Lettin’ Loose On Limbaugh

Boy !  Today’s first hour of the Rush Limbaugh show had an enlightening exchange between Rush and a female caller.

I did not catch her name, but she sure got Rush in a snarling snit.  This woman was furious, and in her voice you could just hear the words left unspoken while she nevertheless managed to unleash on Rush her frustration and aggravation, and feeling of, well, betrayal.

She did her best to convey to him that he, and others like him in positions of influencing the masses through their podiums of on-air power, as well as the politicians who should have looked out for us, never really tried to expose the potential dangers of obama’s background.  Particularlly the “Birther” issue.

Rush struggled to answer her back that he hadn’t completely ignored it, it’s just that……just that…..just that………the Hawaiian official looked at the online “document” and declared it to be the sort of thing that passes for A-OK in Hawaii.

The woman didn’t let him off the hook, and she maintained her composure – but barely – she was so angry.  Basically she jumped down on him because Mr. Trump had to come along wearing his shining armor, riding on his white horse, to do what all of our media, conservative talk show guru’s and our politicians have been too corrupt/frightened/unAmerican to do.  To ask simple, necessary and sensible questions about the president.

To stand and brush off the ridicule as being unworthy of notice.

She handed Rush his cowardice and made him eat it.  He was stammering. Then, the true colors of the Rush flag began to wave-

We have more important things to worry about with obama“.

I’ll convey the main point that she made to him-

If these people in the positions of influence and power had done the vetting at the time it should have been done, America would never have been in the position of having to worry about these other “more important things” that we must now worry about.

We have to place blind faith in Mr. Trumps motives and honesty.  It shouldn’t fall to the Trumps, or to me citizen and to you citizen, to investigate and expose.

It should fall to those persons whose livelihoods are derived from steering our perceptions of our world and our country.

It should fall to those persons who have been elected to protect us and guide our country through trials much more dangerous than asking……….

Barack Hussein Obama, do you meet the Constitutional eligibilty requirements of “natural born Citizen”?

Barack Hussein Obama…………where is your birth certificate?


~ by ladysforest on April 7, 2011.

44 Responses to “Lettin’ Loose On Limbaugh”

  1. Ooh, I’m busy working, and wish that I had heard that one. Bet it was a good one.

    • She was UPset! He was pissed – I think he knew her point was valid, and he had nothing to argue against it with.

  2. There are documents that could prove that Obama was born in Kenya, if they existed. Or, for that matter, they could prove that he was born in any other country than the USA. IF they existed, but there is no evidence that they exist.

    Those documents would be 1961 applications for US travel documents for Obama issued in a foreign country, such as Kenya.

    IF Obama were born in Kenya or any other country than the USA, he would need to have a US visa on a foreign passport or to be entered on his mother’s US passport to be allowed to enter the USA.

    This is true now, and it was true in 1961, and it was especially true for obvious reasons for infants carried into the USA from Africa.

    Sensible birthers know that IF Obama were born in Kenya or any other country than the USA, his parents would have had to have applied for the visa or for the change to his mother’s passport to get him into the USA. Yet they gloss over the fact that no such document has been found. Surely, with all the allegations of birth in Kenya, it would have been looked for by the US State Department while the Republicans were in charge of it, or by the CIA, or both—but no document has been found.

    • This isn’t a Kenyan birth conspiracy blog.

      And that is one theory out there – fed in part by articles written in the US stating that obama was Kenyan born. That was while he ran for the Senate. Fed in part by his own wife proclaiming Kenya to be obama’s homeland . Fed in part by Kenyan officials stating on record that obama was born on Kenyan soil.

      So, although I do not share in the theory that he was born in Kenya, I can see how and why many good, decent and honest people do think it was possible.

    • Sir:

      You haven’t been following the Chris Strunk attempts to get the passport records for Stanley Anne out of the Department of State. The relevant records are claimed to be destroyed but none of the required back up paperwork documenting their destruction can be found.

      Also, Mr. Obama could have been born in Canada without he or his mother needing a passport to enter the US. US Canadian border crossings were very friendly at that time, and no records of who crossed nor when they crossed were made.

      The point is that we just don’t know where he was born and Mr. Obama has never put the case to rest with real proof. He has admitted to being a dual citizen at birth, and Michelle has called Kenya his home country. Before Libya, all of Africa wanted to claim him. I suspect that Libya will be his total undoing just like the botched attempt to rescue the embassy hostages in Iran was Jimmy Carter’s…

      • Well stated kj – sorry I am so late to reply.

