F*K Fukino and Her Little Dog Bill, Too

I have spent the past few days in a big old snit.  Oh you obama clingers will be happy to know this: I have been pissed at that Former Guardian Of Records Obama, Hawaiian Democrat Harlot Extraordinaire, the dumpling faced Fukino.

Ah Fukino, why you gotta do me like this sista?  You could have just let it ride, you could have had no comment.  You are no longer official and have no compulsion to speak up on this issue, so why did ya?


Wait, you are no longer official…….not a word you utter NOW and into the future, unless under oath, holds any official weight.  Do you need to back up what you claimed oh so long ago?  No.  You don’t.  Are you acting in or under any official capacity now?  Nope.  Just a obot with an agenda.

Maybe you see the Trump train hurtling down the tracks towards your wall of parse and obfuscation, and you know he is a-gonna bash right on through.  Maybe you should appeal to Mr. Trump’s generosity and agreeably sized bank account for some help and understanding.  You’ll make out a lot better there than you will under the wheels of the obama bus.  Just go tell him what you did.  Confession is good for the soul.

Explain that you were put up to it and really didn’t think it would get so out of hand.  You were pushed into it by that mean Janice Okubo from the Communications office.  Now you just want things to be right again in America (pssst. this is where you give a little cough and hold out your hand imploringly).

Trump takes pity on you and off you go with a sack of US dollars and a first class one way ticket to anywhere outside of the United States.  It’s a win-win for you.

But I genuinely don’t give a damn about you Fukino.  Because we will win, because we will make certain that the history books have this straight and true and honest.  We will make certain that you are forever covered in shame as the person second most responsible for foisting a traitor and consummate fraud off on the people of this good country.

And as to that tragically self obsessed boob O’Reilly – I am so thankful that he did that “thoroughly” researched and insightful piece.

Bill, I am so thankful because you have outed yourself as such a monumental boot-licking hack of male embarrassment.  And a douche-pickle.

You airily dismissed solid research and facts and then burped up a bunch of Okubo all over the place.  We can’t even make excuses for you anymore after that.  You now reside in the “Superior Lickspittle”  genus.  Sorry, but it is what it is and you can’t say you haven’t been warned.

Bill O’Reilly has reached the negative credibility threshold.  Well, he’s crash landed actually.

One little golden nugget from his non-spinning but willing to straight out lie his ass off segment:

O’Reilly said that Obama’s father lived for several years in CT and probably applied for the CT social security number for his son.                                                                                                                                             However, when that CT number was issued circa Mar 1977 obama Sr. had been back in Kenya for years and obama was age 15, living in Hawaii under the legal custody of his communist maternal grandparents.  There is no way Obama Sr. in Kenya could have requested a SSN for obama Jr. who was living in the United States. 

It also should be pointed out that Harvard, the college Obama Sr. attended for a few years in the early 1960s before returning to Kenya, is in Massachusetts, not Connecticut.  So O’Reilly is purposely putting out false information to protect Obama.

You get that?  He honestly believes that you are ignorant enough not to be able to see though this tripe.  It’s almost like he wants to make it crystal clear that he is lying to you.

So, Bill made sure the “spin stopped”, because lying is just so much more cosmopolitan.



~ by ladysforest on April 14, 2011.

17 Responses to “F*K Fukino and Her Little Dog Bill, Too”

  1. Hi, Ladysforest,

    So glad that you wrote that. Those people are worse than pimps, honestly.

    I do have a question for you. I don’t know what to make of it all. There are people who say that Trump is setting us up, and that he is only running to take votes away from Repubs. Some people are saying that he’s given $50,000 to Rahm, and more to other Dems. My husband says that it’s common, though for a huge business to give to both groups.

    So what do you think? Trump sounds pretty honest about it. I sure do hope he is. I’m so sick of people not shooting straight with us, which is what the politicians have been doing forever and a day.

    • Actually, they are worse than whores.

      I don’t think that Trump is setting up the Birthers. To leave it all alone would have been the thing to do to marginalize those asking about obama’s records and eligibility. Ignoring us would have been more effective than using Trump as a weapon. You see, it has gone on so long now that the idea of the BC being non-existent is firmly fixed in the minds of many.

      If obama had trotted out even a phony long form BC and one collage record six months after election, he would have done far, far, more damage to this movement than anything that could be done now.

      As to him splitting the vote? He said he would run as an Indy only if the GOP disses him. It would be the riskiest thing ever, but look – if a Rommney or a Pawlenty run we are totally screwed anyway.

      I think as more time goes by Trump becomes more serious about running, but we have to wait.

      If I have no choice but obama and Paw-Paw, I’m going to the most dangerous town in Mexico and pissing off a drug lord. That way I’ll be out of my misery nice and quick.

