks absolutely stunning in her tie-dyed formal penitentiary-orange machine-shop drop cloth. What absolutely creative use of otherwise ruinous oil stains. But just the thought of seeing her double-wide packed into a day-to-day orange inmate’s standard issue jumpsuit makes me positively hot with righteous satisfaction. Mmmm-mmm-mm. Now that’s what I’m talking about.

    • Positively brilliant! Bwahahahahahaha!

      You know, I saw the sketch for that orange thing ………. and BOTH shoulder straps were supposed to be up. Apparently it was so poorly designed and fitted, that one shoulder dropped down. Either that fashion diva thought it looked better that way, or she thought that correcting it would draw attention to the poor construction, so she left it that way the rest of the evening. That designer must have been mortified.

      What am I saying – of course he was.

  4. To me it appears like some (or all) of her advisers are working for Hillary. This is revenge. Must be. there is no other explaination.
    A woman of her size and ethnicity should wear clothes that complement that.
    In my (non fashion expert) opinion the blue comes closest to something she should wear. Of course it shouls fit. And the belt in a blue tone?
    The red dress is a disaster. The wife of the prime minister of some African Banana republic dresses better, that’s for sure.
    The last picture: no comment.

    Melania and Carla will look great together.

    • Hehehe – yes, you are correct.

      Sorry for the delay in posting your comment-was away for the weekend and just got back.

  5. This is funny:

    I wonder if anyone notices the name up above his?

    • This Mark stooge is a fricken genius. Maybe he should take his lazy ass down to the DOH and look at a few of the books so that he can see the date range is missing in the book with obama’s entry. Maybe he should do something besides peddle propaganda.

  6. Just browsing the web today and it is a really sad state of affairs. Things are crystal clear. The republican party did not only look away when it came to the eligibility issue, they cooperated in it’s implementation. It is truly a stunner.

    What these babbling idiots are saying is beyond belief. The polls are reporting 75% of republicas have doubts obo was born in this country. But guess what Rove and company? That’s the only way they can answer that question because they are never asked “Do you believe Obama is a NBC and therefore constitutionally eligible to hold office?” Because if they were asked this question they would say NO. We all perfectly understand the requirements for NBC. We all know the constitution by now.

    Can they really think we are that stupid? Even Bachmann surprised me..she is no longer on my list.

    • Sorry for the delay in posting this through – I went away for the weekend & didn’t have access to a computer.

      Bachmann made an absolute fool of herself, and in my opinion showed appalling weakness.

      You know what the Repubs would probably answer? “Well, I’m confidant that the vetting system worked.” And; “I’m sure I can trust my friends across the aisle.”

  7. I’m like you guys in thinking about Bachmann. I was disappointed in her as well. Can’t imagine her turnaround like that.

    • She looked scared of the Snuffelupagus. She couldn’t get the words of contrition out of her mouth fast enough.

  8. glad u took some time off….hope you enjoyed yourself.

    • It was nice, but brief! Checked out some historical buildings and old graveyards. We love old graveyards-I took the freakiest picture in one in Salem MA about ten years ago.

      I had planned on taking the kids laptop along, but figured I’d just try going cold turkey for a couple of days. The “resort” (snort) had a paltry twenty-five free TV channels, mostly MSM, and if you wanted to watch anything else you had to “order it”.

      NO common computers for guests to use – weird in this day and age. Meh, the place was more inconvenient than anything although the area was lovely. It was OK all in all. But I will say – I added up the cost of a room service breakfast (for ONE) and added coffee and one glass of juice, and with all of the service fees (two) and the delivery charge and taxes, it came out to be about $50.00. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

  9. Guess you’ve seen the long-form. We knew that sooner or later he’d probably come up with a forgery. Also, according to some research that someone did on the “race” that they use, they would never have used African. I think the race that they would have used back in the ’60s was Negro. You can correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that is right. They only had specific things that they would use for that.

    • Yep, post just went up.

      Check over in my “Pages” in the right hand column – there is a page titled “Hawaii’s Father’s Race Codes”.

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