        And not only did obama admit to being a dual citizen at birth, he also stated clearly, on the record, on Factcheck:

        “When Barack Obama Jr. was born on Aug. 4,1961, in Honolulu, Kenya was a British colony, still part of the United Kingdom’s dwindling empire. As a Kenyan native, Barack Obama Sr. was a British subject whose citizenship status was governed by The British Nationality Act of 1948. That same act governed the status of Obama Sr.‘s children.”

        Barack Hussein Obama was born a British subject. Period.

    • Regarding Obama’s birth circumstances, all we know for sure at this point is that

      1) He wasn’t born in any hospital in Hawaii (or elsewhere there, for that matter), and

      2) Something about his birth disqualifies him in a way that he considers much more damaging than simply being born to a non-citizen father (of course, he knows this alone means this he is not a natural born Citizen, but he also has well placed confidence that no court or other authority will ever have the nerve to go there).

      What point 2) actually is, no one really knows. It could be that he was born in Kenya or in Canada on the Washington State border (circumstantial evidence exists for both of these). Or it could be that he lied about “Barack Obama” being his legal name (if the rule of law meant anything anymore, that fraud alone should be enough to DQ him, but I doubt he worries much about just that).

      I think that if he is lying about his real name, what worries him is that that discovery would point to any or all of the following: He asserted his foreign citizenship by adoption as a child after having become a legally autonomous adult (via passport renewal and/or college application fraud); He never registered with the selective service, an act which specifically forever disqualifies one from becoming President or holding any other federal office; Or he never got a valid native social security number, fraudulently “borrowing” one or more as needed at various points in his criminal past.

      These are the most likely scenarios, but with the sociopathic faker currently squatting in the White House almost nothing evil, immoral or illegal can be ruled out at this point. But no matter, Obama is okay with his ongoing strategy of stonewalling, because without hard evidence, nothing yet can be legally ruled in either. This is also Rush’s extremely lame excuse for his cowardice in ducking the eligibility issue. However this excuse simply does not fly (or walk or run) because Rush does not preside over a court of law, rather he presides over his very own court of public opinion, one in which he gets to make all the rules.

      Sorry Rush — you blew it big time. And we all noticed.

      • Excellent points thinkwell.

        And Rush? While I do listen to his show, I consider it “entertainment radio” – he largely just pulls his material from Drudge and comments on it. He has no idea about how the average person is really reacting to the current nightmare with this government, he is in the elite class. He’s just sittin’ there having fun with it all.

  3. Not only that, I do not believe that BO was vetted. Not to mention the two different DNC certifications with wording on one of the constitution and taken off the other one.

  4. More important issues than the bc and eligibility?

    Do we really want lying, treasonous people working on those “more important issues”?

    I don’t.

    Only a fool would.

  5. Well, let me tell you, I was watching a video of Trump and I’m thinking that he’s shooting straight-forward with us. He just says it like it is, he loves and embraces the Tea Party, they love him, and many other things. I think much of what I heard is that he’s just honest.

    Darn, I wrote him twice on that website that it’s shouldtrumprun.com or whatever it is, and I said that I’m going to write to you every day that I can, Mr. Trump.

    I’m so sick and tired of BO taking everything away from Americans, meaning our work and livelihood. Which my husband and I are almost there and struggling like crazy not to lose our truck, our house, etc.

    Sorry, had to blow off some steam. I’m just so disgusted, and BO really is killing America. It’s like Trump said, the whole world laughs at us. He’s right, you know.

    • And the obama;s are planning a nice little weekend getaway to Colonial Williamsburg this weekend.

      I am sorry to hear of your families’ struggle kittycat. I hate knowing that so many hard working good people can’t feel the security that Americans have come to expect if they work and are responsible. Now it seems no matter how hardworking, how careful we are, and how cautiously we spend our wages, we are always staring over a precipice.

      With gas prices soaring, which has an effect on the food prices, we are in for hard times.

      I hope that our garden does well this year. I brought all of the stuff I need to can over the past two summers – and boy! – that stuff ain’t cheap. Best to try and find it at the yard sales. You really do need a surprising amount of gear to have a “basic” set up, believe me, because I tried to get away with as little as possible. It didn’t work out so well, LOL.