  2. OH, you crack me up! Well, I don’t like Huckleberry or whatever his name is. But my husband said that if he came down to him or BO, he’d pick Huckle. Well, I guess that I would too. I mean, honestly, anything has to almost be better than BO except for Hitler, I guess.

    Now if it came really strong with Herman Cain, and Allen West, I do like both of them. I’d pick them.

    But all in all, I’m extremely disgusted right now. I do feel that Trump has been shooting straight with us. So what about him giving to Rahm, is that just a big company thing or what?

    • West I like a great deal. I could vote for him with no reservations. Cain-no. Something about him makes me think of obama.

      Big businessmen always donate to both parties, especially in NY and places like Chi-Town. Anywhere that corruption is the norm. They have to. But Trump has stated that he likes Rham as a person, and Rhams brother works for Trump-an agent or something.

  3. LF you crack me up…don’t let them get to you. Bobo is just the most obvious crook but they all contribute. In DC life is good and they chuckle at all the protest from us sheeple. But in the end they know they have total control so we are of no concern to them. You want to make them really nervous? Stop paying taxes… That’s the only thing they ever worry about…how could they possible throw 100 MM people in jail? They cant. Besides, I am fairly convinced taxes on wages is unconstitutional. I’ve read alot about it and watched a really great video on it.

    • If we could convince that many people to STOP paying taxes, cool. But the Gov. would step in in two weeks and make it compulsory. Then we’d be gettin into a pickle.

      God’s sake, I think it’s getting bad out there. The mood of the country is something I have not ever seen.

      • You couldnt get in a pickle if it is unconstitutional…the founders never believed you should be taxed on your wages…only in commerce. Things have been wrong for a very long time.

  4. Did you listen to this? http://www.t-room.us/2011/04/its-the-social-security-number-stupid/

    I just had a chance to, but it was a good interview.

  5. HAve you seen this incredibly thorough and well-researched article on Obama’s trip to Hawaii in 2008? It is pretty well documented that Obama had a secret meeting with the Hawaii Elections board, who was basically going to break the bad news to him that he would be disqualified from appearing on the Hawaii ballot. Things changed after the meeting of course. Read this and pass it on. The documentary evidence is overwhelminging concerning all the obfuscations that have occurred in the Obama eligibility issue.


    • That was a good one too. I read some of it in the time that I had.

      • I think there could be something to that…I would love for us to connect some other dots…

        the other interesting year is 2007. The selective service registration that he claims was filed in 1979 is reported to be on a 2007 form. Also, if i am not mistaken BDZ believes an amendment was made to the birth records in 2007. just getting things in order so to speak.

  6. Well Done, Friend. In this age of George Orwell Doublespeak, I consider anyone who speaks out against the purile lies of the obama eligibility enablers as a Friend. Good work and keep the pressure on.

  7. ROTFLOL……You go girl! You better down a bottle of tequila on your way to piss off the drug lord. I sure hope you don’t have to make that trip.

    It’s being reported that the spin mister has pulled all of his pin headed comments on Conn. from the web. I was wondering if you had noticed this? Also, I don’t remember him pulling stuff before. Is it possible that maybe he was telling us something. Maybe Obummers dad is not who he said he was and the real dad was living in Conn. at the time. Just a thought……Some time ago, I did a search for Saudi Royalty living in Conn. and it came up with a name. I wish I could remember what it was. Now when I search I get nothing. Probably nothing, but interesting no?

    • I am pretty sure he had all that pulled off because it was so quickly and thoroughly proven to be utter BULLSHIT. He came off looking like a complete buffoon. I mean, “His father lived in CT and probably got it for him—there, now I’ve debunked the conspiracy-I am the great Bill O’Reilly.” The thing is, and he knows it, is that half of his audience won’t do any research to fact check that claim, they will just nod their head and believe. They trust him. Thank God the rest of us have learned to verify.
      Seriously, he should have just sat there on camera and said, “I think you are all too stupid to live, so I am just going to blather on with an outrageous piece of made up nonsense, and yes, I do expect you to believe it.”

      And no, I don’t believe he has special info about some Saudi Royalty. I’ll be honest, I don’t think there is anything viable in that direction.

      I don’t think Bill was sending a coded message, I think he was straight out lying because he was told to. And because he’s just a tool and really does think we are all pheebs.

  8. From FR…



    Remember the poker lingo…a ‘tell’ is a player letting you know what they have in their hidden cards by some action that gives it away…

    Is this a ‘tell’? Is this an admission that the media KNOWS the Hawaii story is a lie?

    BTW, they misquote the Constitution its “natural born Citizen” not “natural born citizen”. Sloppy or intentional? Who knows.

    • HOLY CATS!!!! Thanks Mike ! That’s some HUGE misinformation in about every way possible to distort the true meaning. Article 2 section 1 was never amended. It stands as written.

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