  6. Oh, we used to have a garden when we first moved out to the country. We had a great one, but it was huge, and we ended up not only freezing stuff, but we had to give a lot away to neighbors and family. It was fun, but I don’t know that my poor messed-up back could take it anymore. My husband said if we had a huge, gigantic table with stuff planted on top of it…haahaa! Then when we were doing our garden way back, one year the fire ants just messed us up so bad. Do you guys have fire ants yet? If not, they’re nasty little critters that hurt like heck.

    One time my daughter was playing with a ball outside in the yard and got down on her knees to get the ball, she had about 50 or more fire ants on her leg that all bit her at the same time. I thought she was going to have to go to the hospital, but I gave her some antihistamine and she slept for hours.

    Anyway, we couldn’t get control of them even with the stuff way back then, so we quit gardening. Now they have improved things to kill them, which we don’t have them as badly now. I think some scientist or doctor figured out that their venom was cobra-like, but in minute quantities. Scary!

    Also, I know it’s a struggle. Sometimes I just want to throw up my hands and give up. I love working, but it seems that we have no break to give ourselves, and at our age, sometimes we need a little break from it all. But there’s isn’t one as long as BO will be in office because he absolutely hates America. For whatever reason, he wants to take us down.

    And in hearing Donald Trump on the video that I saw, it seems that he was really straight-forward with us. That’s what I want. Someone not full of BS. I’m sure you know that. I want honestly, someone who believes that Americans should work and can work. Gosh, what a dream!

    So I’m going to write him every day at that place. I hope it’s up for a while. He may never read it at all, but it will help me feel better. LOL!

    Thanks for listening to me sound off. Sometimes that just helps tremendously.

    • No fire ants. Chipmonks, squirrels, rabbits, woodchucks. Damn near didn’t have a garden left last year. Husband figured out a trick with the chicken wire and that helped tons.
      We have to keep the garden completely fenced because of deer also. If not for the fence and the chicken wire we would never have a single thing to harvest. And we live in town! Plenty of wildlife here. A bear took down one of our bird feeders a couple of days ago. They are the only thing that really concerns me.

  7. Oh, crud, you have bears?

    • Yep. They’ve been migrating into town the last four or five years. I am afraid to go out to my camp even with my dobes (now only one left 😦 ). Especially since I sold my old vintage camper. I wish we could get a good used camper back up there, but that’s probably a couple of years out now. So now I only go up with company…and guns…and dog.

      My husband helped his buddy drag out a bear he took – it was on a little mountain – and he has tried bear meat. I’m not gonna unless I hafta’.

  8. Well, Texas is now having a horrible problem with wild pigs. I think someone imported them, and they just multiply like crazy. My husband has seen herds of them out in the country near where we live. You don’t want to run upon them. I heard that they’re in town in the Dallas area too. Digging up people’s yards and stuff.

    Also, we have coyotes out here. I can hear them howling like crazy at night off in the distance. Then we have snakes, but mostly I’ve seen rat snakes around here, but I know there’s copperheads and cottonmouths in places.

    • Wild pigs we do not have. I don’t think they’d last long around here – people would have ’em in the smokehouse as quick as they laid eyes on em. I have heard they are awful destructive and dangerous.

      Coy-dogs we have, bobcats we have. No poisonous snakes that I know of thank goodness.

  9. Hi Ladysforest,

    Thanks for all your work. I don’t always comment, but I always enjoy and appreciate everything you post. Congrats on passing 60,000 visits.

    Here’s WND’s blow-by-blow account of the Lindbaugh call:

    Rush Limbaugh slammed for ‘avoiding’ eligibility

    Trump has tremendous support from eligibility people around the web. I think he’s doing a great job, and now he’s aware of the Natural Born Citizen issue; I hope he also goes after that:


    Thanks again for all you’re doing.

    • Hi Larry! Thank you for the congrats – don’t tell anyone else, but I took a ten second vid of the screen just as it hit 60,000 with my flip :).

      I read the transcript today, but I listened to the show yesterday until about twenty minutes or so after the woman spoke. I admire her for the strength she showed in stating her case, and for the tremendous restraint she possessed. She was holding back tenfold what she unleashed. Bless her!

      Like so many others involved in this voyage of discovery – I just wish there was more that I could do.

  10. Ladysforest,

    I’ve got a question for you. I noticed on the P&E, Sharon is going to be taking the information that other people send so it can be sorted through to send over to Trump.

    So about your research, and your friends research, what can we send over to the P&E? Do we send all of the links that you have on the announcements and the index?


    • I’m going to do a small packet of my blog contents, the most important two or three things, and send those myself. I began work on it today.

      Sharon is going to have her hands full, and I know my stuff and it’s unique profile better than anyone…..obviously. 🙂

  11. Thank you, ladysforest, for all of the work you have done. I think that it will be of tremendous importance to the next election. Stay well and thank you again.

    Uncle Dee

    • Thank YOU for the kind words. So many of us are out here doing everything we can manage to simply get to the truth.

      I think we have a few more innings to play.

      • Did you make a UIPA request for the Obama COLB receipt? If so, how did the HDOH respond?

        I made a request and Janice Okubo lied to me.

        • No Jonah, I wasn’t one of the ones requesting that. I took my research in a different direction because I saw how everyone was being lied to by the DOH.

  12. Hi, Ladysforest,

    Where’s the video of the lady getting her long-form (which supposedly no one can get) from Hawaii?


    • Make sure you”like”it :). It’s also in the post in the “Pages” (right hand column) titled “Some Tropical Truth”. Plus Miki Booth has posted online a long form copy she just got in March for her daughter.

  13. I am curious about trump’s statement “he has researchers in Hawaii”

    I am not sure what is available to researchers…is someone who is a private investigator privy to files that we can not obtain because we are ignorant of the process? do u think they are able to access those files that others were told they were not to obtain because thay had no vested interest? we all know that the information requested is public information and was required to be released, but unfortunately no one requesting the information had the means to go beyond the original request. But trump does and a private investigator may be able to access any file that is open for public consumption without a formal request. just wondering.

    • Did he say “researchers” or “investigators”. Or did he just say “people” are looking into it.

      Anyway – money makes the world go ’round my friend. And do you think some of the stuff on my blog was gotten by asking? NOPE. But she got it anyway. There are all kinds of creative things that can be be done.

  14. Everyone is contributing a piece to the puzzle. Hopefully, one day soon the puzzle will be completed and we’ll all be able to see the full picture.

  15. Thank you, Ladysforest.

  16. I do believe Trump is making those in the WH nervous!

  17. This is truly unbelievable…and yet predictable.


    • Yes I read that. The amazing thing is how very blatant it is. We really have descended to third world crap now, haven’t we?

  18. Yep, it’s stupid. I don’t trust any of those liars.

    Also, I’m sick of many of these conservatives like Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, etc., using the birth announcements as proving BO was born in Hawaii. Gosh, are they that stupid?

  19. I am so totally sick of them. First off, they use the COLB like it’s legit, which we know that it ain’t legit at all, and so then they make it up, yeah, it’s okay, when probably a lot of people know that need a real long-form Birth Certificate when they can’t use that stupid COLB for something if they move over here into the US. I’m not saying Hawaii is not the US, but you know that many people can’t get anything with just a stupid COLB. That’s just a fact, unless BO is secretly changing it to his benefit. Well, that’s a possibility, isn’t it?

    Regardless of that fact, the stupid conservatives (and sorry, they are stupid) finally got over the fact and maybe even realized the fact that a COLB was not real, it’s a wuss document that means nothing at all.

    Then lo and behold, they say, shoot, well, he has his birth announcements in the newspaper, must have been he’s been born in Hawaii!

    Look, if you never found out anything at all about the birth announcements at all, nothing, it still wouldn’t mean that and they cannot get it into their heads at all, or at least they don’t want to.

    • One hard simple truth is that the first newspaper announcements that were “discovered” did NOT come from where they were said to have. Period. My goofy idea to run around and collect a ton of the copies from as many places as could be managed – managed to PROVE that beyond a doubt. Even that jackass O’Reily would have to concede that point, but he’s is a coward deluxe and would never have the courage.

      The other simple truth is that MR. OBAMA SR. never, EVER lived at the address he is assigned in those birth announcements.

      Third world rules say………Pay no attention to the man behind he curtain.

  20. Oh, well, shoot, maybe BO has made it a law in Hawaii that they can only use COLBs, so the rest of the US has to follow suit. Well, I was thinking about that just now, and that is total trash.

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